Wednesday, November 25, 2009


baby birdy bird pink and brown little girl baby bedding set

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I see more parents who want little girl baby bedding sets for their baby girl’s nursery that are not in what we have come to consider traditional colors and themes for those of the feminine persuasion. The way I see it, there are two possible reasons for this decorating trend.

The first would be that lace, ruffles and satin bows are perceived to be high maintenance. Modern moms have been forced to become masters of efficiency and have developed the ability to spot easy care fabrics and their counterparts from a mile away. Crib sets with gathered trims and embellishments have gotten a reputation for requiring a trip across the ironing board or to a professional cleaning service to keep them looking their best.

Another style of little girl baby bedding enjoying an increase in popularity is girls’ sports theme baby bedding. And isn’t it about time that mom felt good about decorating her baby girl’s nursery with soccer and softballs? Girls are now as involved in sports as boys and have been for quite a few years. However, sports baby nursery themes for girls is just catching on and there are plenty of little girl baby bedding sets for athletic minded parents to pick from.

Pretty pink and lavender little girls’ baby bedding sets covered in butterflies and flowers are still in vogue and that probably won’t change. Just be ready to see more variety out there in girls baby nursery themes and color schemes.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


what to put in a baby gift basket ideas pictures
Baby Gifts Under $25!

Do you wonder what to put in a baby gift basket to take to a baby shower or to the hospital to celebrate the birth of your friend's baby? Everybody agrees that baby gift baskets make great gifts but it’s so hard to buy items that look great together AND that are practical.
I have some suggestions and gift ideas that will help you fill your beautifully decorated basket with goodies that any new mom and dad will find delightful and useful.

  1. Clothes – Personalized onesies and sleepers with a pair of matching booties will fill your space quickly. Personalized baby gifts and color coordination will be the key to making the best presentation possible.

  2. Blankets - Carefully gathered receiving blankets in beautiful colors can be arranged to resemble a bouquet of flowers. Take care to including colors that complement the baby’s nursery in your faux floral arrangement.

  3. Bib and Burp cloths –Utility items that are attractive make childcare fun

  4. Cloth Diapers – All moms appreciate more cloth diapers, soakers and diaper covers

  5. Baby bath products – Pretty bottles of shampoo, body wash and sweet smelling lotions and oils with a facecloth and a cute bath toy as a centerpiece are sure to be a big hit. If you wonder what to put in a baby gift basket for a little one with an environmentally aware mom, buy chemical free baby bath products and organic cotton robes and bath cloths.

  6. Baby skin care products - Chemical free moisturizing lotions, shampoos to help prevent cradle cap and don’t forget infant safe sunscreen

  7. Baby feeding products – BPA free bottles, bibs, a set of special dishes and a spoon

  8. Music – If you want to know what to put in a baby gift basket for the baby who has everything, the gift of music is perfect. From white noise CDs to traditional lullabies, mom and baby will both appreciate a basketful of soothing music.

  9. Toys – Crib toys, plush stuffed toys with an heirloom silver rattle as the centerpiece

  10. Snacks – Packages of gourmet teething biscuits for baby with a bottle of wine, coffee, homemade cookies or cheese straws for mom and dad.

Those are just a few ideas for what to put in a baby gift basket that will make any new mom and dad's face light up with pleasure. Please return to Unique Party Decorations, Gifts, Party Supplies and Decorating Ideas to see more tips on how to decorate your baskets and arrange the contents in a tasteful way.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


monkey wall decals stickers nursery decorations


If these little jungle swingers are not the cutest monkey nursery decorations that you've seen in a while then I want to know where you were shopping! Monkey wallpaper covered in pictures of Curious George or little chimps with no name were once the height of jungle nursery decor. But lately, we see more decorators skipping this approach in favor of monkey wall decals and stickers paired with at most a border.

The reason for the switch in monkey nursery decorations could be that rolls of wallpaper are not what one might consider cheap. Plus, you either have to prep the nursery walls and hang the paper yourself or hire a professional to do the job for you. Is there any wonder that more and more families are using these inexpensive wall decorations?

They are so quick and easy to peel and stick that the job is done in less than an hour in most cases. And when you want to change the room’s décor, just remove them from the walls and replace them with whatever strikes your fancy. They leave no sticky residue that would cause you to have to clean or repaint the walls unless you wanted to.

I give these monkey nursery decorations a big vote of approval for being cheap, easy to use and just plain cute.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Pink skull party decorations might not be everybody’s idea of a suitable party theme for girls. But, I have found these grinning skulls and crossbones to be for the most part harmless and actually downright cute! It may be that the pink skull party supplies give me just one more opportunity to come up with decorating ideas for my favorite color scheme which, as my visitors are well aware, is pink and black.


It’s very easy to make your own pink skull invitations using plain white cardstock decorated with some cheap stickers. Or you can go all out and buy personalized, custom invitations that come with graphics and print in cool fonts with your details, wording maybe even a short poem in the layout of information pertaining to your party. For a time efficient and inexpensive invitation, use the package of invitations that come with your pink skull party decorations kit.


Fingerless gloves for little girls are lots of fun to have in the dress up party outfit trunk. You can add a cute coin purse or a light up skull ring to complete the ensemble.

I wouldn’t worry that your birthday party will be too spooky for the youngsters. Pink skull party decorations are just too cute to be very scary. Chances are that your little girls are well acquainted with skulls and crossbones as you see more than a few pink skull baby bedding sets and gothic nurseries in homes these days. Skull baby shower themes have been pretty popular lately but that could have something to do with Halloween. Only time will tell whether the feminine gothic trend lasts through fall and beyond.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Pink Skull Party Decorations and Decorating Ideas and be assured that one little party won't turn your little princess into a goth girl for life.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


vintage hanky handkerchief baby shower invitations invites

A friend of mine was shopping for vintage baby shower invitations ideas when she saw some wedding invitations that had been made by screen-printing the invitation on the center of vintage handkerchiefs by Bird and Banner. What an excellent idea that would present each guest with a sweet keepsake this is! I’m a huge fan of vintage handkerchief crafts and this one really tickled my fancy.

And what fun we had shopping auctions, cruising estate sales and antique stores for pretty hankies that we felt would be suitable for printing in pretty designs and colors. After finalizing the guest list, we knew the exact number of handkerchiefs that we would need for our vintage baby shower invitations and went on a shopping excursion that took us far more time that we might have initially imagined. Apparently we are not the first to dream of uses for vintage hankies!

The problem was not only finding vintage hankies with a large center medallion that would accommodate the wording that was necessary but finding attractive examples with no tears, stains or damaged embroidery. At the time of this article, we have ten more to buy before we can start to get bids from printers but I could not resist playing around with one of my favorites in my photo editing program to give you an idea of what I have in mind for our vintage baby shower invitations using one of the sweet handkerchiefs that we have so far.

I can’t decide whether I prefer the colorful layout of this baby blue, pink and green fabric print or the elegant embroidered white on white hanky but I know that they are going to make a lovely presentation carefully creased and folded around the baby shower’s rsvp card and held by a pretty sleeve that one of our crafty stamping friends is designing especially for us.

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Friday, October 09, 2009


Which will be more popular, the new Winnie the Pooh or Classic Pooh that is the question. Why are we being made to ponder such a thing when last I checked my old friend, Pooh Bear and his friends in the enchanted 100 Acre wood were just peachy playing and living the way they had for decades? Must we always be looking for ways to reinvent the wheel when the original rolls just fine?

Meaning, what kicked off the idea of rewriting of the Pooh books in the first place? Since when do we go dig up classics to see if they need to be updated? What's next? "A Tale of Two Cities"? "Where the Red Fern Grows"? Classic literature should be untouched in my opinion.

I wish someone would answer the question as to how a (controversial) makeover of a classic benefits the author, Benedictus, more than applying literary talent and imagination to work that would be his own. Who is to say that such a book might bring Benedictus recognition of being the A.A. Milne of THIS century? If I were capable of writing a children’s book, I would much prefer to create my own unique, enchanted forest inhabited by characters credited to myself rather than to jump knee deep into creating a new Winnie the Pooh.

All that being said, this is not the first alteration or update to the Winnie the Pooh characters originally drawn by Ernest H. Shepard. After A.A. Milne’s death in 1956 his widow sold the rights to the characters of the Winnie the Pooh story to Walt Disney Co. whose merchandise bore little resemblance to the illustrations in "House at Pooh Corner" or "Winnie the Pooh".

Can we expect new Winnie the Pooh decorations and products featuring the classic bear wearing a stylish new look? If so, it probably will sell alright as kids love new stuff. But what a shame it would be if the old version, the one that you and I grew up with, started to look dated or old fashioned.

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Win prizes in the free maternity clothes giveaway sponsored by Apple and Eve Maternity. Their stylish tops let you share your opinions without ever having to say a word while using your pregnant tummy as a billboard. The maternity tops have cute sayings and graphics in cute colors that will lift your spirits and keep you looking and feeling good while baby is on board and you can win two as prizes in the contest if you're lucky.

All it takes to win is a quick visit to our main site that specializes in Baby Bedding, Nursery Themes, Decorations and Decorating Ideas, where you will leave your contact information and the names of your favorite maternity t-shirts that you saw on the sponsor's website.

You can also register to win mom and baby jewelry, free baby products and shoes in other giveaways while you're there.

When you're done, return to Unique Party Decorations, Party Supplies and Decorating Ideas to find tips for making your next celebration a roaring success.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sock Monkey Baby Nursery Decorations

A friend recently mentioned to me that the sock monkey baby nursery decorations she had seen in even the most posh baby boutiques were not tickling her in the least. She said that not only were they expensive, but impractical and frankly not that cute. I could see that she was getting frustrated and after dealing with many mothers I knew better than to pull out a portfolio of nursery pictures at this stage of the game.

Knowing that a friend of ours had a baby shower planned for her at the end of the week I decided that the best course of action was to wait and see if any of the gifts that she received might serve to point her in one direction or another. I had my doubts that as the hostess of said shower had already tipped me off that a monkey theme baby shower was in the works. I could not foresee that something miraculous might catch her eye and inspire her if after cruising the baby stores for months on the prowl for sock monkey baby nursery decorations and crib bedding sets she had come home empty-handed time after time.

Then the day of the shower rolled around and wonder of wonders, the first gift out of the box was a personalized sock monkey diaper bag lined with sock monkey fabric by Moda accompanied by a cute, matching rag baby quilt. I knew by the guest of honor’s reaction that I had better start organizing pictures of sock monkey crib bedding and sock monkey baby nursery decoration ideas as soon as I got home.
Isn’t it wonderful how if you wait things have a way of working themselves out? I find this especially true when working with pregnant ladies struggling with choosing a theme for their nursery decor.

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Friday, October 02, 2009


thing 1 and thing 2 dr seuss party supplies decorations centerpiece invitations

I’ve been asked several times this week, "Where can I find Thing 1 and Thing 2 party decorations and supplies" as well as "Where can I find Thing 1 and Thing 2 baby shower invitations and decorations". Why these Dr. Seuss characters have become so very popular all of a sudden is beyond me unless it’s because of the cute cupcakes that go so well with the theme.

thing 1 and thing 2 dr seuss party supplies decorations favors invitations

If I had known that electric blue hair made of cotton candy would be such a hit, I would have done more to encourage the development of a Thing 1 and 2 product to my suppliers long ago!

thing 1 and thing 2 dr seuss wall decals stickers decorations



To answer the question about where to find Thing 1 and Thing 2 party decorations and supplies, perhaps the best place to start would be a site that is known to offer Dr. Seuss baby shower and party supplies in other themes like Cat in the Hat or Horton Hears a Who and see if you can pick up some ideas for this cute Dr. Seuss theme.

Once you have exhausted those resources, pull out your list of party supply vendors who provide merchandise in a smaller more exclusive niche to see if they have already picked up on the trend and have some Thing 1 and Thing 2 party decorations and supplies ready to ship or if they might be able to make something up according to your specifications and personalize your invitations or party favors with names dates and special wording while they are at it!

Another idea that I would like to suggest would be to buy some giant Dr. Seuss wall decals featuring Thing 1 and 2 to decorate your party venue and when the festivities are done, present the reusable, vinyl stickers as prizes to the winners of the fun games that were played or to the guest of honor to use to decorate the walls of their bedroom at home.

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Thursday, October 01, 2009


If you were in a tizzy spinning Garden Fairy Party ideas around and around in your head until you were to the point of exhaustion, get hold of yourself and be of good cheer because Garden Fairy party supplies and decorations are here. Plates and cups decorated with pretty fairy princesses complete with tiaras and magic wands floating effortlessly above fields of flowers among butterflies, dragonflies and other critters one might expect to find in a magical fantasy kingdom.

And how easy it will be to pick a color scheme for your Garden Fairy party ideas with these items to use as a reference! There are many possibilities, but if I were to pick my favourite I believe that I would showcase the fuchsia pink and green with touches of purple here and there. Once you choose the colors that you prefer, which play an important part in everything from the tableware to the cake frosting, you are ready to select party decorations.

It would be entirely up to you whether to include dragonfly and butterfly decorations,stay close to a fairy theme or to play up the floral aspects in your Garden Fairy party ideas.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


scarecrow decorating ideas decorations homemade party tips

A scarecrow contest is an excellent Halloween party idea for kids. Here are some scarecrow decorating ideas that you may want to add to your growing file of party decorations or you can share the tips with younger guests participating in the fun and games.

1.Have several piles of pants, shirts and bags or pillowcases (with faces already painted?) and plenty of loose straw (or hypoallergenic stuffing for pillows if you prefer) located beside a chair or bale of hay where the finished product can be seated. Instruct each team to fill the pants, shirt and makeshift head to form the head and body of the scarecrow.

2.Once the basic shape is formed, direct your contestants to the scarecrow costume accessories that you have provided. The bins of wigs, hats, masks, additional clothing, costumes and props that you gathered before the party will now be used in putting together a winning combination of unique scarecrow decorations according to the kids' vision of the perfect straw man or woman as the case may be.

3.Have a panel of impartial judges rate each team’s (or individual’s) work according to originality of design.

It would be a nice touch to allow the winner to take his or her creation home as a prize for having the best scarecrow decorating ideas at the Halloween party!

If you want to know how to make a scarecrow in preparation for the party game or to keep the crows out of your garden, there are a number of excellent videos that will take you through the process step by step.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009



I know that September's not over and I'm rushing Halloween, but these personalized pumpkins caught my eye and I wanted to share before your the spooky decorating at your house is in full swing. Yesterday I heard that the pumpkin crop in some areas is in trouble which is going to mean either higher prices or slim pickings on finding the perfect object to carve into a piece of decorative pumpkin art.

You never can tell how that's going to work, so I have several large, ceramic Jack o' Lanterns to put into service in case of emergency. They are wonderful decorations for fall baby showers and all that's required is to dust them off and put a glow stick or a candle inside. As much as I love toasted pumpkin seeds, I can only imagine how much time and effort I have been spared over the years by having these on hand.

Pumpkin carving can be lots of family fun and I like to find cute templates to try my hand at making at least one masterpiece a year, but one of these personalized pumpkins with all my kids' names on them will pay for themselves in just a few years and are just as cute as well..pumpkin pie.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Up until an hour ago, I was up to my eyeballs in
black and red party decorations for a baby shower that my neighbor was having for her sister and I wasn’t even a hostess! What happened was that she waylaid me in the driveway one afternoon with such a look of panic in her eyes that I was surprised that her reason for approaching me was something as mundane as to help her decorate her home for a shower. The way she charged across the lawn, I thought somebody needed CPR or that my dog had dug up her roses (again).

Maybe it was relief that neither was the case that compelled me to say that I would be HAPPY to help out. I went over after supper to see what she had in mind to find that she already had a theme as evidenced in the ladybug baby shower invitations that she was busily addressing when I arrived.

We then started looking at some pictures of ladybug cakes and party supplies that she had bookmarked. There was a cute ladybug pinata, some party favors and surprisingly those were all the ladybug theme black and red party decorations that coordinated well with the color scheme of her (personalized and non-returnable) invitations.

She was about to panic over not finding a good selection of supplies when I told her not to worry as there were plenty of black and red party decorations that would look fantastic. In fact, I preferred the addition of supplies decorated with red and black polka dots over filling the room with too many ladybugs.

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Monday, September 14, 2009


Prepare to be amazed at the broad selection of bird party decorations dedicated to these gentle creatures. Apparently the love and admiration for our feathered friends has inspired more than a few lines of bird party supplies to fill the needs of hostesses for baby showers, birthday parties or the annual gathering of the local birdwatchers club.


For the baby shower, there are bird party invitations that can be personalized with special wording or a sweet poem along with the usual details outlining the time, date and location. If mom has made her selection of bird baby bedding and nursery decorations, sneak a peek, pick up some ideas on color and style and then plan to decorate your venue and cake accordingly.


Face it, songbirds and dainty birdhouses are precious for a shower but if you want to catch a toddler’s attention nothing will do it like their giant, yellow friend, Big Bird. Big Bird party decorations are bright, colorful and kids love them.


Older kids might think Sesame Street characters are babyish and bluebirds and robins too boring for words. But Looney Tunes are loved by kids of all ages so Tweety Bird party supplies bring more to the table than a pretty face.


Planning a party for the bird lover in your life will be a piece of cake. The most difficult part of the process will be choosing which birds will be the star of the show. Will it be tropical bird party decorations like parrots (ala Jimmy Buffet) or would the Bluebird of Happiness be more in line with the guest of honor’s taste in ornithology? If you thrill at the opportunity of a pink color scheme for your party, here’s your big chance. Just pick up a kit or two of tropical party supplies decorated with pretty flamingos.

Whether your bird party ideas involve celebrating your state bird or an endangered species, you won’t have any problem finding appropriate bird party decorations and supplies to impress your guests.

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Friday, September 11, 2009


fall table decorations party supplies baby shower halloween wine glasses


Unless I’m clever and plan ahead, my fall table decorations have a limited life.
In my area, summer stretches far past the first day of fall and sometimes it seems as if I have no more than gotten the table decorated than it is time to pack them up and replace them with Christmas items.

There have been times when I managed to recycle them and extend their life through Thanksgiving and for doing so gave myself an enthusiastic pat on the back for being so crafty and clever. For the moment this maneuver seemed to be the epitome of time, cost effectiveness.

halloween table party decorations supplies wine glasses goblets


Now, I find myself tagged by a friend to co-host a spur of the moment fall baby shower. As a fan of "double-duty" decorations, my goal was to find fall table decorations that I could either use to decorate my own fall table after the shower or present to the guests as favors.

After doing some shopping on Etsy, these wonderful fall theme goblets were just what I was searching for. My plans are to add them to the tableware at the shower as well as on my dining room table and then pair them up with some spooky skulls and skeletons for Halloween. After Halloween, I simply remove the scary decor and they will be fine until the first day of December rolls around.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Mod Monkey party decorations are the hottest thing going at the moment for rainforest theme parties, jungle theme parties or to break things down to the lowest common denominator, a monkey theme party. One might question if the cute aqua blue, yellow and brown supplies kicked Curious George party supplies out of first place?

It would be difficult to say which of these product lines were the most popular on the birthday party circuit. And why should we ponder when there’s plenty of room for both monkeys and then some? As always is the case, common sense and budget restrictions may direct your decision on which genre’ of monkey theme party decorations or monkey baby shower decorations will be best for your particular situation.

For instance, if funds are limited and you already have a Curious George cake pan on hand, why on earth would you think it was a good idea to choose Mod Monkey supplies? Both of these cheeky little monkeys are cute as can be and a few older kids might favor one over the other but when the party is in full swing, neither one will disappoint. And for baby showers, 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthday parties it would be doubtful that toddlers have formed an opinion. Rather than obsess over choosing one or the other, flip a coin and call heads or tails. Then, send out your monkey party invitations, decorate your cake, hang a pinata and pass out the party favors and enjoy monkeying around with the kids for a few hours.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I have some Wizard of Oz party ideas that cover kids’ parties for girls and for boys. Plus some recommendations for Wizard of Oz party supplies that will take care of all your decorations, invitations and favors faster than you can click the heels of your ruby slippers and repeat “there's no place like home”. That’s right, Dorothy, you can pick up an entire kit of party decor that will get your birthday party decorated ready for your guests faster than an Oklahoma tornado sweeping across the plains.


Dress up parties and play dates are all the rage with little girls and if your birthday party is a celebration for girls only you might ask that your guests compete for the position of the most convincing Dorothy costume. Dressing your daughter in a convincing manner for the party would be a piece of cake. A blue cotton pinafore, puff sleeve blouse and a pair of sequined ruby slippers will turn any little girl into a Judy Garland look alike for a very cheap price. Add some pigtails Pick up a stuffed toy dog and attach a nametag with “Toto” printed on it for an even more dramatic effect. If you have a large number of little girls on your guest list you might expand the competition to include Glenda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch as well. With the popularity of the play, Wicked, you might expect a large number of little witches with pointed hats and green faces to arrive at the time specified on your Wizard of Oz party invitations.

If both boys and girls will be invited to the festivities, a dress up party is still a viable option. The best Tin Man, Scarecrow or Cowardly Lion costume will be the categories of competition for the guys.



Have the artist in your family to create your own version of the Yellow Brick Road by covering the sidewalk leading to the party’s entrance with yellow bricks drawn with kids’ sidewalk chalk. Don’t worry, the road to the Emerald City will wash off with the first rain shower or you can always wash it off yourself using your garden hose.


Little girls will be tickled to take home ruby slipper lip gloss and mirrored compacts that the hostess has tucked into Dorothy’s basket. Always hungry boys will appreciate a snack of frosted Toto shaped cookies that they can munch while traveling the Yellow Brick Road on their way home from your party.


Your girls’ Wizard of Oz party ideas should focus on a memorable prop of the classic film. This might be decorations that are covered in ruby red sequins or vintage, Wizard of Oz movie posters. And this may be the perfect time to show off Grandma’s collection of ruby red stemware!

You might want to throw in some rainbow decorations as filler for a Dorothy theme party. These items are not usually included in the Wizard of Oz party supplies but they are certainly appropriate as the theme song for the movie was after all, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

A fall birthday party might focus on scarecrows. And of course dog lovers will want centerpieces that consist of Toto tucked inside a cute basket.

Giant cardboard stand-ups of your favorite characters are a huge help in decorating a big area and the added bonus is that your kids can use them as well as the posters to decorate their rooms at home until you need them for your next party.


Red velvet cake with ruby, red sprinkles and Emerald City punch with Yellow Brick Road lemon squares and yellow frosted cupcakes will provide lots of color all associated with your party’s theme.


Do you have some scarecrow invitations left over from your kids' Halloween party or perhaps you could use some stuff that you bought at the party supply store while brainstorming for baby shower ideas ? For instance, if you made your own invitations and still have the template you could recycle them for use as Wizard of Oz party invitations and nobody will be the wiser.

Those are just a sampling of kids birthday party ideas that should put you well on your way to convincing your guests that you are truly the great and power Oz when it comes to planning a kids’ birthday party.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to Make Homemade Baby Wipes

homemade baby wipes gifts

Homemade baby wipes is nowhere in the league with silver or gold as a shower gift. There are some homemade baby gifts that last forever and are destined to take up space in the family time capsule or cedar chest. And then there are practical baby gifts like disposable wipes and other homemade baby stuff that are just made to use everyday.

Of all the handmade items that I have made to tuck into a basket full of goodies, I am perhaps best remembered for my baby wipes. Is it because I pick pretty paper towels to make them with or because I personalize the recycled plastic box with the baby’s name and some cute stickers or drawings on the outside? Actually, neither the personalized container nor decorations were as impressive nor have drawn as much attention from the guests as the contents and even more so, the attached recipe.

Here are the instructions for how to make your own homemade baby wipes to give as shower gifts or you can always use your low cost baby wipes to care for your own baby.

My Recipe for Homemade Baby Wipes

2 Cups of Boiled, Cooled Water
1 Roll of High Quality Paper Towels
1 serrated edge bread knife with a long blade
1 Tablespoon of Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Oil
2 Tablespoons of Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Wash
1 Empty Baby Wipes Box with a Tight Sealing Lid

how to make homemade baby wipes recipe instructions container

Cut a roll of good quality paper towels in half with the knife or see if the woodworker in your home might use his shop’s circular saw to make a really professional looking cut. Combine the cool water, baby oil and wash or shampoo. Position your paper towels in the container. Pour the water, oil and wash mixture as evenly as possible over the roll of paper towels and let everything rest for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes turn the roll over to insure the best distribution of the liquids and pop on the lid to keep everything moist.

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Monday, July 06, 2009


baby beach gifts beach gift basket ideas beach gift baskets

My beach gift basket ideas for beach birthday parties and baby showers after the 4th of July get really creative. You might be wondering what it is about the holiday that sets the crazy lady who maintains this blog in motion. The answer to that question is the discount sales.

It has always puzzled me to no end that the stores rush to mark down the prices on beach toys, swimsuits and all the fun stuff that is associated with a day spent playing in the water. Not that I’m complaining about being able to fund my beach gift basket ideas for such a cheap price but do these people not pay attention to thermometer? I don’t see the mercury dropping in correlation to their pricing practices but so long as their premature discounting of their swimwear and beach toys works in my favor, I’m cool with it.

The day after Independence Day I put on a pair of comfortable shoes and head out to the mall with my eyes open for markdowns. I’m pretty organized when it comes to sale shopping and I have a basic procedure that I follow which I will share with you.

First of all I scout for beach buckets for to load up with baby beach gifts as well as older kids’ gifts and pretty, woven picnic baskets to use for adults. What I find in this section tells me what direction my beach gift basket ideas should take so far as color scheme is concerned.

Second, depending on the age of the recipient, I look in either the department specializing in home and garden decor or the toy department. The patio and pool section is generally where I find the most inspiration for my beach gift basket ideas for my adult friends and family members. Festive margarita glasses and a pitcher surrounded by colorful napkins in a picnic basket make a lovely presentation. I usually pick up teeny weeny baby beach wear and swimsuits for half price or less, some baby sun protection and a beach hat to add to the bucket full of beach toys that I bought early in the shopping extravaganza with the next beach theme baby shower in mind. I always buy extra buckets and baskets if they are cute and offered at a good price because you just never know when you might have need of one to hold matching beach gift basket ideas and party decorations.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


how to make a baby gift bouquet yellow rubber ducky

A limited baby shower budget is an excellent reason to learn how to make a baby gift bouquet. If you are not an old hand at making your own baby shower decorations you not know exactly what that may be much less how to make one. If this is the case an explanation is in order in addition to some instructions on how to make the various types of this special arrangement that is sometimes referred to as a “baby bunch” by some of the boutiques that sell this clever creation ready made.

A baby bouquet is an arrangement made up of artificial silk flowers in addition to some very special homemade flowers that you make out of items that are traditionally given as baby shower gifts like baby socks, personalized baby onesies, baby hats or other items of baby clothing that are soft enough to work with as per the video that will show you how to make a baby gift bouquet that is taken from a segment of the Martha Stewart Show.

One great thing about this homemade decoration is that it is much more decorative than a gift box sitting on a table. For the same amount of money, you have a lovely floral arrangement and a very creative baby gift. Busy moms can always order one online, but the beauty of learning how to make a baby gift bouquet yourself is that you can handpick your gifts to go with the baby shower's theme, by color or according to the gender if that detail is known.

After you watch the video, return to Unique Baby Gifts Baskets, Decorations and Party Decorating Ideas to pick up more creative baby shower ideas.

Friday, July 03, 2009


patriotic baby shower red white and blue party decorations decor decorating ideas

Anytime is a good time to decorate with red, white and blue party decorations. There is little or no reason to wait until the 4th of July back yard barbeque to enjoy this winning color scheme that is literally chock full of decorating possibilities.

The best reason that I can think of to use party supplies in red, white and blue has nothing to do with patriotism; I simply like the colors. Red and white alone looks a little bit too much like Christmas decorations and blue and white just lacks the personality of the three color combination.


The 4th of July holiday is traditionally a holiday when dad gets to wear the new apron that he got for Father’s Day while cooking hotdogs and burgers for the family on the grill. For this type of get-together, the atmosphere is casual. The red, white and blue party decorations and supplies should be purchased with that in mind. Paper plates, plastic forks and glasses that can be tossed in the trash or recycling bin are attractive and yet make for an easy cleanup process that mom will appreciate. Mylar balloons, patio lights and tiki torches can also be used to add to your party’s decor and don’t forget the fireworks or you may have an out and out rebellion on your hands that even the most stunning red, white and blue party decorations can’t fix.


Red white and blue supplies that are more elegant by design can be used for formal affairs that take place close to Independence Day or for any celebration where patriotic decorations would be in good taste. This would be a wonderful time to decorate the porches, windows and balconies of your venue with bunting and to display our country’s flag which is one of the most beautiful patriotic decorations to be found anywhere. This would be the best time ever to pull out your collection of red cranberry glass, white or navy blue linen napkins and bone china to use as part of your red, white and blue party decorations.


The beauty of red, white and blue party decorations is that they are gender neutral as well as appropriate for all ages. In fact, a great gift for the guest of honor of a patriotic baby shower theme might be a red, white and blue patriotic baby bedding set if the little one is expected near the date of Independence Day or if daddy is serving in a branch of the military.

From birthday parties to wedding receptions, patriotic colors will always be in good taste no matter what month of the year that your celebration is planned.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Who would invite a horse in his pajamas to a party? We would if it gave us a reason to buy cute zebra party supplies and decorations. And isn’t there another line in the theme song from the 50s television show that says something like a horse is a horse of course? I do believe that there is and that just gives me a few more ideas for a kid’s horse or zebra themed party. A talking zebra would be very interesting and should make the children at the birthday party laugh till they drop their cake.


As if black and white zebra party supplies were not cute enough, enter hot pink and black and even purple and black striped zebra party decorations. The little diva in your house will be thrilled to see that her birthday celebration will be celebrated in such trendy colors and don’t be surprised if you receive a request for a set of pink and black girls zebra bedding set and bedroom decorations the day after the party.


Zebra print candy wrappers and finger puppets are especially cool if they are personalized. Save your guests the trouble of printing the details on the items they take home from your party to save next to the invitation in their memory book by having your child’s name, date and even a cute poem printed on the favors or gift bags.


Perhaps one of the more cheap zebra party decorations is also one of the most beneficial to the hostess faced with decorating a large party. The classic round variety of zebra print balloons are the cheapest, but for a few dollars more you can have arrangements of large, helium filled balloons shaped like zebras in wild colors that are so much more fun. You might want to add both types to your list of zebra party supplies as one of the best zebra party decorating ideas that I can share is to use one of the more expensive Mylar zebra balloons as the centerpiece of the arrangement surrounded by cheap latex zebra print balloons for maximum visual impact.


Assuming that the girl or boy who requested a zebra birthday party did so due to the admiration of this magnificent jungle animal perhaps there are some stuffed zebra toys or zebra print items lying around in the bedroom or toy box that could be used to fill some space at the party. This translates into money saved on decorations, my friend. It would be worth your time to go on a scavenger hunt in for items that can be used to complement your zebra party supplies.

I hope that these tips will jumpstart your zebra theme party fun without costing a bundle! Return to Zebra Party Supples, Decorations and Party Decorating Ideas for more tips on planning a celebration that includes your kids' favorite jungle animals.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


mexican fiesta party decorations extra large giant balloons

Don’t buy your fiesta party decor until you take note of our recommended fiesta party decorations and decorating ideas. Chances are that there are some items that you can use to decorate your kid’s birthday party right under your nose which translates into savings for your party budget.

It’s true that very few individuals decorate their entire homes in a south of the border fashion. But no matter what your favorite decorating ideas may be there is a chance that you will have a few items that will add to the atmosphere and fill a blank spot where you would otherwise have to buy something specifically to decorate the location.


Before you start dragging out the contents of your closets, trunks and cabinets you should know what fiesta party decorations actually look like. They are not all about party hats and cactus plants (although those items could provide an excellent foundation for your Fiesta party’s decorating ideas). Classic motifs associated with your birthday party’s or baby shower theme should be used sparingly to give maximum visual impact. Here are a few very ideas for free or at least very cheap Fiesta Party decorations:

  • SOMBREROS: Pull out the sombrero that you wore while dancing in the streets of Tijuana on your last Mexican vacation and use it to decorate the doorway leading into the party. If you have more than one, you can use them to decorate the walls of the room, the reception area or the gift table.

  • MARACAS: Authentic maracas will make a beautiful centerpiece for important areas of the party.

  • PATIO LIGHTS: Inexpensive strings of chili pepper or cactus patio lights will light up the night and give your pool party boatloads of atmosphere.


A colorful Mexican sombrero decorated with a crossed pair of maracas arranged on a woven blanket on each guest table surrounded by coordinating plates and tableware will make a very attractive first impression when your guests arrive.


Start making your homemade fiesta party decorations ahead so the activity will be fun instead of a chore. In fact, you could plan a barbeque where instead of party games, you can make Papel Picado, cheap Mexican cut paper decorations, to use at your upcoming Fiesta party.


Strings of blinking chili pepper beads are fun and festive as well as cheap plastic maracas and sombreros that the kids can take home with them to add to their trunk of dress up clothes.


Bold, bright colors are the rule of thumb. Think red chili peppers, the golden color of corn and the rich green of a bell pepper.

Even if you use just a few of my recommendations for Fiesta Party Decorations and Decorating Ideas your guests will add you to their list of favorite hostesses whose parties they do not want to miss.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I want to share my list of the best fairy gifts for little girls ever! There are some items that make lovely fairy baby shower gifts that are perfect for a baby girl’s pixie and fairy nursery theme plus a few goodies that will tickle a toddler or even an older girl who needs some new accessories to decorate her favorite fairy dress up costume.


Or to be more specific, mini fairy wings. These light as air creations could also be called feather angel wings or even pass as Cupid’s wings around February or Valentine’s Day. But the point that I’m trying to get across is that the recipient will get lots of practical use as well as fun playing fairy dress up with these cute, fluffy wings. Fairy wings for kids are not only wonderful for a day of dress up fun, but if mom is lucky enough to keep them from getting sticky before the next portrait appointment they make excellent baby picture props.


Tooth fairy pillows and boxes are sweet fairy gifts for little girls and boys who are beginning to lose their front teeth. Add a homemade tooth fairy certificate with a personalized poem and your kids will feel so special that I can give you a virtual guaranty that they will favor you with that special gap toothed grin when they open this special gift.


Fairy posters and sketches to decorate a young lady’s bedroom are appropriate fairy gifts for little girls who are in the preteen or tween age group. So long as the decorative fairy pictures and prints are not babyish, of course. Save the baby fairies for girls who are younger.

Even ladies of advanced age appreciate the presence of a few pixies and fairies in their homes. The key is to make an informed selection, keep your ideas for fairy gifts for little girls age appropriate and your fairy gift is sure to be a big hit.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


large big giant stuffed plush minnie mouse toy doll

large big giant stuffed easter bunny rabbit toy doll

large big giant stuffed plush pig piglet toy doll

It would be impossible to beat giant stuffed animals for visual impact when entering the baby shower or kids’ birthday party. And I’m not talking about your average sized primate stuffed toy. I’m talking about a giant stuffed giraffe or monkey of such huge proportions that it took up the entire passenger seat of your car on the way over.

It’s a fact that kids love funny baby animal pictures but they aren’t very cuddly nor are they much fun. Whereas a big, stuffed monkey can ride in your wagon, sit in a toy high chair or sit in a chair wearing a big, floppy hat at a little girl’s tea party. The beauty of giant stuffed animals is that they have sufficient presence and a winning personality that form friendships with the kids that are lucky enough to own and occupy a bedroom with them. A giant, stuffed teddy bear can be so much more than a plaything. It can be a comfort on stormy nights and give courage to a child who wants to prove to mom and dad that he or she is a big girl that is not afraid of a little thunder and lightning.

The only thing that is better than a single, giant stuffed toy as a gift for a baby shower or birthday party might be a mother and baby animal set in the species of your choice. Mom can use the mother and baby wild animals as jungle nursery decorations until her baby is old enough to enjoy all the imaginative entertainment the charming pair has to offer.

If there is anything that’s cuter than a plain, stuffed animal it is a giant stuffed animal that is wearing an outfit. And this is an area where big, stuffed monkeys shine. For a baby girl’s gift, dress your plush toy monkey in a frilly dress. For a baby boy, dress the monkey in a camouflage military uniform. You can find appropriate uniforms for the Army, Navy or the Marines if you have a preference for any particular branch of the armed forces. Another style that might interest you might be a big, stuffed monkey wearing a cowboy suit complete with hat. That’s the fun of these giant stuffed animals that are bigger than life size; they literally take on a life of their own and become a part of the family.

Big, jungle animal toys like giant snakes, monkeys, giraffes, giant stuffed elephants and lizards are a great way to teach your kids about occupants of the tropical rainforest but they are by no means the only choice in big stuffed animals that is available. If your tastes run toward the prehistoric, stuffed dinosaurs might be to your liking. And you don't have to have an ocean or an aquarium for huge, stuffed fish like dolphins, octupus or even a friendly shark. And then there are traditional teddy bears that make excellent Valentines Day gifts for a sweetheart or an Elvis fan that needs another bear to add to their collection.

The truth is that if you want giant stuffed animals of any kind, chances are that it is available or you can find a vendor that will produce a custom made item in whatever color and size that you choose. If it swims, walks or flies they can produce a reasonable facsimile that never has to be taken out for a walk or live in a cage for safety reasons.

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Friday, June 05, 2009


curious george party supplies big large monkey mylar balloons

When looking for Curious George party supplies, don’t skip the most obvious resource for cheap as well as practical decorations, the book store. More often than not your local discount store will have at least one table covered in kids’ books on sale at a discount price. If you look further you may even find some posters in a Curious George theme in the same store that could be sent home with your guests as party favors.

Being the very clever hostess that I know you to be, you will undoubtedly come up with any number of creative and interesting Curious George party ideas where you can make good use of your inexpensive treasures. The best way that you can get lots of mileage out of your purchases would be to use them for more than a single purpose.

Pick up some plate display racks to display your improvised Curious George party supplies on each of the guest table. They will match the rest of your Curious George party supplies and tableware perfectly. Sprinkle some colorful confetti or arrange some small stuffed toys around the base and nobody but you will know how little you paid for your decorations.

When the party is over, present each guest with a Curious George poster and a storybook. They will be tickled to take your Curious George party supplies home with them to decorate their bedrooms and entertain them when it is time to go to bed that night after the party is over.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


jungle birthday party decorations ideas monkeys safari

Moms searching for jungle birthday party and baby shower ideas to entertain young explorers and their parents for an afternoon are going to love the large selection jungle party supplies and decorations that they have to pick from. Not so long ago the best tableware and jungle party decorations that could be found was seen at every kid’s birthday bash of any given season. There just were not that many collections in this theme. And the ones that were available all looked alike with the same tired zoo animals on the plates and tablecloths.

Thankfully, somebody wised up and made the discovery that there should be subtle differences between true jungle birthday party and baby shower supplies, safari parties and jungle or rainforest parties. It is true that some kids probably don’t want to know the reason that there are certain animals that are associated with a safari theme while others are not but adults know that giraffes are not likely to end up on the wall of a trophy room.

Speaking of giraffes, there is an animal that now has its own category of party supplies. Those of you with a kid who could care less about elephants, lions or tigers but who has a real affection for this peaceful beast will be happy to know that there are giraffe birthday party favors and supplies on the shelves right now along with zebra party supplies and décor.

My personal favorite of all the
jungle birthday party decorations and supplies
are the large animal balloons. If you think that round Mylar balloons are the only game in town, you are in for a real treat. Some of the party balloons in animal shapes are so big and cute that if you buy enough to send one home with each child as a favor, you will have no need for any other decorations!

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Friday, May 22, 2009


pink yellow blue baby duck ducky bathtub

rubber ducky baby shower favors duckies bath toys
Toy rubber duckies are a favorite with kids as well as adults and that makes these yellow rubber duck bath toys an excellent gift for a baby shower or birthday party. The beauty of these unique rubber ducky toys is that they light up as soon as they hit the water in the baby’s bathtub.

For the adult who still thinks he is a kid that still has to have bath toys, you might tuck a few of these cute items in different colors (beyond the traditional yellow toy rubber duckies that we grew up playing with) into the gift basket along with a few rubber duck bath gifts and accessories.

To make a lovely presentation for a ducky rubber duck theme baby shower, buy a big yellow rubber duck bath tub for baby and fill it with yellow rubber duck bath towels, toy rubber duckies, baby soaps and shampoo. You might be as specific as to buy a pink rubber ducky for a baby girl or a blue one for a baby boy’s shower.

If you are the hostess of the party, you should pencil in these toy rubber ducky baby shower favors and bath toys at the top of your "to do" list. They are so cheap that you might come up with some ideas for ways to use them as part of your rubber ducky decorations. Group them for table centerpieces and then send them home with the guests to play with in their bathtub to their heart’s desire.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Elephant Gift Ideas

swarovski crystal rare baby toy elephant
I would like to suggest a few elephant gift ideas that are not only a jungle enthusiast’s or nature lover’s dream but items that will entertain the kids. It’s my personal belief that the time to introduce baby elephants to your children should start with some carefully chosen elephant themed baby gifts for the nursery.


Baby elephant gift ideas that will be appreciated by the mother who has dreamt of cute elephant decorated baby rooms for nine months or longer should consider the baby’s gender as well as her chosen color scheme. An excellent gift for a baby girl would be a Vera Bradley pink elephant large duffel or super tote that can double as a diaper bag. A similar gift for a baby boy would be a bag with blue elephant print fabric.


There are those times when even the closest friend or family member hasn’t had the opportunity to actually pay a visit or perhaps the sex of the baby is a secret. For this person a special unisex or gender neutral elephant gift is the best idea that will keep your item out of the re-gifting closet.

For the perfect gift that kids of all ages and genders will love, it would be hard to beat a cuddly, soft stuffed elephant toy. With the gift, the most important consideration would be that no buttons or decorations could present a choking hazard for infants and that it is loveable and cute.

Another item that is not snuggly but will be greatly appreciated later on is a Swarovski crystal elephant. Certainly these breakable items is not a plaything, but imagine a child’s delight when the light bounces off the Swarovski elephant sending beautiful colors dancing across the bedroom.

Please return to Unique Baby Elephant Gift Ideas, Gifts Baskets and Party Decorations for more tips on locating items that the elephant lover in your life will treasure.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Monkey Theme Party Decorations

monkey theme party decorations supplies sock monkey curious george
We have some monkey theme party decorations that will help to make your get together as much fun as well, a barrel of monkeys. From our faithful storybook friend, Curious George, to the classic favorite, the homemade sock monkey the number of complete party supply kits that are at your disposal have increased significantly in recent years.

What can I say; somebody finally got the message that kids just love to hang out with cute monkeys. The fact that monkey theme party decorations work for a baby shower with monkey theme or a monkey birthday party is just icing on the cake so far as the busy hostess searching for fun and entertaining ideas is concerned.

As I mentioned earlier, there are several routes that a party planner can take with a monkey themed party in mind. Baby chimps ala Cheetah are always a big hit, but admittedly not as colorful as imaginary characters taken from the pages of children’s books or right out of their toy boxes.

Sock Monkey theme party decorations take you away from the jungle theme but restrict your color scheme to neutral brown, gray and bright red. If you like your monkey birthday theme supplies to pack a powerful punch in the color department, Curious George birthday party supplies should do the trick.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Twilight Party Supplies, Food ideas and Decorations

Just when the Harry Potter craze begins to fade, the hunt for Twilight party supplies and decorations takes off full speed ahead. I must admit that I’m more familiar with birthday party ideas that for girls and boys in traditional themes like western and princess parties. But if it takes two creatures of the night or a budding young wizard to get kids reading; far be it from me not to jump on board.


Tweens and teenage girls loved the idea of sending personalized Twilight invitations that looked just like a movie ticket! They know that their friends will go crazy when they get invites in the mail with Bella and friends pictures at the top. Kids love to collect tickets to their favorite movies and stick them on message boards in their rooms and I can imagine these being the star of many a fan’s collection.


Moms will be amazed at these easy to use Twilight cupcake decorations. They are colorful, make excellent decorations when arranged on a cupcake stand and they are tasty; yes, these Twilight party supplies are edible! There are also Twilight cake toppers that have similar designs as the smaller toppers for the cupcakes if you want a larger surface for the birthday girl’s candles.


If the birthday party theme is based on a movie, before I shop for plates and cups I start a scavenger hunt for cardboard standups. Hit the movie rental store and check to see if you can pick up some free Twilight stand ups, posters and promotional items to add to your cache of Twilight party supplies.


Send your guests home happy with memorable but inexpensive favors. Inexpensive necklaces decorated with Twilight dog tags are great for the girls. And the boys will be happy to get a poster for their bedroom wall.

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Friday, April 24, 2009


pink cowgirl boots

pink toddler girl fat baby cowgirl boots

You can fill your little cowgirls' gift basket with our recommendations for cowgirl gift ideas
. Even if you start out focused on a sharp pair of pink cowgirl boots, it’s going to pretty darn hard to pick one single item that you would like to see your little barrel racer or rodeo queen open at her birthday party after you see all the cool stuff that country and western girls are wearing these days. There are so many cute styles in grownup as well as baby girls’ western clothing that you just might be tempted to burn the numbers right off that debit card.

If your budget is plush, you might present that special horse loving girl a hat, a western shirt with pearl buttons and lots of embroidery to match her pink cowgirl boots. If you have to pinch pennies like the rest of us and make a decision on which of the cowgirl gift ideas would be the best if you can only manage one item; get the cowgirl boots. Whether you are shopping for a baby cowgirl, a toddler or teen, she will get more use out of a pair of boots than any of the other gifts that we mentioned.


For a baby, cowgirl outfits in pink accompanied by a pair of pink cowgirl boots are always a big hit. For older girls, the range of colors that you have to pick from is somewhat broader than when they were children. Not that a pair of pink cowgirl boots won’t be pleasing to a teenage girl, just that the hat, boots and cowgirl outfit doesn’t have to be pink. In fact, you should get ready for a confusing array of trendy cowgirl outfits in every color under the sun when you enter the country and western clothing store.

For that reason, when tossing kids' cowgirl gift ideas around in your head, you should know that unless you are shopping for a baby cowgirl or any girl that’s older than a toddler you should find out from her mother, best friend, or some female that knows what she is talking about, what her favorite colors might be. It would be a real shame for those suede leather, pink cowgirl boots to go to waste just because the little lady wanted a pair of red cowgirl boots or you bought ropers when she prefers riding heels.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

WINNIE THE POOH BABY STUFF is COOL! Just ask Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz!

winnie the pooh baby nursery bedroom kids wall decals stickers large


For parents who may have the idea that a Winnie the Pooh nursery theme is no longer fashionable, think again. Tigger. Eeyore, Piglet and Pooh have not aged a bit since they first appeared on the storybook scene all those decades ago. But some decorators who are always on the lookout for the next cool trend have (pardon the pun) Pooh Pooh-ed the idea of decorating a room filled with images of life in the 100 Acre Wood.

Well friends, hold the presses and get ready for the real estate value of said forest to skyrocket because celebrity mom Ashlee Simpson and her husband Pete Wentz have breathed new life into the classic Winnie the Pooh baby nursery theme. They were treated to a Winnie the Pooh baby shower awhile back. Now they have released photos of their baby's nursery, albeit before the furnishings were in place, showing painted pictures of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and friends in a cleverly designed 3D wall mural.

At first glance, the mural seems to be a classic Pooh theme wall decoration. And then upon closer inspection you see that the chalkboard on Tigger's easel is real and not just a painting. I can imagine Ashlee and Pete using the chalkboard to leave messages for each other or to make notes to help them plan little Bronx's play dates with other celebrity babies.

I hope that the post pictures of their Winnie the Pooh nursery theme once the room is completely decorated. I feel that the wall mural is just the beginning of a beautiful room for Bronx and that my decorator friends are probably busy working up similar designs as I write and that the number of requests for Pooh nurseries is going to increase tremendously in the near future.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to stock up on Winnie the Pooh gifts right away before they get too expensive for my budget!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


I have to give myself a big superhero size pat on the back for ferreting out some really cool Spiderman gifts to load into a gift basket to deliver to a little boy’s Spiderman birthday party tomorrow. When somebody sends out a particular type of invitation, I consider it a challenge to on occasion dress my kids in accordance if I’m feeling particularly festive and playful I might even put together a costume for myself.

Even if I don’t dress the family up in their spandex Spiderman costumes for the party, I try to be sure and buy items according to theme. And while you may not think that this party would be very difficult to buy for what with all the cheap Spiderman decorations and toys out there, it was for me for the fact that this child requests Spiderman gifts for every birthday party and holiday that rolls around! Last Christmas I gave him a fab Spiderman backpack and that little boy adores it but under those circumstances a girl can run out of Spiderman gift ideas in a hurry.

But, as I mentioned I managed to find a few new items that I found like an official Spiderman fishing rod and reel and tackle box that lights up and is decorated with spider webs and some Spiderman theme wall decorations for the boy’s bedroom that match his comforter and the rest of his room decorations. All that’s left is to arrange my Spiderman gifts in a basket that I spray painted red and see which girl gets to wear the costume.

All three of our kids will be attending the Spiderman birthday party and even toddler costumes are not cheap unless you can find one on clearance sale after Halloween. So, I’m wondering if I should just forget it and not even draw attention to the fact that we do happen to have one (and only one) toddler size Spiderman costume to avoid the inevitable argument so that we can enjoy the birthday celebration in peace.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


whale baby tub fisher price whale of a tub


You can fill an ocean with all of the the cute baby whale gifts ideas that we have to share with you! Whether you prefer your whales to be colored in shades of blue, purple, green or pink; there are tons

whale theme hooded baby bath towel robe
of cute items that you can make yourself as well as individual products and complete gift sets for shoppers with very little time to devote to putting together a collection of items to match the new mother’s choice of whale crib sets and nursery decorations.

Our baby whale gifts ideas are to assist friends of the mother to be who would rather their gift be personalized rather than to present a pre-packaged set of infant clothing or bath items. Even if you don’t make your own whale theme baby shower gifts; buying each item separately takes thought and your friend will recognize and appreciate that you took the time to consider each and every item in your baby shower gift basket.

Here are some baby whale gifts ideas that you may want to consider.

Pick up an aqua and yellow Fisher Price Whale of a Tub or a cute, whale baby tub in some other brand that you can fill with any number of whale themed gifts and clothing for an infant. The whale shaped tub will make a huge splash! Fill the tub with baby shampoo, mild soap, a personalized hooded bath towel and some fish bath toys. The total cost of your whale theme gift will be less than even the most inexpensive, boutique baby whale theme gift set and there is the added benefit of knowing that you made it yourself.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Knick Knacks, Crafts and Gifts

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Knick Knacks Crafts Gifts


After spending an afternoon reading books to my daughters, I had the idea that One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Knick Knacks by Dr. Seuss would make great gifts. The storybook's characters and fish in the pictures pictures would be easy to paint in primary colors. So, crafts would be a piece of cake that even a beginner could master! Can you imagine how cool an entire One Fish Two Fish themed gift basket might be?

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by dr seuss crafts

You might paint some wall plaques in a One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss design for a kid's bedroom wall or buy some wooden drawer pulls, paint them white using a few coats of paint and decorate them with a few of your favorite characters or at the very least, the ones that are easy to draw. If your One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish crafts project is for a shower, pick up some fabric paint and use your painting skills on the front of a pair of overalls or a onesie.

To put a finishing touch on your collection of gifts, tuck a few One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Knick Knacks, stickers and a copy of the Dr. Seuss book inside just in case the recipient needs a little background on the theme of your basket.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009


easter party decorations centerpiece ideas

From bunnies to buttercups and daffodils, Easter party decorations are some of my favorites. Dyed eggs, plastic grass and a pretty basket with a bow are never as pretty as in early spring when the colors are so fresh and vivid.

Another thing I love about an Easter baby shower or kids’ birthday party is the fact that decorations are a trip to the holiday aisle at the discount store away. Here are some Easter party decorating ideas that I have used in the past that did the trick for a very cheap price.


One way to stretch your party’s budget is to have centerpieces that can be presented to guests as party favors at the end of the festivities. For an adult’s birthday, pretty clay pots of tulips are lovely (not to mention inexpensive). I’ve seen tulip centerpieces for weddings and receptions that were very elegant as well as informal parties. For a child’s birthday party individual baskets with a chocolate bunny, marshmallow chicks and some chocolate eggs will work and for a shower; what could be better than a cute baby bunny figurine?


Your Easter party plates might be shaped like Easter eggs, bunny rabbits or solid color items that present no danger of clashing with your other Easter party decorations. Colorful matching cutlery and confetti or small foil wrapped chocolate eggs scattered on top of a pretty tablecloth will put the finishing touches on the party’s décor and make for a quick and easy cleanup when the party’s over.


Before you buy new Easter party decorations, sort through your stash of Easter basket filler and home decorations that you have packed up in storage bins. Those little yellow chicks and white bunny rabbits might be just the right size to fill a spot on the guest table. Another area you should not overlook is your kid’s collection of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit figurines to use as Easter decorations. However, if you are searching for ideas on how to decorate an Easter party for kids, you should focus on non-breakable Easter decorations and probably not risk the chance of your collectibles being damaged.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sock monkey kit doll kit

I have some excellent suggestions for sock monkey baby gifts in price categories ranging from over $100 to under $10. Your eyes are not deceiving you, there are some cute, little sock monkey gifts that your friends will enjoy as nursery decorations or toys for that will delight age groups from infants to toddlers and beyond.

We have some recommendations for more expensive items but don’t despair because I plan to work our way down to the stuff that is downright cheap, but might take a little of your time to put them together. And as always, I always recommend the combination of several inexpensive sock monkey gifts in a baby gift basket rather than a single item wrapped in a package. A basket is so much more festive and original because you put some thought into it and personalized it.

Here’s my list of sock monkey gift ideas!

- Now there’s an oxymoron for you; sock monkeys made to look like socks rather than socks made to look like monkeys. One of the least expensive sock monkey baby gifts is slippers or baby crib socks. They are cute as well as practical and a newborn looks so precious lounging in the crib or cradle wearing little shoes that match his or her sock monkey theme baby bedding set.

- Okay, I know that this may not be the most creative or unique sock monkey gift idea, but in this case the obvious should not be over looked.

- A complete kit that includes all the stuff that mom needs to make her own doll for her kids. Or if you are a better crafter perhaps it would be better for you to pick up a sock monkey
kit and make it for her?

- Buy some plain wooden knobs, craft paint, draw a sock monkey pattern to make the drawings consistent and start painting. Sock monkey drawer pulls will pull the most boring of dressers in line with the rest of the kids’ sock monkey decorations for a very cheap price.

– Pick up some fat quarters of sock monkey quilting fabric and make a patchwork quilt. If you are in a pinch for time, a four patch pattern that is tied rather than hand quilted will be just as appreciated as one of heirloom quality especially if it is used as the liner in your sock monkey baby gift basket.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Curious George Plush Toys stuffed dolls

It’s easy to make your own Curious George gift set! Pick up a Curious George plush toy and go from there. No matter what the age of the recipient may be this should be the centerpiece of your basket. Even if the birthday boy or girl is a grownup, if they are into to this funny monkey they will appreciate another stuffed animal to add to their collection.

The thing that has attracted me time and time again to this stuffed doll over the years is his engaging personality, or should I say his many different personalities. Vintage Curious George toys depict little more than a cute, brown monkey wearing a red shirt and a cap with his name on the front.

Recently, he has started to wear more hats so to speak. Meaning that our little friend has started to enjoy playing dress up in various costumes and is involved in more activities than your average chimp resulting in interesting Curious George plush toy themes!

For instance, we might find a Curious George policeman, fireman or even an astronaut doll. Of course there are still plenty of traditional Curious George plush toys from Gund and other toymakers on the market for kids who still appreciate him in his original form. But I can see where his role playing in various professions and personas will give me more opportunities to include him as the star in my gift baskets for a police as well as a fireman theme baby shower or birthday party.

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Monday, February 23, 2009


Peter Rabbit Baby Record Book
Start a baby’s Peter Rabbit book collection with a Peter Rabbit baby record book as a baby shower gift. A pretty record book makes a great baby gift that is both thoughtful and helpful. Baby books provide a convenient place where mom can document all the milestones in an infant’s life in an attractive and organized manner that will surely be a treasured keepsake once the little one grows up to have children of his or her own.

Even the least inclined record keepers among us will enjoy taking a break from their busy schedule to enjoy the watercolor graphics and preserve their family’s memories in a Beatrix Potter or Peter Rabbit baby record book. For many the activity will be a trip down memory lane back to the days of their own childhood as the pages often follow the storyline of the series. Along with the illustrations in the book, there are designated areas to list the date that each of baby’s achievements took place. What a joy it will be later on to pick up the Peter Rabbit baby book and know the circumstances that produced baby’s first smile and the exact date that baby’s first steps were taken.

Many baby record books now include special envelopes or receptacles where a curl can be kept from baby’s first haircut or that first tooth that the tooth fairy was kind enough to leave behind for mommy and daddy to save as a keepsake. Families involved in genealogy might choose a Peter Rabbit baby record book that has a section for the family tree as well as a page for baby footprints and handprints pictures as well as a copy of the birth certificate.

When I choose items to include in a gift basket, I like to include things that have a long lifespan. And without a doubt a baby record book as a baby shower gift fills that qualification as well as Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit figurines. The reason I might choose a baby record book over collectibles is because it may encourage young mothers to spend a moment to record special moments before they are lost to time. And that is a truly precious gift.

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