Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Curious George Plush Toys stuffed dolls

It’s easy to make your own Curious George gift set! Pick up a Curious George plush toy and go from there. No matter what the age of the recipient may be this should be the centerpiece of your basket. Even if the birthday boy or girl is a grownup, if they are into to this funny monkey they will appreciate another stuffed animal to add to their collection.

The thing that has attracted me time and time again to this stuffed doll over the years is his engaging personality, or should I say his many different personalities. Vintage Curious George toys depict little more than a cute, brown monkey wearing a red shirt and a cap with his name on the front.

Recently, he has started to wear more hats so to speak. Meaning that our little friend has started to enjoy playing dress up in various costumes and is involved in more activities than your average chimp resulting in interesting Curious George plush toy themes!

For instance, we might find a Curious George policeman, fireman or even an astronaut doll. Of course there are still plenty of traditional Curious George plush toys from Gund and other toymakers on the market for kids who still appreciate him in his original form. But I can see where his role playing in various professions and personas will give me more opportunities to include him as the star in my gift baskets for a police as well as a fireman theme baby shower or birthday party.

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Monday, February 23, 2009


Peter Rabbit Baby Record Book
Start a baby’s Peter Rabbit book collection with a Peter Rabbit baby record book as a baby shower gift. A pretty record book makes a great baby gift that is both thoughtful and helpful. Baby books provide a convenient place where mom can document all the milestones in an infant’s life in an attractive and organized manner that will surely be a treasured keepsake once the little one grows up to have children of his or her own.

Even the least inclined record keepers among us will enjoy taking a break from their busy schedule to enjoy the watercolor graphics and preserve their family’s memories in a Beatrix Potter or Peter Rabbit baby record book. For many the activity will be a trip down memory lane back to the days of their own childhood as the pages often follow the storyline of the series. Along with the illustrations in the book, there are designated areas to list the date that each of baby’s achievements took place. What a joy it will be later on to pick up the Peter Rabbit baby book and know the circumstances that produced baby’s first smile and the exact date that baby’s first steps were taken.

Many baby record books now include special envelopes or receptacles where a curl can be kept from baby’s first haircut or that first tooth that the tooth fairy was kind enough to leave behind for mommy and daddy to save as a keepsake. Families involved in genealogy might choose a Peter Rabbit baby record book that has a section for the family tree as well as a page for baby footprints and handprints pictures as well as a copy of the birth certificate.

When I choose items to include in a gift basket, I like to include things that have a long lifespan. And without a doubt a baby record book as a baby shower gift fills that qualification as well as Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit figurines. The reason I might choose a baby record book over collectibles is because it may encourage young mothers to spend a moment to record special moments before they are lost to time. And that is a truly precious gift.

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Friday, February 20, 2009


Classic Winnie the Pooh Cross Stitch Patterns


Classic Winnie the Pooh Cross Stitch patterns make it possible to put our favorite characters from the Pooh storybooks on everyday items to make them more decorative and special. This is especially helpful to a friend with a limited budget who wants to put a personal touch on a Winnie the Pooh baby shower gift for a friend.

How wonderful to enjoy your favorite pastime and use your skills to create lovely, handmade items to include in the Winnie the Pooh gift basket. With an inexpensive pattern and a few sewing sessions even a plain, white cotton crib shirt and flannel receiving blanket become a matched set that combined with a woven basket decorated in an appealing fashion will make a favorable impression for a very affordable price.

You can buy books with classic Winnie the Pooh cross stitch patterns and designs that you can adapt and transfer to any fabric of a suitable size. You are free to use your classic Winnie the Pooh Cross stitch patterns in many applications including lap quilts, birth samplers, bibs and baby clothes.

One of my favorite classic embroidery designs is the alphabet with Winnie the Pooh letters decorated with Piglet, Tigger and Pooh Bear. You might be able to find free embroidery designs patterns for an entire alphabet that you could use to monogram your gifts for friends or to use in decorating items for your own home.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


sock monkey slippers

Sock monkey slippers are an adorable gift idea. The cute slippers will be a favorite for anybody who has affection for the classic sock monkey dolls. They can be found in sizes suitable for an infant to use as crib shoes which makes them a lovely baby shower gift for a mom who has decorated using Sock Monkey baby bedding and nursery decor.

sock monkey diaper bag tote

If your sock monkey slippers are a gift for a newborn, make sure that the fabric is soft so that it won't irritate those sensitive little feet. It's a good ideas to look for non-skid soles if you are shopping for bedroom slippers for toddlers, older children and adults so that there's no danger of slipping and falling on slick floors.

Other items that you might include in a sock monkey baby gift basket would be a monkey print baby blanket and diaper bag made from funky Sock Monkey print fabric.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Pink Juicy Couture baby diaper bags

We are nearing the time when we will carefully store our black velour Juicy Couture baby diaper bag and begin the search for the best designer baby bag for spring. You never know which collections will have one that you simply can't stand to be without. But one thing is for sure; no mom of a baby girl worth her Armani, Gucci or Baby Phat would ever want to pass up this Juicy diaper bag in quilted pink.

Pink and brown bags and totes are all the rage in fashionable ladies' wardrobes. And what is a Juicy Couture baby diaper bag but an essential part of a mother's wardrobe? The matching baby bib, changing pad and burp cloth in matching fabric completes the set in a very stylish fashion. There's even a crown printed on the bib to confirm that your little princess is indeed royalty.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Here’s a unique kid’s party idea; host a Lead Testing Party! Have your friends who are parents of small children encourage their little ones to pick out their favorite toys for a show and tell and while they are there, have a special station to test the toys for lead based paint. This is an excellent opportunity to eliminate fears of lead exposure and ensure that the toys that your children are playing with at your friend’s house as well as your own are safe.

One of the most important supplies necessary to facilitate our practical kids party ideas is to have a lead testing kit on hand that is capable of performing however many tests are necessary to cover your guest list. Leadcheck lead test kits from Home Depot have been recommended to me by some parents or you can order a testing kit from a dealer online.

You will need to set up your party’s lead testing lab in a special area so that you can test the children’s toys soon after they arrive at your party. Decorate the area in a festive way like a booth they might see at a circus or carnival to put a little fun into the process.

After the testing play some party games, serve some snacks and beverages and everyone goes home a winner assured that their children’s toys are lead free. You can adapt our practical kids’ party ideas for use in conjunction with a birthday party or a fundraiser. Any excuse that you can come up with to test children’s toys for lead is a good thing.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Pink Princess Castle Tents

A princess tent for girls in pretty pink is the quintessential gift that may be just as precious to a mother as it is to her daughter. How nice to have a castle tent kids can use to entertain themselves on a rainy afternoon when going out of doors is out of the question.

After a search through the trunk searching for dress up clothes worthy of royalty, little girls can enjoy acting out scenes from Cinderella, Snow White or Rapunzel. If there are a few princes available on the premises to play Prince Charming that’s even better although he might balk at the idea of a kingdom that has only a girly princess castle tent.

The little boy in your household might prefer a more masculine medieval castle with turrets and stone walls capable of fending off attacking armies from the kingdom across the mountain or a fire breathing dragon who presents a threat to the inhabitants of the castle keep.

A castle tent is an inexpensive way to allow your child to experience a little bit of the world that he or she hears about when you read bedtime stories together. Use your princess castle tent in the nursery as decorations or a handy storage area and to save you from your child’s cries of "I’m bored" in a few years.

There are different kinds of prince or princess castle tents to pick from. There are bed tents that are made to position over your little one's toddler or twin size bed, pop up styles that often have an attached play tunnel that fold flat for easy storage and a decorative style that attaches to the ceiling. Prices range anywhere from a few dollars up to hundreds of dollars depending on how luxurious you want your kid's castle tent to be. Children don't have to have the top of the line in play tents to have fun. My girls have had hours of enjoyment out of a castle tent that cost less than $20.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009




Here’s the perfect shelf decoration; Winnie the Pooh baby bookends. What a delightful item for fans of Baby Piglet and Pooh and the rest of the gang. It’s the finishing touches that put the frosting on the cake and a cute way to organize all those storybooks while decorating the wall shelves or table tops is a practical gift that keeps on giving for many years and generations to come. Because as we are well aware; classic Pooh baby items have a way of gaining in value as collectibles rather than depreciating like so many other decorations and bedroom accessories that we buy for our children.

Vintage Winnie the Pooh baby bookends in today’s market command a tidy price when you can find a pair offered in an online auction. And believe me the pickings are rather slim because it’s a very rare occasion when you find a family that is willing to part with these precious mementoes that matched a Winnie the Pooh baby bedding set and were used to decorate their baby’s Winnie the Pooh nursery so long ago.


There are several styles that are highly sought after to use as Winnie the Pooh gift ideas and kids’ bedroom decorations right now. One is the hard cast version that would be easy to clean and care for and the other option that is wooden. The most popular seems to be the painted wood version decorated with plush baby Piglet and Pooh stuffed toys against the pastel background with a pretty, little butterfly flying in a clear, blue sky to the right of Piglet’s ear.

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Monday, February 09, 2009


golf baby stuff apparel bibs onesies slippers first golf clubs gifts

Break out the champagne and the golf baby stuff! Congratulations to Tiger Woods and Elin on the birth of their new baby boy whose name is reported to be Charlie Axel Woods. I haven't heard of a release of any baby photos yet but I understand that baby Charlies was born Sunday, February the 8th, 2009 according to the proud dad's official release earlier this morning. Welcoming the new member of the Mr. and Mrs. Tiger Woods family is daughter Sam Alexis born in 2007.

I doubt that golf gifts for dad or much golf baby stuff will be needed in this well sponsored and well equipped household, but for shoppers looking for golf gift ideas to welcome less famous babies into avid golfing families we have a few recommendations.

Infant golf socks shoes and apparel come in colors for both baby boys and girls. Fans will find selections in solid colors as well as slippers, crib shoes and golf baby socks with polo shirts and shoes to match in argyle and plaid print that are so cute and stylish. Bibs for boys and girls with golf quotes and baby onesies with funny sayings on them are another winner that is a guaranteed hole in one with mom and dad.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


classic winnie the pooh letters wall resin bear alphabet


There are many uses for classic Winnie the Pooh letters. Perhaps you didn’t take time to notice the pretty font that was used to indicate the title on the storybook that you read to your child at bedtime. Next time your baby wants to hear about the antics of Pooh Bear and his friends, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet, in their 100 Acre Woods playground take a minute and inspect the decorative font and coloring in the letters that form the words on the cover.

After a momentary inspection, you will appreciate the beauty of the lettering and the creativity of the style. Then you may wonder how you can make your own Winnie the Pooh letters as decorations to use for various craft or decorating applications.

Classic Winnie the Pooh letters can be used to decorate the front of your homemade Winnie the Pooh theme baby shower or kids’ birthday party invitations. Plus, you can pick up some lightweight Pooh resin letters to decorate your walls or give as a gift. They are available in every letter of the alphabet from A to Z decorated the characters taken directly from the pages of the book.

You can stick with a traditional ABC wall arrangement, a few letters to make up a child’s monogram or you can buy all the Winnie the Pooh wall letters necessary to spell out the guest of honor’s entire name to decorate the bedroom walls. If the room is large and the ceilings are high, you might purchase the entire alphabet and space the letters around the room slightly below the crown molding to form a unique 3D border.

Winnie the Pooh letters are a unique gift idea as well as a creative way to decorate your own home.

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