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crochet crocheted baby booties


Knitted and
crochet baby booties
are a classic baby gift. You could fill a basket with matching hats, booties and mittens in complimentary colors and designs for everyday or do something special for the holidays in an Easter or Christmas theme. What mother in her right mind could remove the bow from a package and open it to find a pair of these tiny crib shoes and not be delighted?

For the price of a ball of yarn and some time spent learning to crochet you can build yourself an inventory of baby booties. There is something so calming about the smooth and easy rhythm of the crochet hook working with the thread and the finished product is fabulous.

All you have to do is search online for a free pattern in a style that you like, buy a few skeins of yarn or balls of thread and a crochet hook and you are ready to start to crochet baby booties for all the new babies in your life. Here's a good place to start your search for free crochet baby booties patterns.

Crocheted baby booties in pink for baby girls, blue for baby boys or gender neutral colors are always popular. For special friends, you may want to whip up personalized baby booties that are designed to look like Ugg boots, cowboy boots or fancy mary janes for a baby girl. Cowboy baby booties and cowgirl baby booties make excellent personalized baby gifts. Another idea for custom, crochet baby booties is to make them using yarn in mom or dad’s favorite sports team colors. A crocheted baby hat and booties set that reflects the baby’s nursery theme or a family hobby will be especially appreciated and admired by all that attend the shower.

This brings me to another topic in regard to handmade baby booties. You should not be surprised when the other mothers want to contract your services. Once you perfect your craft and you have enough cute booties on hand to cover your own needs for baby shower gifts. Why don’t you develop your own line of products and start a cottage industry that supplies other mothers and family members with unique crochet baby booties that you offer for sale at affordable prices? If the orders start to come quicker than you can knit or crochet, consider hiring some other stay at home mothers to help with the overflow of work.

Knitted and crochet baby booties never go out of style. A well made pair will not only be admired at the shower and be worn by one infant, but more than likely make its way into the baby’s keepsake box for future generations.

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Best Children’s Christmas Books – Baby Books for Christmas 2008

It’s never too soon to start reading to your baby.
Children’s Christmas books
are lovely to look at as well as entertaining. The stories are often clever combinations of inspiration with a dose of humor with artwork that will leave little ones breathless. Each year there are new possibilities for building your little one’s personal library.

Choosing a book for infants is easy. They are soothed by the sound of your voice and being held in your arms. The words and pictures will not have nearly as much effect as the shared moments rocking and reading until sugarplums are dancing in your little one’s head. So long as the story is one that you enjoy reading aloud, the book itself is not that important at this young age.

Later on, the more challenging it will be to keep your child interested in the story. Interaction may be the key. The best Children’s Christmas books for this age will be board books that have windows that baby can open without risk of tearing the pages. Bright pictures and textures that you can invite your baby to touch will go a long way towards keeping baby still enough to get to the end of the book.

Here are some baby books that will make perfect stocking stuffers that you will enjoy as much as your little one.

  • Merry Christmas, Peter Rabbit! (Potter) by Beatrix Potter
  • Fisher-Price: Baby's First Christmas: Learning About Colors (Fisher-Price)
  • Silent Night: A Light and Sound Book by Smart Kids Publishing, David Mead, and Chris Sharp
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem: A Pageant of Lights by David Mead
  • Merry Christmas, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt
  • Christmas Mice (The Little Golden Treasures Series) by Richard Scarry
  • Dora's Christmas Adventure (Dora the Explorer)
  • Jingle Bells (My First Taggies Book) by Kaori Watanabe
  • Christmas Is Coming! by Claire Masurel and Marie Henry
  • Shaped Board Book (Santa's Workshop) by Jill Ackerman
  • Christmas Peekaboo by DK Publishing

  • Christmas Tree by DK Publishing

  • The Tales of Three Trees Angela Elwell Hunt
  • The Story of Christmas by Patricia A. Pingry and Lorraine Schreiner Wells
  • Mouse's First Christmas by Lauren Thompson and Buket Erdogan

Those are just a few of the excellent children’s Christmas books that will get you and your little one in the holiday spirit in spades and make baby’s first Christmas gifts festive as well as educational.

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