Thursday, February 19, 2009


sock monkey slippers

Sock monkey slippers are an adorable gift idea. The cute slippers will be a favorite for anybody who has affection for the classic sock monkey dolls. They can be found in sizes suitable for an infant to use as crib shoes which makes them a lovely baby shower gift for a mom who has decorated using Sock Monkey baby bedding and nursery decor.

sock monkey diaper bag tote

If your sock monkey slippers are a gift for a newborn, make sure that the fabric is soft so that it won't irritate those sensitive little feet. It's a good ideas to look for non-skid soles if you are shopping for bedroom slippers for toddlers, older children and adults so that there's no danger of slipping and falling on slick floors.

Other items that you might include in a sock monkey baby gift basket would be a monkey print baby blanket and diaper bag made from funky Sock Monkey print fabric.