Saturday, April 05, 2008


Baby Bootie Charms - 14k Diamond Girl's Baby Bootie Charm

Anything that involves 14k gold and diamonds qualifies to be listed in the category of "Perfect Gifts for Moms". New mom gifts are especially important if they are from the baby's dad. There's something about dads showing up with a classy looking gift that makes mom feel a little better after the eighteen hours of hard labor that was necessary to bring his sweet baby boy or girl into the world.

If ladies don't have a charm bracelet already, once they become moms they will want one for sure! I have seen so many new moms comparing their beautiful bracelets and the gold charms. Each of the precious keepsakes were added at important milestones of their children's lives. Moms love engravable gold charms that are set with birthstones for each of their babies. The smooth disks are perfect places to engrave their baby's name and date of birth. These are evenly spaced along the links of the charm bracelet along with gold baby booties and other tiny gold charms.

I still remember the way my mom's charm bracelet would jingle when she picked up the hymnal every Sunday at church. I would sit in her lap and study each gold charm until I knew exactly which ones were my most favorite. I want my babies to have memories like that, too. Don't you?