Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Sun hats are just part of a protective mom's arsenal against the possibility of her baby getting a nasty blister when out for a stroll or just playing in the yard. While the ozone layer is getting thinner and the UVA and UVB rays are getting more dangerous, sun protection hats and sun protection gear products for babies are getting more cute, trendy and stylish than ever before.

Babies will love taking a swim with friendly lions, tigers, hippos, gators, and giraffes especially when there's no nasty blister to deal with once playtime is done. Baby boys and girls can play at the beach in comfort and safety from the burning rays of the sun when wearing protective clothing or swimsuits with fabric that is UPF 50+ which is the highest baby sun protection around today. And their swimming pool companions will love the fact that most come with built-in swim diapers that help to keep messy leaks out of the pool. The baby swimsuit fabric is rated UPF 50+ the highest sun protection available.

A baby shower in early spring or summer would be a wonderful time to load up on inexpensive gift basket ideas geared toward protecting baby from the sun. Go buy your basket and get ready to arrange our creative baby shower gifts inside! Here are some unique gift ideas that will help to provide sun protection for babies and will fill your gift baskets full of baby gear for the sun for a very cheap price.

Here are some baby sun protection baby shower gift basket ideas:

  • Crazy color and wild, funky print baby sun protection hats
  • Baby Banz Uv Sunglasses with a comfortable elastic strap
  • California Baby Sunscreen
  • Sun Protective Swimsuits for baby boys and girls

Boy/Girl Baby/Kid Hat & Sunglasses Combo

California Baby SPF 30+ Citronella Bug Blend Sunscreen