Friday, July 03, 2009


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Anytime is a good time to decorate with red, white and blue party decorations. There is little or no reason to wait until the 4th of July back yard barbeque to enjoy this winning color scheme that is literally chock full of decorating possibilities.

The best reason that I can think of to use party supplies in red, white and blue has nothing to do with patriotism; I simply like the colors. Red and white alone looks a little bit too much like Christmas decorations and blue and white just lacks the personality of the three color combination.


The 4th of July holiday is traditionally a holiday when dad gets to wear the new apron that he got for Father’s Day while cooking hotdogs and burgers for the family on the grill. For this type of get-together, the atmosphere is casual. The red, white and blue party decorations and supplies should be purchased with that in mind. Paper plates, plastic forks and glasses that can be tossed in the trash or recycling bin are attractive and yet make for an easy cleanup process that mom will appreciate. Mylar balloons, patio lights and tiki torches can also be used to add to your party’s decor and don’t forget the fireworks or you may have an out and out rebellion on your hands that even the most stunning red, white and blue party decorations can’t fix.


Red white and blue supplies that are more elegant by design can be used for formal affairs that take place close to Independence Day or for any celebration where patriotic decorations would be in good taste. This would be a wonderful time to decorate the porches, windows and balconies of your venue with bunting and to display our country’s flag which is one of the most beautiful patriotic decorations to be found anywhere. This would be the best time ever to pull out your collection of red cranberry glass, white or navy blue linen napkins and bone china to use as part of your red, white and blue party decorations.


The beauty of red, white and blue party decorations is that they are gender neutral as well as appropriate for all ages. In fact, a great gift for the guest of honor of a patriotic baby shower theme might be a red, white and blue patriotic baby bedding set if the little one is expected near the date of Independence Day or if daddy is serving in a branch of the military.

From birthday parties to wedding receptions, patriotic colors will always be in good taste no matter what month of the year that your celebration is planned.

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