Thursday, September 10, 2009


Mod Monkey party decorations are the hottest thing going at the moment for rainforest theme parties, jungle theme parties or to break things down to the lowest common denominator, a monkey theme party. One might question if the cute aqua blue, yellow and brown supplies kicked Curious George party supplies out of first place?

It would be difficult to say which of these product lines were the most popular on the birthday party circuit. And why should we ponder when there’s plenty of room for both monkeys and then some? As always is the case, common sense and budget restrictions may direct your decision on which genre’ of monkey theme party decorations or monkey baby shower decorations will be best for your particular situation.

For instance, if funds are limited and you already have a Curious George cake pan on hand, why on earth would you think it was a good idea to choose Mod Monkey supplies? Both of these cheeky little monkeys are cute as can be and a few older kids might favor one over the other but when the party is in full swing, neither one will disappoint. And for baby showers, 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthday parties it would be doubtful that toddlers have formed an opinion. Rather than obsess over choosing one or the other, flip a coin and call heads or tails. Then, send out your monkey party invitations, decorate your cake, hang a pinata and pass out the party favors and enjoy monkeying around with the kids for a few hours.

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