Monday, February 04, 2008


Does your have plans to decorate your child's room with Noahs Ark Gifts that you got at your baby's shower? If animals and characters from the story of Noah's Ark are your preferred decor or if you need some special gifts to present to your friends here are some excellent gift ideas.

A step stool is very helpful to give a toddler a leg up to the bathroom sink so that the toothbrush is in easy reach. What a grand feeling of independance when mom or dad no longer has to help so much their little with their everyday routines.

Being mommy's little helper by hanging their own coats and clothing is a precious sight as well. And how much more fun will that be with a Noah's Ark clothes tree with a carved wooden ark and a beautiful rainbow overhead?


Noah's Ark Vehicle Wooden Name Train Set by Maple Landmark Woodcraft

Your toddler will love this wooden Noahs Ark toy that can be pulled along without worrying about breaking or damaging one of the animals. Wood toys are just so much nicer than hard plastic in that regard. Plus, where else are you going to find a blue whale, a black elephant and a giraffe that will follow you everywhere you go?

This Noahs Ark toy will take the place of baby's choo choo train in a flash! It even comes with its own track to use as a wall shelf.

If pull toys are not your toddler's cup of tea, pull up a floor pillow and enjoy a few precious moments with Noah, the ark and six of the most best behaved animals you could ever want to entertain at a tea party. There are lions, elephants and black and white zebras for your child to hold and enjoy placing inside the ark through the removable main deck.


Where will you put your child's Noahs Ark toys and collectibles when company comes or just to organize and straighten the room? A toy chest with a painting of the Ark and lots of unique storage capabilities may be just the thing! Rotate your vintage, wooden Noah's Ark collectibles' on display. Keep the bedroom from being too cluttered with all the animals and figurines so that every animal and Biblical character has a turn to be in the spotlight for story hour.

If you would prefer a less colorful Noahs Ark toy box made of wood, perhaps this custom painted piece that can do double duty as a bench would suit you much better. It's slightly more expensive than the one at the top, but for what's offered either one is rather cheap when you consider how helpful all of that extra storage will be! Plus an extra seat around the toddler table will be nice for play dates when the kids want to work on artwork or crafts.

Custom Handpainted Noah's Ark Toy Box


What a special project for parents to share with their children. A great chance to discuss all of the particulars and see virtual plans or blueprints of the most famous boat of ancient and modern times. The wooden Noah's Ark Model kit is better than a trip to the Museum. History will take on an entirely new meaning when your child imagines what it might have been like to be a carpenter in Biblical times.

I'm not sure if this is a scale model or just an example of an antique boat made of wood known to have been in existence in the time of Noah, but it will go a long way towards learning how to make a reasonable replica of Noah's Ark.

Once you've completed building your handmade model ark, you can treasure the memories of precious moments spent together and have the lasting pleasure of displaying the beautiful results of your labor.