Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Who would invite a horse in his pajamas to a party? We would if it gave us a reason to buy cute zebra party supplies and decorations. And isn’t there another line in the theme song from the 50s television show that says something like a horse is a horse of course? I do believe that there is and that just gives me a few more ideas for a kid’s horse or zebra themed party. A talking zebra would be very interesting and should make the children at the birthday party laugh till they drop their cake.


As if black and white zebra party supplies were not cute enough, enter hot pink and black and even purple and black striped zebra party decorations. The little diva in your house will be thrilled to see that her birthday celebration will be celebrated in such trendy colors and don’t be surprised if you receive a request for a set of pink and black girls zebra bedding set and bedroom decorations the day after the party.


Zebra print candy wrappers and finger puppets are especially cool if they are personalized. Save your guests the trouble of printing the details on the items they take home from your party to save next to the invitation in their memory book by having your child’s name, date and even a cute poem printed on the favors or gift bags.


Perhaps one of the more cheap zebra party decorations is also one of the most beneficial to the hostess faced with decorating a large party. The classic round variety of zebra print balloons are the cheapest, but for a few dollars more you can have arrangements of large, helium filled balloons shaped like zebras in wild colors that are so much more fun. You might want to add both types to your list of zebra party supplies as one of the best zebra party decorating ideas that I can share is to use one of the more expensive Mylar zebra balloons as the centerpiece of the arrangement surrounded by cheap latex zebra print balloons for maximum visual impact.


Assuming that the girl or boy who requested a zebra birthday party did so due to the admiration of this magnificent jungle animal perhaps there are some stuffed zebra toys or zebra print items lying around in the bedroom or toy box that could be used to fill some space at the party. This translates into money saved on decorations, my friend. It would be worth your time to go on a scavenger hunt in for items that can be used to complement your zebra party supplies.

I hope that these tips will jumpstart your zebra theme party fun without costing a bundle! Return to Zebra Party Supples, Decorations and Party Decorating Ideas for more tips on planning a celebration that includes your kids' favorite jungle animals.