Friday, May 22, 2009


pink yellow blue baby duck ducky bathtub

rubber ducky baby shower favors duckies bath toys
Toy rubber duckies are a favorite with kids as well as adults and that makes these yellow rubber duck bath toys an excellent gift for a baby shower or birthday party. The beauty of these unique rubber ducky toys is that they light up as soon as they hit the water in the baby’s bathtub.

For the adult who still thinks he is a kid that still has to have bath toys, you might tuck a few of these cute items in different colors (beyond the traditional yellow toy rubber duckies that we grew up playing with) into the gift basket along with a few rubber duck bath gifts and accessories.

To make a lovely presentation for a ducky rubber duck theme baby shower, buy a big yellow rubber duck bath tub for baby and fill it with yellow rubber duck bath towels, toy rubber duckies, baby soaps and shampoo. You might be as specific as to buy a pink rubber ducky for a baby girl or a blue one for a baby boy’s shower.

If you are the hostess of the party, you should pencil in these toy rubber ducky baby shower favors and bath toys at the top of your "to do" list. They are so cheap that you might come up with some ideas for ways to use them as part of your rubber ducky decorations. Group them for table centerpieces and then send them home with the guests to play with in their bathtub to their heart’s desire.

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