Sunday, November 30, 2008


christmas stockings personalized monograms monogrammed

christmas stockings personalized monograms monogrammed

Baby’s first Christmas stocking is a big deal to many parents. Even though baby could care less if there is a custom stocking filled to the brim with cool stocking stuffers, moms put a lot of thought and care into the selection of their kids’ Christmas stockings.

There are matters of color, theme and design to consider and decisions to be made over style and fabric content. Should it be classic red and green or something funky and modern that will give an indication of what was considered stylish in holiday decorations in the first year baby was around so that everybody can laugh about how funny it looked down the road? Or, should we pick a style that reflects our religious beliefs and traditions that our family observes? Who knew that making sure that our gift of baby’s first Christmas stocking could be so darn complicated?


There are those who are very selective about such issues that prefer that each newborn welcomed into the family receive truly unique Christmas stockings. Store bought simply will not work for such a momentous occasion. If you are a first-time mother who wants to be certain that all items are heirloom quality, a handmade Christmas stocking is the way to go. You have complete control over decorations (no choking hazards, please), embroidery and color scheme. But, how do go about making baby’s first Christmas stocking?

There are several kinds of homemade Christmas stockings that are very popular, baby safe and that should hold up well over time. So long as proper cleaning methods are practiced and your fireplace screen does its job and keeps sparks from setting it on fire, most should last a lifetime if not longer.


Pick up a pattern and start knitting. This is something nice to fill the time when you are still pregnant and big as a barrel. If you don’t know a knitting needle from a gnat, start canvassing your friends for grandmother’s who knit and purl their way to happiness and offer to compensate them generously. If they can work baby’s name across the cuff, reward them even more.


Slightly more decorative than knit and easy as pie! Pick up a kit that comes complete with canvas, wool yarn and all the decorations and felt backing and you are in business. When you are finished, take it to have the name monogrammed. This is a great craft project for a beginner, but don’t wait until December to get started. It does take a little bit of time.


If bold graphics and 3D designs are your taste and you don’t have time to knit or needlepoint, felt stocking kits will whip up your baby’s first Christmas stocking in a flash. They come in all sizes with cute designs that will charm Santa Claus right out of his boots. Don’t forget to put the date on the back of the stocking.

No matter how fashionable and cool you believe your baby’s first Christmas stocking to be, chances are that in the future you will want to mix it up a bit and update. Don’t feel guilty when you don’t want to use it when your child is older. Save the first one in your baby’s keepsake box and enjoy the new one.

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