Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I want to share my list of the best fairy gifts for little girls ever! There are some items that make lovely fairy baby shower gifts that are perfect for a baby girl’s pixie and fairy nursery theme plus a few goodies that will tickle a toddler or even an older girl who needs some new accessories to decorate her favorite fairy dress up costume.


Or to be more specific, mini fairy wings. These light as air creations could also be called feather angel wings or even pass as Cupid’s wings around February or Valentine’s Day. But the point that I’m trying to get across is that the recipient will get lots of practical use as well as fun playing fairy dress up with these cute, fluffy wings. Fairy wings for kids are not only wonderful for a day of dress up fun, but if mom is lucky enough to keep them from getting sticky before the next portrait appointment they make excellent baby picture props.


Tooth fairy pillows and boxes are sweet fairy gifts for little girls and boys who are beginning to lose their front teeth. Add a homemade tooth fairy certificate with a personalized poem and your kids will feel so special that I can give you a virtual guaranty that they will favor you with that special gap toothed grin when they open this special gift.


Fairy posters and sketches to decorate a young lady’s bedroom are appropriate fairy gifts for little girls who are in the preteen or tween age group. So long as the decorative fairy pictures and prints are not babyish, of course. Save the baby fairies for girls who are younger.

Even ladies of advanced age appreciate the presence of a few pixies and fairies in their homes. The key is to make an informed selection, keep your ideas for fairy gifts for little girls age appropriate and your fairy gift is sure to be a big hit.