Thursday, September 04, 2008


Picky Picky

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If there's one thing I've learned from having children is that you have to have a sense of humor. I adore funny pictures of little kids playing dress up or with hilarious expressions. Then there are the images that are a reminder that you can count on those little angels in the pictures to do things in public (much less caught on film!) that you never thought they would do in a million years.

A friend of mine came to my house to show me pictures of her two year old on stage at a baby beauty pageant. I have to admit my favorite picture was the one where she turned her back on the camera and found something on the floor of interest. When she bent down to inspect said item of interest, those pretty, ruffled underpants were all that the judges and the audience saw of her! I have to think that the "cute factor" displayed in this kids pictures had to be what won the title of baby beauty queen for her.

Posed portaits and formal pictures of kids with their Sunday best suits and heirloom dresses have their place in living rooms, dining rooms and even over the fireplace in the den. But kids pictures that are more candid in nature do a lot to lighten the mood and keep us from taking ourselves and our children too seriously.

I'm not sure where you could use a gallery of funny kids pictures like the vintage style black and white pic on this page, but there are some really cute pictures of kids playing that made me laugh and put me in a better frame of mind for the rest of the day. So, enjoy the funny pictures of little kids taken by others and share yours whenever you can.