Monday, December 15, 2008


Wedgwood Peter Rabbit collectibles make lovely gifts for fans of the fabulous bunny rabbit no matter what their age happens to be. Both young and old will delight in surrounding themselves with the whimsical products of Miss Beatrix Potter’s imagination.

It is so inviting to decorate our baby girls’ nurseries with Beatrix Potter nursery crib bedding sets and for baby boys, Peter Rabbit baby bedding is a dream come true. It’s natural to want to share our favorite characters from the storybooks read to us by our parents when we were children with our own impressionable little ones.

The colorful pictures and scenery taken directly from the pages of the book that are painted on the
Wedgwood Peter Rabbit
porcelain dishes and decorative are so artfully rendered and beautiful that you will keep them on display on shelves and table tops in your home long after your kids are grown. That is the beautiful of classic collectibles; even the pieces that are designed in children’s themes are transferable to other rooms until there is another baby on the way and another nursery to decorate.

It seems a shame to display your Wedgwood Peter Rabbit dishes, banks and plates high on the walls where a child’s hands can’t touch them. But it would be so much more upsetting if Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck and friends were to take a nasty fall off the shelf. It’s a better idea to have plenty of plush Peter Rabbit toys for baby to play with and keep the breakable items where they can be seen and not touched.

If you are searching for a keepsake for a friend’s baby with a set of Peter Rabbit bedding in the crib, Peter Rabbit Wedgwood is the best baby gift idea I can think of that is guaranteed to thrill both mother and child for many years to come.

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Unique gift ideas for new dads are increasing in demand every year that goes by. Modern parenting trends indicate that mom and dad equally share the daily childcare responsibilities that newborns require. Therefore, it seems only fair to include fathers in the fun of showers to celebrate the baby’s birth.

Previously the domain of ladies, showers now are planned to include and entertain the men as well as women. There may be a separate celebration for girls only where the traditions enjoyed in the past might still be observed as well as a co-ed shower that will require unique gift ideas for new dads as well as cute stuff for the expectant mother.

Gifts for this party are basically "his and hers" newborn products. Even if the baby is a girl, the gear that mom will want has a completely different style and design than those items that the father will be comfortable wearing or using.

Baby shower gift ideas for new moms will be addressed in another article. This information is meant to address the issues of nailing down some unique gift ideas for new dads.

  • T shirts for new dads – If you have time go to one of the online shops and have it personalized according to the father’s hobby if he has one or have a FUNNY saying printed on the front. Something wild and crazy is preferable to something touching. As much as females love sentimental words, guys don’t seem to share our appreciation. The last thing that a man wants is to be made to feel like a sissy and to do this will not bode well for babysitting services in the future. So, find t-shirts for new dads that will a man won’t be embarrassed to wear around his buddies.

  • Shop for gifts to help him be prepared for the changes that babies bring into the lives of their parents. A practical handbook for new dads filled with tips for new dads that share advice on safety issues as well as information on what modern moms may be expecting out of her baby’s father.

  • A complete NEW DAD KIT would make a unique, practical baby gift basket idea for new dads. Load up one of the many masculine diaper bags for dads with everything he will need to take baby out on the town for a few hours. Whenever possible, skip the diaper bags in pastel pink and blue in favor of trendy brown or even camouflage print baby bottles and pacifiers.

Finding unique gift ideas for new dads is not as challenging as it was a decade or so ago. But finding appropriate gifts for anyone, male or female, takes both time and careful consideration. In order to present a gift that is appreciated as well as useful at an affordable price can be especially tricky, but nothing that can’t be managed so long as you follow the recommendations offered to you in the pages of Unique Gifts Ideas for New Dads, Babies and Party Decorating Tips.