Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Pink Princess Castle Tents

A princess tent for girls in pretty pink is the quintessential gift that may be just as precious to a mother as it is to her daughter. How nice to have a castle tent kids can use to entertain themselves on a rainy afternoon when going out of doors is out of the question.

After a search through the trunk searching for dress up clothes worthy of royalty, little girls can enjoy acting out scenes from Cinderella, Snow White or Rapunzel. If there are a few princes available on the premises to play Prince Charming that’s even better although he might balk at the idea of a kingdom that has only a girly princess castle tent.

The little boy in your household might prefer a more masculine medieval castle with turrets and stone walls capable of fending off attacking armies from the kingdom across the mountain or a fire breathing dragon who presents a threat to the inhabitants of the castle keep.

A castle tent is an inexpensive way to allow your child to experience a little bit of the world that he or she hears about when you read bedtime stories together. Use your princess castle tent in the nursery as decorations or a handy storage area and to save you from your child’s cries of "I’m bored" in a few years.

There are different kinds of prince or princess castle tents to pick from. There are bed tents that are made to position over your little one's toddler or twin size bed, pop up styles that often have an attached play tunnel that fold flat for easy storage and a decorative style that attaches to the ceiling. Prices range anywhere from a few dollars up to hundreds of dollars depending on how luxurious you want your kid's castle tent to be. Children don't have to have the top of the line in play tents to have fun. My girls have had hours of enjoyment out of a castle tent that cost less than $20.

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Tony Destroni said...

hi good day thanks for sharing this post . its nice and so many to learned. nice set up too . big tent for big space like this . i think i can have this one a little bit smaller for my garden together with my garden wind spinners and other accessories . very nice .the kids gonna love it !!

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