Thursday, March 12, 2009


easter party decorations centerpiece ideas

From bunnies to buttercups and daffodils, Easter party decorations are some of my favorites. Dyed eggs, plastic grass and a pretty basket with a bow are never as pretty as in early spring when the colors are so fresh and vivid.

Another thing I love about an Easter baby shower or kids’ birthday party is the fact that decorations are a trip to the holiday aisle at the discount store away. Here are some Easter party decorating ideas that I have used in the past that did the trick for a very cheap price.


One way to stretch your party’s budget is to have centerpieces that can be presented to guests as party favors at the end of the festivities. For an adult’s birthday, pretty clay pots of tulips are lovely (not to mention inexpensive). I’ve seen tulip centerpieces for weddings and receptions that were very elegant as well as informal parties. For a child’s birthday party individual baskets with a chocolate bunny, marshmallow chicks and some chocolate eggs will work and for a shower; what could be better than a cute baby bunny figurine?


Your Easter party plates might be shaped like Easter eggs, bunny rabbits or solid color items that present no danger of clashing with your other Easter party decorations. Colorful matching cutlery and confetti or small foil wrapped chocolate eggs scattered on top of a pretty tablecloth will put the finishing touches on the party’s d├ęcor and make for a quick and easy cleanup when the party’s over.


Before you buy new Easter party decorations, sort through your stash of Easter basket filler and home decorations that you have packed up in storage bins. Those little yellow chicks and white bunny rabbits might be just the right size to fill a spot on the guest table. Another area you should not overlook is your kid’s collection of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit figurines to use as Easter decorations. However, if you are searching for ideas on how to decorate an Easter party for kids, you should focus on non-breakable Easter decorations and probably not risk the chance of your collectibles being damaged.

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