Wednesday, November 25, 2009


baby birdy bird pink and brown little girl baby bedding set

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I see more parents who want little girl baby bedding sets for their baby girl’s nursery that are not in what we have come to consider traditional colors and themes for those of the feminine persuasion. The way I see it, there are two possible reasons for this decorating trend.

The first would be that lace, ruffles and satin bows are perceived to be high maintenance. Modern moms have been forced to become masters of efficiency and have developed the ability to spot easy care fabrics and their counterparts from a mile away. Crib sets with gathered trims and embellishments have gotten a reputation for requiring a trip across the ironing board or to a professional cleaning service to keep them looking their best.

Another style of little girl baby bedding enjoying an increase in popularity is girls’ sports theme baby bedding. And isn’t it about time that mom felt good about decorating her baby girl’s nursery with soccer and softballs? Girls are now as involved in sports as boys and have been for quite a few years. However, sports baby nursery themes for girls is just catching on and there are plenty of little girl baby bedding sets for athletic minded parents to pick from.

Pretty pink and lavender little girls’ baby bedding sets covered in butterflies and flowers are still in vogue and that probably won’t change. Just be ready to see more variety out there in girls baby nursery themes and color schemes.


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