Friday, February 08, 2008


Primigi Kids - Rossana (Toddler) (White/Red) - Kids' Shoes

Primigi Kids - Rossana (Toddler) (Pink) - Kids' Shoes

Pretty little girls have noticed the trendy look that peep toe pumps add to their mommy's special outfits. It's nothing to see perfectly manicured and painted toenails on toddlers so, why not buy a sweet pair of shoes that will match their bright red polish for Valentine's Day? If red hearts and polka dots aren't your taste, there are flats to pick from in pick and yellow as well as sparkling white!

A lovely pair of red dress shoes is the perfect gift idea for your child's Valentine Day present. She'll get lots of wear before it's time for the bunny to bring a new pair for her Easter basket!

If patent leather is too formal, there are precious casual sandals with red cherries as well as white shoes with tiny hearts. If your little one isn't walking outdoors, a pair of infant size red Robeez or soft felt crib shoes with a heart applique on the toe would be cute!


What's ruffled, precious and covered in sweet tropical hibiscus flowers? Well, your little girl will be if you want her to be as stylish and trendy at the beach this summer! Lilly Pulitzer is the prize winning author of the book in charge of the "what's fashionable in kids' swimsuits" book! Every fabric she touches turns to pure Hawaiian (or is it Florida?) gold. From bikinis to bike shorts, her creations are masterpieces in pink flamingo, starfish and other patterns that have to do with days at the sea.

I love clothing with sea horses and ocean critter motifs as much as the next swimmer, but what I truly adore about Lilly's clothing lines are very much in evidence in these tiny toddler swimsuits for girls; the colors! The shades of pink and lime green that she uses on the bathing suits are just as cool for babies as they are for teens or adults for that matter. The Baby Lilly line is just the best, so check out the mom and baby matching dresses as well as the Lilly swimsuits.

How about this precious little blue whale skirt with sunny yellow and white accents? Or a sweet, hot pink shift dress that looks just like mommy's? Nobody does cotton spring and summer clothing for girls like Lilly!


tinkerbell camouflage purse tote bag

Tinkerbell purses make lovely baby gifts for a mom to use as a diaper bag and are a cool gift idea for any girl who loves fairies. Peter Pan's Tinkerbell fairy is one of the more recognizable and popular among the mythical creatures. She may be one of the few who have an actual name! For the most part, the wee ones are unnamed and not nearly as sexy as this little lady.

If you need a compact place to store your cellphone or musical devices, a small purse may provide all the storage you need, but for larger items like books or gym clothes a tote bag or backpack might be best.

These cute backpacks make cool gifts and I'll leave it to you to come up with some ideas on how to make the gift more personal by tucking little pretties inside that your friends will appreciate.

If you are having a birthday party with Tinkerbell as your theme, small purses with beaded handles and her picture on them would make lovely inexpensive party favors. A small token of appreciation for your guests to take home is always a lovely gesture. Return to Unique Baby Gifts Baskets, Decorations and Party Decorating Ideas for more unique Tinkerbell purses and gifts.


Circus furniture is frivolous, fun and if there's one style of kid's bedroom decor that hasn't been getting enough coverage lately, it's circus clowns! For the decorator that is looking for a reason to paint the bedroom in bright colors clowns are the way to go! The key is to buy big top furniture for kids like striped book shelves and toy boxes that are painted like the old animal cracker boxes made to look like train cars with caged circus animals pacing back and forth. There's a place for decorative figurines and toys, but I really like the idea of decorating with storage shelves and magazine racks that have been painted with circus animals as well if not better than lots of collectibles. Besides, you will need a place to display your precious collectibles safely!

Painted clowns, trained seals and beautiful bareback riders on majestic white horses with elaborate feathered headdress and jeweled bridles will all be vivid memories that a kid will keep of his or her first Circus performance. This unique experience will be something that will probably be shared with your little boy or girl's grandchildren so why not decorate the bedroom to savor the moment?


Decorating the walls around circus art, posters or circus clown pictures might be a bit of a challenge. You want something unique and modern because vintage has been done so many times. Fill the space with a utility item with pizazz and pick up a collectible of tomorrow with this intriguing circus wall clock. The clowns are juggling, the ringmaster is directing and the tightrope walker is hanging on for dear life with a twist; it's all very colorful and exciting and this decorative timepiece actually plays circus tunes! It rotates various songs, Alt Kamer, Libiamo, and The Entertainer, by organ as well as the piano. How very cool is that? All this entertainment is run by battery which gives you maximum flexibility on wall placement and you won't have to worry about an electrical cord throwing the balance of your creative circus wall display.