Thursday, October 23, 2008


Our favorite fashion diva doll is nothing if not adaptable as the popular online Barbie dress up games attest. I won’t say that paper dolls are a thing of the past as my girls still like to take the scissors and clip out cute outfits from mail order catalogues and stick them on cardboard cut outs to dress them up in their ideas of what’s stylish or fashionable for the season.

The computer has just added a new layer to Barbie girls dress up games and while I consider most websites to have rather limited capabilities, I’m certain that the popularity will encourage webmasters to employ the experts in cutting edge technology to start pushing those pixels to improve the appearance and performance of the Barbie dress up games that are currently online.

I always recommend that parents take a look at websites that are marketed towards children before turning their kids loose and leading them surf the sites alone. Here are some of the top rated sites that offer Barbie dress up games. I hope that once you visit them a time or two that you will come back and post a review.

Criteria for a helpful review of all kids dress up games should include information on the following items:

  • Whether or not the dress up game is age appropriate
  • Ease of use
  • Size and style of wardrobe and accessories

For instance, it’s rather irritating to search online for hours trying out page after page of dress up games only to find one after the other that MIGHT entertain your girls for less than 15 minutes before they are saying that they are bored and want you to come back, search for and approve another game. The ideal website will offer lots of different dress up costumes for various special occasions as well as everyday wardrobes with shoes, accessories and hairstyle options so that I feel my time searching for something fun to keep my daughter busy is well spent.

So far, here are the best dress up games for Barbie that I have tested online. If you find a site that’s not on my list, please list it using the comment form and I will add it as soon as possible.


So many girl's dress up games and too little time keep me from expanding our reviews and listings very quickly. Please send us your reviews and addresses of your favorite kids dress up sites to help us out.

Please encourage your little divas to pull out the trunk, the dress up clothes and invent their own party ideas! We don't want to send the message that the only cool, fun dress up games are online.