Tuesday, June 02, 2009


jungle birthday party decorations ideas monkeys safari

Moms searching for jungle birthday party and baby shower ideas to entertain young explorers and their parents for an afternoon are going to love the large selection jungle party supplies and decorations that they have to pick from. Not so long ago the best tableware and jungle party decorations that could be found was seen at every kid’s birthday bash of any given season. There just were not that many collections in this theme. And the ones that were available all looked alike with the same tired zoo animals on the plates and tablecloths.

Thankfully, somebody wised up and made the discovery that there should be subtle differences between true jungle birthday party and baby shower supplies, safari parties and jungle or rainforest parties. It is true that some kids probably don’t want to know the reason that there are certain animals that are associated with a safari theme while others are not but adults know that giraffes are not likely to end up on the wall of a trophy room.

Speaking of giraffes, there is an animal that now has its own category of party supplies. Those of you with a kid who could care less about elephants, lions or tigers but who has a real affection for this peaceful beast will be happy to know that there are giraffe birthday party favors and supplies on the shelves right now along with zebra party supplies and d├ęcor.

My personal favorite of all the
jungle birthday party decorations and supplies
are the large animal balloons. If you think that round Mylar balloons are the only game in town, you are in for a real treat. Some of the party balloons in animal shapes are so big and cute that if you buy enough to send one home with each child as a favor, you will have no need for any other decorations!

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Dolly said...

I must tell you, it is a tough task finding gifts for babies. Thanks for wonderful ideas