Saturday, May 09, 2009

Monkey Theme Party Decorations

monkey theme party decorations supplies sock monkey curious george
We have some monkey theme party decorations that will help to make your get together as much fun as well, a barrel of monkeys. From our faithful storybook friend, Curious George, to the classic favorite, the homemade sock monkey the number of complete party supply kits that are at your disposal have increased significantly in recent years.

What can I say; somebody finally got the message that kids just love to hang out with cute monkeys. The fact that monkey theme party decorations work for a baby shower with monkey theme or a monkey birthday party is just icing on the cake so far as the busy hostess searching for fun and entertaining ideas is concerned.

As I mentioned earlier, there are several routes that a party planner can take with a monkey themed party in mind. Baby chimps ala Cheetah are always a big hit, but admittedly not as colorful as imaginary characters taken from the pages of children’s books or right out of their toy boxes.

Sock Monkey theme party decorations take you away from the jungle theme but restrict your color scheme to neutral brown, gray and bright red. If you like your monkey birthday theme supplies to pack a powerful punch in the color department, Curious George birthday party supplies should do the trick.


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