Tuesday, June 09, 2009


large big giant stuffed plush minnie mouse toy doll

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large big giant stuffed plush pig piglet toy doll

It would be impossible to beat giant stuffed animals for visual impact when entering the baby shower or kids’ birthday party. And I’m not talking about your average sized primate stuffed toy. I’m talking about a giant stuffed giraffe or monkey of such huge proportions that it took up the entire passenger seat of your car on the way over.

It’s a fact that kids love funny baby animal pictures but they aren’t very cuddly nor are they much fun. Whereas a big, stuffed monkey can ride in your wagon, sit in a toy high chair or sit in a chair wearing a big, floppy hat at a little girl’s tea party. The beauty of giant stuffed animals is that they have sufficient presence and a winning personality that form friendships with the kids that are lucky enough to own and occupy a bedroom with them. A giant, stuffed teddy bear can be so much more than a plaything. It can be a comfort on stormy nights and give courage to a child who wants to prove to mom and dad that he or she is a big girl that is not afraid of a little thunder and lightning.

The only thing that is better than a single, giant stuffed toy as a gift for a baby shower or birthday party might be a mother and baby animal set in the species of your choice. Mom can use the mother and baby wild animals as jungle nursery decorations until her baby is old enough to enjoy all the imaginative entertainment the charming pair has to offer.

If there is anything that’s cuter than a plain, stuffed animal it is a giant stuffed animal that is wearing an outfit. And this is an area where big, stuffed monkeys shine. For a baby girl’s gift, dress your plush toy monkey in a frilly dress. For a baby boy, dress the monkey in a camouflage military uniform. You can find appropriate uniforms for the Army, Navy or the Marines if you have a preference for any particular branch of the armed forces. Another style that might interest you might be a big, stuffed monkey wearing a cowboy suit complete with hat. That’s the fun of these giant stuffed animals that are bigger than life size; they literally take on a life of their own and become a part of the family.

Big, jungle animal toys like giant snakes, monkeys, giraffes, giant stuffed elephants and lizards are a great way to teach your kids about occupants of the tropical rainforest but they are by no means the only choice in big stuffed animals that is available. If your tastes run toward the prehistoric, stuffed dinosaurs might be to your liking. And you don't have to have an ocean or an aquarium for huge, stuffed fish like dolphins, octupus or even a friendly shark. And then there are traditional teddy bears that make excellent Valentines Day gifts for a sweetheart or an Elvis fan that needs another bear to add to their collection.

The truth is that if you want giant stuffed animals of any kind, chances are that it is available or you can find a vendor that will produce a custom made item in whatever color and size that you choose. If it swims, walks or flies they can produce a reasonable facsimile that never has to be taken out for a walk or live in a cage for safety reasons.

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