Thursday, December 11, 2008


If there is one place to look for kids' gifts ideas when all else fails, Pottery Barn Kids, is at the top of my list of recommendations. Everybody knows about Pottery Barn, right? Wrong! There are plenty of first time birthday and Christmas shoppers just making their way into the competitive world of outlet stores and discount malls who need a few tips on where to find the best stuff around.

So, here I am to put a little bug in your ear. If you want to include something other than toys or clothes in your gift basket ideas Pottery Barn Kids is hard to beat for quality, value and downright cute stuff. Granted, they are not always the least expensive place to shop as their prices can be considered at best slightly less than those found in upscale boutiques. However, I have found their products to be worth the higher price.

Even if you can't afford an entire set of Pottery Barn bedding there are ways to give an impressive gift for an affordable price. Perhaps you could pick up the comforter and pillow shams and substitute a solid set of sheets that you picked up at the discount store. A busy mother with kids can always use an extra set of sheets and she won't mind the generic brand until she can catch the coordinating sheets and pillowcases on sale and get the real thing.

If you have no clue at all of what style of decor your friends desire for the nursery or the bedroom, here's a fabulous gift idea that will be greatly appreciated;
Pottery Barn Kids coupons. Tuck a few coupons in the gift basket and watch the friend who has everything have a meltdown of sheer delight!

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