Tuesday, December 09, 2008


thomas the train table gift

All aboard! We have a few
Thomas the Train
gift ideas that choo choo train lovers of all ages will love. There are plenty of fans that love this popular cartoon character so much that they cover their kids’ bedroom from ceiling to floor with products featuring the friendly, fun loving locomotive.

Most of the time the habit is started with Thomas the Train theme baby bedding and nursery decorations early when the baby is still in the crib. A musical baby crib mobile with the engine followed by boxcars circle around and around entertaining baby until the little boy or girl drifts off to sleep to dream of conductors and engineers clacking down imaginary tracks.

Here are some inexpensive Thomas the Train kids’ gift ideas for the little ones on your list:

  • Thomas the Train Wall Appliqu├ęs and Decals – These reusable appliques are a fun way to get kids in the act when decorating a kid’s bedroom. Be sure to buy enough so that they can take the place of Thomas the Train border!
  • Pajamas – A pair of soft flannel footed pajamas with Thomas and friends will makes an excellent Thomas the Train gift idea for Christmas or a birthday party.
  • Ride on toys
  • DVDs
  • Rolling Backpack or Kids Luggage set
  • A sleeping bag
  • A shelf where the kids can display their collectibles
  • Hat and gloves set
  • Puzzles
  • Pillow Case set
  • Tent

As birthdays and Christmas holidays pass by family members and loved ones who are aware of the little one’s love of trains, the Thomas the Train gifts and bedroom decorations continue to arrive. Mom and dad by this time should have installed wall shelves, cabinets and furniture that will provide a suitable background for the collection of collectibles and artwork that left alone will grow to magnificent proportions.

The love of toy trains is a hobby that lasts a lifetime and in many cases it all starts with Thomas the Train gifts for kids.

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Great ideas! Everything sounds fantastic! I would not know what to choose...

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