Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Best Christmas Gift Idea Ever for Your Kids

The goal of this blog is to share items that you might miss while shopping for kids’ gifts or decorations for a party that you are in charge of hosting. However, I realized that I had not suggested the very best Christmas idea for your kids; the gift of Faith.

Our job as parents is not just to make sure that our children enjoy their early years. We should give them the essential tools to prepare them for life beyond their childhoods. It’s my opinion that to send them on that journey without faith in a higher power is similar to sending a boat adrift on an ocean with no steering mechanism.

There is no guarantee that we will always be there to guide them. To give them the Gift of Faith is to insure that no matter what happens that they will have a compass to show them the way in our absence. I hope that you will take steps to make certain that your children are not without this the most precious of gifts that will serve them well all the days of their life.

Merry Christmas and may God bless you and your family.

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nascar infant carrier baby seat cover

You can never have too much NASCAR baby stuff on hand to give to your friends who are avid racing fans. When I saw this cute, Jeff Gordan print baby carrier seat cover I knew I had to post it to help those of you that are looking for something for a baby shower gift.

Pick out your own fabric with your favorite driver's name and number and have a custom made car seat cover, a baby walker seat cover or shopping cart seat cover made to your specifications. Fill a NASCAR baby gift basket with goodies like a fleece receiving blanket, some NASCAR baby clothes and booties that match the NASCAR racing bedding set in the baby's crib to outfit an infant in true racecar style.

A shower gift basket filled with NASCAR baby stuff is a super gift idea for the shower where dads will be attending. Nothing makes a daddy smile like the idea of his baby boy going with him to the racetrack.

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