Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The calender sends the message that it's time for fall card making ideas even though the temperature gauge says its eighty plus degrees outside my door. I do see a few autumn leaves that are floating downward to light on the grass that's not growing nearly as fast as a month or so ago but beyond that it still feels like summer.

MANY THANKS TO CORNERSTONELAE on FLICKR for sharing this fantastic card. PLEASE show your support by visiting her ETSY STORE!

Fall baby showers and birthday parties send me scrambling for homemade card making ideas. I don't have the luxury of waiting for a refreshing fall nip in the air to inspire me. Cute card making ideas for baby shower invitations for this transitional time of year can be tricky.

We haven't had our first frost of the season and harvest hasn't begun yet, so we should hold off on pumpkins until later. The show of leaf color in our neck of the woods won't happen for another month, so I was tickled pink to find a crafter with handmade card making ideas for a scarecrow theme.

Scarecrows have gotten a raw deal in horror films and graphics in books like the Legend of Sleepy Hollow where the pictures of the headless horseman seemed to always include a background of an abandoned field with a scary scarecrow staked out beneath a full moon. Perhaps it's time that we rescued the reputations of our trusty guardians of the vegetable garden by showcasing them in a more positive frame of reference such as in this exceptional homemade greeting card. Let's send the message that true personality of scarecrows falls somewhere between the brainless scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz and the spooky one that had a habit of hanging out with Ichabod Crane.

Kids adore pop up cards whether their arrival in the mailbox is to announce a friend's birthday party or to give a loving grandparent a creative way to say "I Love You"!

Here's an example of wording (I don't think it would qualify as a poem) for a scarecrow birthday or shower invitation:

You see Mr. Scarecrow has POPPED in to say
Fall is the best time for a special birthday!
(Child's name) is turning (AGE) on (date)
Let's all get together and have a party!
Time: (list time of party)
Place: (list location of party)