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baby first christmas gifts ideas


Baby's first Christmas gifts are much more important to the new mom and dad. You and I know that newborns could not care less and won't for a very long time! This makes it even more crucial to buy items that look spectacular in the pictures that you treasure in your family picture album. Another thing to consider is that it is preferable to buy items that will last until your baby boy or girl are old enough to want to see what they got from Santa Claus on their very first Christmas morning.

Here’s a secret tip that I will share with you in regards to baby Christmas gifts. There are a few presents that may seem that they are for mom and dad, but they are for the baby, too.

Certainly you may want to tuck a few baby christmas outfits in a baby boy’s Christmas gifts, a baby faux fur coat or boots or one of the beautiful Christmas theme velvet baby dresses that you found in a baby girl’s gift basket, but without a doubt the real gift that counts for baby’s first Christmas will be the pictures and movies.


Here are some practical baby Christmas gifts ideas that will have the whole family shouting “Merry Christmas” and giving you kisses under the mistletoe.
  • A digital camera
  • A video camera with extra film cartridges to capture those precious memories on film
  • Gift certificates for having those digital photographs transferred to mugs and pictures that you can frame and give to the grandparents
  • Collectible baby’s first Christmas ornaments
  • A certificate for a family portrait with a local artist or photographer
  • Large Family Photo Albums
  • Baby Picture frames filled with pictures of your memories
  • A baby keepsake box where items can be safely stored for the future

The goal of our series of baby first Christmas gift ideas is to give family members some suggestions on appropriate items that both parents and their kids will enjoy. Infants don’t have a clue as to what the holidays are about and won’t for many years. The key is to preserve those memories until they are curious about their early years. Think how much fun they will have sharing those memories with your grandkids or even your great-grandchildren. Keepsakes, collectibles and heirloom quality clothing will make little if any impression on babies. But preserving them with dates, labels and pertinent information will be ever so important for the generations that follow.

If you have some
baby first Christmas gifts ideas
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vera bradley large duffle pink elephant

vera bradley pink elephants mini jewelry box


What a gift idea for that pregnant pal on your list; Vera Bradley pink elephants products! If you thought the Bermuda pink or petal pink fabrics were hot, hang onto your hat, my friend. Put aside the stigma and forget the old adage about our friends who have a habit of imbibing too many cocktails and the critters that nobody else sees but them. This is one pink elephant that EVERYBODY will want to see. Believe me when I tell you that nobody will ignore the fact that this herd is in the house.

I’m not for sure if the reason behind the popularity of this particular item lies in the successful political campaign or that Vera Bradley pink elephants baby diaper bags are just so darn cute! Whatever the reason, I’m inclined to think that this is a spectacular opportunity to add to our collection of cute baby elephants and to accessorize a set of elephant baby crib bedding.

Here’s an idea that will create a spectacular presentation for that special occasion when nothing less than Vera Bradley pink elephants will do.

Pick up a Vera Bradley diaper bag in signature,quilted pink elephant fabric and substitute it for a gift basket. You can load it to the point that the interior view is completely blocked with coordinating goodies. Here is a clever idea for gifts to include inside the baby bag.

The Vera Bradley pink diaper bag is lovely and your friend will feel so stylish carrying it. But it’s always nice to include something just for mom like a small zip and clip wallet, eyeglass case or cosmetics bag. Another idea would be to find out where to purchase some
Vera Bradley
pink elephant fabric in your area and make a homemade nursing pillow or bib and burp cloth set to match the diaper bag. Never forget that homemade gifts are cheap and so appreciated!

This may be a good gift idea to suggest to the new daddy as well. Dads sometimes need a little push in the right direction when it comes to finding an appropriate gift for the lady who just gave birth to their baby boy or girl. A Vera Bradley pink elephants diaper bag filled with pretty stuff will definitely show his appreciation. Help him along by making the recommendation that he buy a pair of earrings, a pendant or a pin to put inside a mini jewelry box to tuck inside a purse for a keepsake to commemorate the day that their baby arrived.

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