Thursday, April 02, 2009


I have to give myself a big superhero size pat on the back for ferreting out some really cool Spiderman gifts to load into a gift basket to deliver to a little boy’s Spiderman birthday party tomorrow. When somebody sends out a particular type of invitation, I consider it a challenge to on occasion dress my kids in accordance if I’m feeling particularly festive and playful I might even put together a costume for myself.

Even if I don’t dress the family up in their spandex Spiderman costumes for the party, I try to be sure and buy items according to theme. And while you may not think that this party would be very difficult to buy for what with all the cheap Spiderman decorations and toys out there, it was for me for the fact that this child requests Spiderman gifts for every birthday party and holiday that rolls around! Last Christmas I gave him a fab Spiderman backpack and that little boy adores it but under those circumstances a girl can run out of Spiderman gift ideas in a hurry.

But, as I mentioned I managed to find a few new items that I found like an official Spiderman fishing rod and reel and tackle box that lights up and is decorated with spider webs and some Spiderman theme wall decorations for the boy’s bedroom that match his comforter and the rest of his room decorations. All that’s left is to arrange my Spiderman gifts in a basket that I spray painted red and see which girl gets to wear the costume.

All three of our kids will be attending the Spiderman birthday party and even toddler costumes are not cheap unless you can find one on clearance sale after Halloween. So, I’m wondering if I should just forget it and not even draw attention to the fact that we do happen to have one (and only one) toddler size Spiderman costume to avoid the inevitable argument so that we can enjoy the birthday celebration in peace.

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