Saturday, February 14, 2009


Here’s a unique kid’s party idea; host a Lead Testing Party! Have your friends who are parents of small children encourage their little ones to pick out their favorite toys for a show and tell and while they are there, have a special station to test the toys for lead based paint. This is an excellent opportunity to eliminate fears of lead exposure and ensure that the toys that your children are playing with at your friend’s house as well as your own are safe.

One of the most important supplies necessary to facilitate our practical kids party ideas is to have a lead testing kit on hand that is capable of performing however many tests are necessary to cover your guest list. Leadcheck lead test kits from Home Depot have been recommended to me by some parents or you can order a testing kit from a dealer online.

You will need to set up your party’s lead testing lab in a special area so that you can test the children’s toys soon after they arrive at your party. Decorate the area in a festive way like a booth they might see at a circus or carnival to put a little fun into the process.

After the testing play some party games, serve some snacks and beverages and everyone goes home a winner assured that their children’s toys are lead free. You can adapt our practical kids’ party ideas for use in conjunction with a birthday party or a fundraiser. Any excuse that you can come up with to test children’s toys for lead is a good thing.

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