Friday, December 12, 2008



Moses baskets
have not taken the place of traditional bassinets, but they are certainly giving them some competition. They are cheap, they are practical and perhaps one of the most impressive items that are seen among the baby gifts at the shower.


For many shoppers, the bottom line or price is an important consideration. The cheapest Moses basket you will find will be one that has not been pre-dressed or decorated. This inexpensive option would be your bare, woven basket with no ribbons, bedding or linings of any kind layered inside to make it pretty. A basket of this kind is best if you want to personalize it according to a particular baby nursery theme, color scheme or if there is a need to keep the price as low as possible.

Another way to save some money might be to buy your basket and then purchase a liner or Moses basket bedding only from one of the online stores that specialize in handmade baby items. Many will allow you to pick from a number of baby print fabrics when you order your bedding. Some offer to monogram your baby’s initials on the blanket or the liner which gives your gift a nice, personalized touch.

There are times when buying a luxurious basket at a baby boutique makes sense. When your time is limited, having your gift arrive in the mail already gift wrapped, decorated and ready to take to the baby shower is a lifesaver. Sewing crafts are not every lady’s idea of fun. Even if you are crafty by nature, you may find that once you buy the basket, fabric, a bedding pattern and decorations the cost is pretty close to that of a ready made gift. The time to make your own is when a particular color or design is not available unless you make it yourself or contract to buy a homemade basket.


Some mothers prefer hooded Moses baskets that give baby’s sensitive eyes some protection from the sun if she will be carrying her baby out of the nursery. Parents who plan to use their basket in place of a bassinet might prefer the kind that sits on stationery or rocking stand. The benefits are that you can easily relocate your basket to different areas of the home at your discretion.

Bassinets, cradles and portable cribs are all popular options. All of the previously mentioned beds are more portable than standard baby cribs but many prefer pretty Moses baskets over portable baby cribs because they are easy to customize and they are so attractive. Granted, they are only useful for the first few months as babies outgrow them quickly. It is for this reason some mothers consider them a waste of money and floor space. However, there are just as many moms who treasure the memory of their sweet baby sleeping peacefully while tucked into their beautiful Moses basket.

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