Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to Make Homemade Baby Wipes

homemade baby wipes gifts

Homemade baby wipes is nowhere in the league with silver or gold as a shower gift. There are some homemade baby gifts that last forever and are destined to take up space in the family time capsule or cedar chest. And then there are practical baby gifts like disposable wipes and other homemade baby stuff that are just made to use everyday.

Of all the handmade items that I have made to tuck into a basket full of goodies, I am perhaps best remembered for my baby wipes. Is it because I pick pretty paper towels to make them with or because I personalize the recycled plastic box with the baby’s name and some cute stickers or drawings on the outside? Actually, neither the personalized container nor decorations were as impressive nor have drawn as much attention from the guests as the contents and even more so, the attached recipe.

Here are the instructions for how to make your own homemade baby wipes to give as shower gifts or you can always use your low cost baby wipes to care for your own baby.

My Recipe for Homemade Baby Wipes

2 Cups of Boiled, Cooled Water
1 Roll of High Quality Paper Towels
1 serrated edge bread knife with a long blade
1 Tablespoon of Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Oil
2 Tablespoons of Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Wash
1 Empty Baby Wipes Box with a Tight Sealing Lid

how to make homemade baby wipes recipe instructions container

Cut a roll of good quality paper towels in half with the knife or see if the woodworker in your home might use his shop’s circular saw to make a really professional looking cut. Combine the cool water, baby oil and wash or shampoo. Position your paper towels in the container. Pour the water, oil and wash mixture as evenly as possible over the roll of paper towels and let everything rest for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes turn the roll over to insure the best distribution of the liquids and pop on the lid to keep everything moist.

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