Friday, May 22, 2009


pink yellow blue baby duck ducky bathtub

rubber ducky baby shower favors duckies bath toys
Toy rubber duckies are a favorite with kids as well as adults and that makes these yellow rubber duck bath toys an excellent gift for a baby shower or birthday party. The beauty of these unique rubber ducky toys is that they light up as soon as they hit the water in the baby’s bathtub.

For the adult who still thinks he is a kid that still has to have bath toys, you might tuck a few of these cute items in different colors (beyond the traditional yellow toy rubber duckies that we grew up playing with) into the gift basket along with a few rubber duck bath gifts and accessories.

To make a lovely presentation for a ducky rubber duck theme baby shower, buy a big yellow rubber duck bath tub for baby and fill it with yellow rubber duck bath towels, toy rubber duckies, baby soaps and shampoo. You might be as specific as to buy a pink rubber ducky for a baby girl or a blue one for a baby boy’s shower.

If you are the hostess of the party, you should pencil in these toy rubber ducky baby shower favors and bath toys at the top of your "to do" list. They are so cheap that you might come up with some ideas for ways to use them as part of your rubber ducky decorations. Group them for table centerpieces and then send them home with the guests to play with in their bathtub to their heart’s desire.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Elephant Gift Ideas

swarovski crystal rare baby toy elephant
I would like to suggest a few elephant gift ideas that are not only a jungle enthusiast’s or nature lover’s dream but items that will entertain the kids. It’s my personal belief that the time to introduce baby elephants to your children should start with some carefully chosen elephant themed baby gifts for the nursery.


Baby elephant gift ideas that will be appreciated by the mother who has dreamt of cute elephant decorated baby rooms for nine months or longer should consider the baby’s gender as well as her chosen color scheme. An excellent gift for a baby girl would be a Vera Bradley pink elephant large duffel or super tote that can double as a diaper bag. A similar gift for a baby boy would be a bag with blue elephant print fabric.


There are those times when even the closest friend or family member hasn’t had the opportunity to actually pay a visit or perhaps the sex of the baby is a secret. For this person a special unisex or gender neutral elephant gift is the best idea that will keep your item out of the re-gifting closet.

For the perfect gift that kids of all ages and genders will love, it would be hard to beat a cuddly, soft stuffed elephant toy. With the gift, the most important consideration would be that no buttons or decorations could present a choking hazard for infants and that it is loveable and cute.

Another item that is not snuggly but will be greatly appreciated later on is a Swarovski crystal elephant. Certainly these breakable items is not a plaything, but imagine a child’s delight when the light bounces off the Swarovski elephant sending beautiful colors dancing across the bedroom.

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Monkey Theme Party Decorations

monkey theme party decorations supplies sock monkey curious george
We have some monkey theme party decorations that will help to make your get together as much fun as well, a barrel of monkeys. From our faithful storybook friend, Curious George, to the classic favorite, the homemade sock monkey the number of complete party supply kits that are at your disposal have increased significantly in recent years.

What can I say; somebody finally got the message that kids just love to hang out with cute monkeys. The fact that monkey theme party decorations work for a baby shower with monkey theme or a monkey birthday party is just icing on the cake so far as the busy hostess searching for fun and entertaining ideas is concerned.

As I mentioned earlier, there are several routes that a party planner can take with a monkey themed party in mind. Baby chimps ala Cheetah are always a big hit, but admittedly not as colorful as imaginary characters taken from the pages of children’s books or right out of their toy boxes.

Sock Monkey theme party decorations take you away from the jungle theme but restrict your color scheme to neutral brown, gray and bright red. If you like your monkey birthday theme supplies to pack a powerful punch in the color department, Curious George birthday party supplies should do the trick.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Twilight Party Supplies, Food ideas and Decorations

Just when the Harry Potter craze begins to fade, the hunt for Twilight party supplies and decorations takes off full speed ahead. I must admit that I’m more familiar with birthday party ideas that for girls and boys in traditional themes like western and princess parties. But if it takes two creatures of the night or a budding young wizard to get kids reading; far be it from me not to jump on board.


Tweens and teenage girls loved the idea of sending personalized Twilight invitations that looked just like a movie ticket! They know that their friends will go crazy when they get invites in the mail with Bella and friends pictures at the top. Kids love to collect tickets to their favorite movies and stick them on message boards in their rooms and I can imagine these being the star of many a fan’s collection.


Moms will be amazed at these easy to use Twilight cupcake decorations. They are colorful, make excellent decorations when arranged on a cupcake stand and they are tasty; yes, these Twilight party supplies are edible! There are also Twilight cake toppers that have similar designs as the smaller toppers for the cupcakes if you want a larger surface for the birthday girl’s candles.


If the birthday party theme is based on a movie, before I shop for plates and cups I start a scavenger hunt for cardboard standups. Hit the movie rental store and check to see if you can pick up some free Twilight stand ups, posters and promotional items to add to your cache of Twilight party supplies.


Send your guests home happy with memorable but inexpensive favors. Inexpensive necklaces decorated with Twilight dog tags are great for the girls. And the boys will be happy to get a poster for their bedroom wall.

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