Saturday, September 19, 2009


Up until an hour ago, I was up to my eyeballs in
black and red party decorations for a baby shower that my neighbor was having for her sister and I wasn’t even a hostess! What happened was that she waylaid me in the driveway one afternoon with such a look of panic in her eyes that I was surprised that her reason for approaching me was something as mundane as to help her decorate her home for a shower. The way she charged across the lawn, I thought somebody needed CPR or that my dog had dug up her roses (again).

Maybe it was relief that neither was the case that compelled me to say that I would be HAPPY to help out. I went over after supper to see what she had in mind to find that she already had a theme as evidenced in the ladybug baby shower invitations that she was busily addressing when I arrived.

We then started looking at some pictures of ladybug cakes and party supplies that she had bookmarked. There was a cute ladybug pinata, some party favors and surprisingly those were all the ladybug theme black and red party decorations that coordinated well with the color scheme of her (personalized and non-returnable) invitations.

She was about to panic over not finding a good selection of supplies when I told her not to worry as there were plenty of black and red party decorations that would look fantastic. In fact, I preferred the addition of supplies decorated with red and black polka dots over filling the room with too many ladybugs.

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Anonymous said...

These are the perfect ladybug baby shower decorating ideas. Hope we can have a red and black theme baby shower soon to put them to good use.