Tuesday, September 16, 2008


If you are looking for ideas for your kid’s party, buy each kid a KALEIDOSCOPE KIT and challenge your child's guests to make their own before the end of the party. The kits can be very inexpensive at a cost anywhere from five to less than $10. The price may be slightly more expensive if you get a kit with quality parts including mirrors, brass rings or fittings and an instruction book that includes the history, simple instructions and interesting information pertaining to the gadgets.

Don’t let the initial price turn you against the idea. Consider that the kaleidoscope kits will take the place of loud and messy party games (let’s face it; the children have played most of the classic party games until they just are not that much fun anymore) and they can take the finished toys home with them as party favors. This may not seem exciting to our age group, but did you know at my niece’s party some of the children actually asked me, “What is a kaleidoscope?” when I told them that they would be building one.

The opportunity to make your own homemade kaleidoscope can help you as a parent to show the children the basics of how kaleidoscopes work and you get a cheap party favor that will send your guests home with a gift that will entertain, educate and enchant during the party as well as afterward.