Thursday, September 18, 2008


All the funny baby sayings that cleverly use the name "Obama" on political baby clothes could possibly turn a dyed in the wool Republican into a Democrat. There are so many hilarious rhymes from MY MAMA LOVES OBAMA (wonder how that makes the baby's daddy feel?) to cute pictures of baby lambs with the caption "O BAAAA MAAAAA" beneath the sheep's feet are excellent, eye catching, chuckle starters no matter where your political beliefs happen to lie.

The cool thing is that the t-shirts, maternity tops, political onesies with funny sayingsand outfits for kids are colorful as well as plentiful which means that between now and election there will be lots of selections to pick from with pictures of Barack Obama himself on the front or the wording in classic red, white and blue print leading us to believe that the wearer is a firm believer in the candidate featured on their clothing. So much of a believer that he or she is willing to be a free, walking billboard advertisement in their support.

It would be difficult to say right now if Obama or McCain will win the race to the White House, but I would advise that the McCain camp go to work and come up with some poems or words worthy of printing on funny baby sayings on onesies on them or at the very least a baby bib with something catchy and cute on it.