Wednesday, December 03, 2008


infant christmas dresses


Infant Christmas dresses are the perfect thing to buy if you want to give a gift that will get kudos and praise every time. Of course you want the most stylish in the baby boutique. The colors and cut of kids’ Christmas clothes may change, but the delight on a mother and father’s face when they see their newborn or toddler decked out in her finery that is more elaborate than the most luxurious Christmas tree on the town square or in the center of the mall never will.


For the family portrait, something classic is definitely called for. An infant Christmas dress that brings Sugarplum Fairies or snow princess in white fur trim boots and coat right out of the Nutcracker Suite ballet to mind is perfect for such an occasion. The key element to consider when shopping for a baby girl Christmas dress that will be worn in portraits meant to last a lifetime is whether or not the design is every bit as timeless as the photo. Trendy colors and motifs will quickly look at best old fashioned and out of style and at their worst; ridiculous and laughable.


Baby Christmas dresses should be chosen according to how well they will photograph while being worn by a reclining newborn. Will it bunch up and threaten to cover the little one’s pretty face? Is it stiff and scratchy? A baby girl Christmas dress with these characteristics simply will not do. A pretty gown in Christmas colors that will drape nicely and be soft and kind to baby’s sensitive skin is best.

Natural fibers are always best except in the case of wool. That sassy baby hat with the pom pom or the jacket with cute buttons is not worth taking the chance that your infant may have a reaction. Never underestimate the impact that a newborn’s allergy to wool might have on an otherwise stylish and fashionable photo shoot. I would be careful with polyester fabric as well for your infant’s Christmas dress. The shine in some synthetics does not work favorably with the camera flash. And there again, the comfort factor comes into play. They are simply not as breathable as cotton and therefore not as comfortable. When comfortable equals a calm, smiling baby it’s important.

Infant Christmas dresses worn for baby’s first Christmas will probably be one of the earliest and well documented memories any child will have. Think of the rolls and rolls of film or digital memory that will be devoted to preserving this memory for posterity and you will come to see the importance of making your selection wisely.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! I agree that comfort should always be a top priority when it comes to infant girls dresses especially for special occasions and holidays when you want them to look their best AND be on their best behavior which is very difficult if their Easter or Christmas outfits are scratchy or stiff and irritating.