Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Who would invite a horse in his pajamas to a party? We would if it gave us a reason to buy cute zebra party supplies and decorations. And isn’t there another line in the theme song from the 50s television show that says something like a horse is a horse of course? I do believe that there is and that just gives me a few more ideas for a kid’s horse or zebra themed party. A talking zebra would be very interesting and should make the children at the birthday party laugh till they drop their cake.


As if black and white zebra party supplies were not cute enough, enter hot pink and black and even purple and black striped zebra party decorations. The little diva in your house will be thrilled to see that her birthday celebration will be celebrated in such trendy colors and don’t be surprised if you receive a request for a set of pink and black girls zebra bedding set and bedroom decorations the day after the party.


Zebra print candy wrappers and finger puppets are especially cool if they are personalized. Save your guests the trouble of printing the details on the items they take home from your party to save next to the invitation in their memory book by having your child’s name, date and even a cute poem printed on the favors or gift bags.


Perhaps one of the more cheap zebra party decorations is also one of the most beneficial to the hostess faced with decorating a large party. The classic round variety of zebra print balloons are the cheapest, but for a few dollars more you can have arrangements of large, helium filled balloons shaped like zebras in wild colors that are so much more fun. You might want to add both types to your list of zebra party supplies as one of the best zebra party decorating ideas that I can share is to use one of the more expensive Mylar zebra balloons as the centerpiece of the arrangement surrounded by cheap latex zebra print balloons for maximum visual impact.


Assuming that the girl or boy who requested a zebra birthday party did so due to the admiration of this magnificent jungle animal perhaps there are some stuffed zebra toys or zebra print items lying around in the bedroom or toy box that could be used to fill some space at the party. This translates into money saved on decorations, my friend. It would be worth your time to go on a scavenger hunt in for items that can be used to complement your zebra party supplies.

I hope that these tips will jumpstart your zebra theme party fun without costing a bundle! Return to Zebra Party Supples, Decorations and Party Decorating Ideas for more tips on planning a celebration that includes your kids' favorite jungle animals.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


mexican fiesta party decorations extra large giant balloons

Don’t buy your fiesta party decor until you take note of our recommended fiesta party decorations and decorating ideas. Chances are that there are some items that you can use to decorate your kid’s birthday party right under your nose which translates into savings for your party budget.

It’s true that very few individuals decorate their entire homes in a south of the border fashion. But no matter what your favorite decorating ideas may be there is a chance that you will have a few items that will add to the atmosphere and fill a blank spot where you would otherwise have to buy something specifically to decorate the location.


Before you start dragging out the contents of your closets, trunks and cabinets you should know what fiesta party decorations actually look like. They are not all about party hats and cactus plants (although those items could provide an excellent foundation for your Fiesta party’s decorating ideas). Classic motifs associated with your birthday party’s or baby shower theme should be used sparingly to give maximum visual impact. Here are a few very ideas for free or at least very cheap Fiesta Party decorations:

  • SOMBREROS: Pull out the sombrero that you wore while dancing in the streets of Tijuana on your last Mexican vacation and use it to decorate the doorway leading into the party. If you have more than one, you can use them to decorate the walls of the room, the reception area or the gift table.

  • MARACAS: Authentic maracas will make a beautiful centerpiece for important areas of the party.

  • PATIO LIGHTS: Inexpensive strings of chili pepper or cactus patio lights will light up the night and give your pool party boatloads of atmosphere.


A colorful Mexican sombrero decorated with a crossed pair of maracas arranged on a woven blanket on each guest table surrounded by coordinating plates and tableware will make a very attractive first impression when your guests arrive.


Start making your homemade fiesta party decorations ahead so the activity will be fun instead of a chore. In fact, you could plan a barbeque where instead of party games, you can make Papel Picado, cheap Mexican cut paper decorations, to use at your upcoming Fiesta party.


Strings of blinking chili pepper beads are fun and festive as well as cheap plastic maracas and sombreros that the kids can take home with them to add to their trunk of dress up clothes.


Bold, bright colors are the rule of thumb. Think red chili peppers, the golden color of corn and the rich green of a bell pepper.

Even if you use just a few of my recommendations for Fiesta Party Decorations and Decorating Ideas your guests will add you to their list of favorite hostesses whose parties they do not want to miss.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I want to share my list of the best fairy gifts for little girls ever! There are some items that make lovely fairy baby shower gifts that are perfect for a baby girl’s pixie and fairy nursery theme plus a few goodies that will tickle a toddler or even an older girl who needs some new accessories to decorate her favorite fairy dress up costume.


Or to be more specific, mini fairy wings. These light as air creations could also be called feather angel wings or even pass as Cupid’s wings around February or Valentine’s Day. But the point that I’m trying to get across is that the recipient will get lots of practical use as well as fun playing fairy dress up with these cute, fluffy wings. Fairy wings for kids are not only wonderful for a day of dress up fun, but if mom is lucky enough to keep them from getting sticky before the next portrait appointment they make excellent baby picture props.


Tooth fairy pillows and boxes are sweet fairy gifts for little girls and boys who are beginning to lose their front teeth. Add a homemade tooth fairy certificate with a personalized poem and your kids will feel so special that I can give you a virtual guaranty that they will favor you with that special gap toothed grin when they open this special gift.


Fairy posters and sketches to decorate a young lady’s bedroom are appropriate fairy gifts for little girls who are in the preteen or tween age group. So long as the decorative fairy pictures and prints are not babyish, of course. Save the baby fairies for girls who are younger.

Even ladies of advanced age appreciate the presence of a few pixies and fairies in their homes. The key is to make an informed selection, keep your ideas for fairy gifts for little girls age appropriate and your fairy gift is sure to be a big hit.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


large big giant stuffed plush minnie mouse toy doll

large big giant stuffed easter bunny rabbit toy doll

large big giant stuffed plush pig piglet toy doll

It would be impossible to beat giant stuffed animals for visual impact when entering the baby shower or kids’ birthday party. And I’m not talking about your average sized primate stuffed toy. I’m talking about a giant stuffed giraffe or monkey of such huge proportions that it took up the entire passenger seat of your car on the way over.

It’s a fact that kids love funny baby animal pictures but they aren’t very cuddly nor are they much fun. Whereas a big, stuffed monkey can ride in your wagon, sit in a toy high chair or sit in a chair wearing a big, floppy hat at a little girl’s tea party. The beauty of giant stuffed animals is that they have sufficient presence and a winning personality that form friendships with the kids that are lucky enough to own and occupy a bedroom with them. A giant, stuffed teddy bear can be so much more than a plaything. It can be a comfort on stormy nights and give courage to a child who wants to prove to mom and dad that he or she is a big girl that is not afraid of a little thunder and lightning.

The only thing that is better than a single, giant stuffed toy as a gift for a baby shower or birthday party might be a mother and baby animal set in the species of your choice. Mom can use the mother and baby wild animals as jungle nursery decorations until her baby is old enough to enjoy all the imaginative entertainment the charming pair has to offer.

If there is anything that’s cuter than a plain, stuffed animal it is a giant stuffed animal that is wearing an outfit. And this is an area where big, stuffed monkeys shine. For a baby girl’s gift, dress your plush toy monkey in a frilly dress. For a baby boy, dress the monkey in a camouflage military uniform. You can find appropriate uniforms for the Army, Navy or the Marines if you have a preference for any particular branch of the armed forces. Another style that might interest you might be a big, stuffed monkey wearing a cowboy suit complete with hat. That’s the fun of these giant stuffed animals that are bigger than life size; they literally take on a life of their own and become a part of the family.

Big, jungle animal toys like giant snakes, monkeys, giraffes, giant stuffed elephants and lizards are a great way to teach your kids about occupants of the tropical rainforest but they are by no means the only choice in big stuffed animals that is available. If your tastes run toward the prehistoric, stuffed dinosaurs might be to your liking. And you don't have to have an ocean or an aquarium for huge, stuffed fish like dolphins, octupus or even a friendly shark. And then there are traditional teddy bears that make excellent Valentines Day gifts for a sweetheart or an Elvis fan that needs another bear to add to their collection.

The truth is that if you want giant stuffed animals of any kind, chances are that it is available or you can find a vendor that will produce a custom made item in whatever color and size that you choose. If it swims, walks or flies they can produce a reasonable facsimile that never has to be taken out for a walk or live in a cage for safety reasons.

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Friday, June 05, 2009


curious george party supplies big large monkey mylar balloons

When looking for Curious George party supplies, don’t skip the most obvious resource for cheap as well as practical decorations, the book store. More often than not your local discount store will have at least one table covered in kids’ books on sale at a discount price. If you look further you may even find some posters in a Curious George theme in the same store that could be sent home with your guests as party favors.

Being the very clever hostess that I know you to be, you will undoubtedly come up with any number of creative and interesting Curious George party ideas where you can make good use of your inexpensive treasures. The best way that you can get lots of mileage out of your purchases would be to use them for more than a single purpose.

Pick up some plate display racks to display your improvised Curious George party supplies on each of the guest table. They will match the rest of your Curious George party supplies and tableware perfectly. Sprinkle some colorful confetti or arrange some small stuffed toys around the base and nobody but you will know how little you paid for your decorations.

When the party is over, present each guest with a Curious George poster and a storybook. They will be tickled to take your Curious George party supplies home with them to decorate their bedrooms and entertain them when it is time to go to bed that night after the party is over.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


jungle birthday party decorations ideas monkeys safari

Moms searching for jungle birthday party and baby shower ideas to entertain young explorers and their parents for an afternoon are going to love the large selection jungle party supplies and decorations that they have to pick from. Not so long ago the best tableware and jungle party decorations that could be found was seen at every kid’s birthday bash of any given season. There just were not that many collections in this theme. And the ones that were available all looked alike with the same tired zoo animals on the plates and tablecloths.

Thankfully, somebody wised up and made the discovery that there should be subtle differences between true jungle birthday party and baby shower supplies, safari parties and jungle or rainforest parties. It is true that some kids probably don’t want to know the reason that there are certain animals that are associated with a safari theme while others are not but adults know that giraffes are not likely to end up on the wall of a trophy room.

Speaking of giraffes, there is an animal that now has its own category of party supplies. Those of you with a kid who could care less about elephants, lions or tigers but who has a real affection for this peaceful beast will be happy to know that there are giraffe birthday party favors and supplies on the shelves right now along with zebra party supplies and d├ęcor.

My personal favorite of all the
jungle birthday party decorations and supplies
are the large animal balloons. If you think that round Mylar balloons are the only game in town, you are in for a real treat. Some of the party balloons in animal shapes are so big and cute that if you buy enough to send one home with each child as a favor, you will have no need for any other decorations!

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