Wednesday, February 04, 2009


classic winnie the pooh letters wall resin bear alphabet


There are many uses for classic Winnie the Pooh letters. Perhaps you didn’t take time to notice the pretty font that was used to indicate the title on the storybook that you read to your child at bedtime. Next time your baby wants to hear about the antics of Pooh Bear and his friends, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet, in their 100 Acre Woods playground take a minute and inspect the decorative font and coloring in the letters that form the words on the cover.

After a momentary inspection, you will appreciate the beauty of the lettering and the creativity of the style. Then you may wonder how you can make your own Winnie the Pooh letters as decorations to use for various craft or decorating applications.

Classic Winnie the Pooh letters can be used to decorate the front of your homemade Winnie the Pooh theme baby shower or kids’ birthday party invitations. Plus, you can pick up some lightweight Pooh resin letters to decorate your walls or give as a gift. They are available in every letter of the alphabet from A to Z decorated the characters taken directly from the pages of the book.

You can stick with a traditional ABC wall arrangement, a few letters to make up a child’s monogram or you can buy all the Winnie the Pooh wall letters necessary to spell out the guest of honor’s entire name to decorate the bedroom walls. If the room is large and the ceilings are high, you might purchase the entire alphabet and space the letters around the room slightly below the crown molding to form a unique 3D border.

Winnie the Pooh letters are a unique gift idea as well as a creative way to decorate your own home.

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TJLoop85 said...

What a great idea.

I think buying a lot of these letters and spacing them throughout the room right below the crown molding would look really good.

Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

I just gave a Winnie the Pooh theme birthday party for my daughter and invited a group of little girls as guests a few days ago. Thanks for giving me the idea to make Winnie the Pooh letters to give as party favors. It was a really great idea! Thanks!