Wednesday, December 31, 2008


ladybug quilt pattern patchwork blocks applique

Pick up a ladybug quilt pattern and use it to create beautiful homemade quilts for your friends and family. Everybody needs a lucky ladybug or two in their homes no matter what style bedding or decor they have. The beauty of making your own quilts is that you can experiment with color combinations and personalize your quilts with unique quilting patterns and fabrics.


Pink ladybug rugs and baby bedding for girls is all the rage. Nobody cares that you will never find a ladybug with that particular color scheme in nature; pink and brown is pretty and trendy and that's all that matters. For baby boys, you will want incorporate shades of blue with some neutral fabrics to highlight it to its full potential. Of course there is nothing wrong with natural red and black ladybugs appliqued on the quilt squares either.


Here are some resources for free patterns for ladybug quilts to make for children as well as adults or as wall hangings:


Often the size of the quilt that I make depends on the amount of cotton quilting fabric that I happen to have on hand. If you don't have enough to make a full size bed quilt, use your ladybug quilt pattern to make a baby crib quilt , a wall hanging, or some placemats.

You can applique ladybugs on plain, cotton fabric or use ladybug print fabrics in your quilt with great results. Appliqued quilts are for more advanced quilters. If you are a beginner, buy some ladybug theme quilting fabric and practice with patchwork before moving forward to more challenging
ladybug quilt patterns

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You can make your own Dr. Seuss plaques by using a decoupage craft technique and some pictures that you copied from one of the kids' Seuss storybooks. Here are the instructions.

dr seuss plaques wall decorations

Use your color copier to make copies of your favorite pictures.

Buy some square shape wooden plaques and paint them whatever color that you need for them to match your kid's Dr. Seuss bedroom color scheme. Dab a little bit of glue on the back of the picture to hold them in place and then position your copied pictures in the center of each plaque.

Cover them with a few coats of high gloss sealer and then let them dry completely. Once they are dry you can arrange your Dr. Seuss plaques on the walls whereever you please.

This easy craft project is also a very creative way to recycle partially damaged kid's books if you happen to have some on hand. Cut out the pictures that are in good condition and toss the rest. Your Dr. Seuss plaques will make an excellent homemade baby gift for a friend who has chosen to decorate with a few Dr. Seuss plaques and a Dr. Seuss baby nursery bedding set for her baby's crib.

You might include some Dr. Seuss baby clothes and Horton Hears a Who or Cat in the Hat in the baby's gift basket.
I can't think of any new mother who wouldn't appreciate a few personalized Dr. Seuss baby items and wall decorations at their baby shower no matter how her baby's room is decorated.

Please make plans to visit us again soon to find the latest in Dr Seuss baby shower decorations and inexpensive handmade items that will make a lovely presentation at the birthday party or baby shower.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Best Christmas Gift Idea Ever for Your Kids

The goal of this blog is to share items that you might miss while shopping for kids’ gifts or decorations for a party that you are in charge of hosting. However, I realized that I had not suggested the very best Christmas idea for your kids; the gift of Faith.

Our job as parents is not just to make sure that our children enjoy their early years. We should give them the essential tools to prepare them for life beyond their childhoods. It’s my opinion that to send them on that journey without faith in a higher power is similar to sending a boat adrift on an ocean with no steering mechanism.

There is no guarantee that we will always be there to guide them. To give them the Gift of Faith is to insure that no matter what happens that they will have a compass to show them the way in our absence. I hope that you will take steps to make certain that your children are not without this the most precious of gifts that will serve them well all the days of their life.

Merry Christmas and may God bless you and your family.

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nascar infant carrier baby seat cover

You can never have too much NASCAR baby stuff on hand to give to your friends who are avid racing fans. When I saw this cute, Jeff Gordan print baby carrier seat cover I knew I had to post it to help those of you that are looking for something for a baby shower gift.

Pick out your own fabric with your favorite driver's name and number and have a custom made car seat cover, a baby walker seat cover or shopping cart seat cover made to your specifications. Fill a NASCAR baby gift basket with goodies like a fleece receiving blanket, some NASCAR baby clothes and booties that match the NASCAR racing bedding set in the baby's crib to outfit an infant in true racecar style.

A shower gift basket filled with NASCAR baby stuff is a super gift idea for the shower where dads will be attending. Nothing makes a daddy smile like the idea of his baby boy going with him to the racetrack.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008



Riding toys for girls and boys have been around practically since the invention of the wheel with examples from the depression era and beyond existing to this day. If you are fortunate enough to have one of these antiques in your possession, I do not need to tell you the wisdom in telling your kids to take good care of their toys.

Steif and other brands of toys with wheels are not only hot items with today’s nursery crowd; they are valuable collectibles that are worth many times their original price. Value appreciation alone is no reason to amass a collection of plush ride on toys. The brilliant smile on a little girl or boy’s face when the riding toy is discovered under the Christmas tree or inside the big box at the birthday party is the best reason in the world to invest in a toy with rockers or wheels.

Toddlers just love to hop on the backs of animals and ride their way across imaginary landscapes have the adventure of a lifetime with no fear of danger or harm. If the
riding toy
is musical, they can enjoy music during their time on their ride on toys. The only drawback to styles with music is the need for batteries. Some parents feel that battery operated toys are an aggravation. If you want to keep your child’s entertainment as uncomplicated as you possibly can, you may want to skip the musical ride on toys and stick to the silent models or find one that has music that’s generated when baby is rocking or riding only.


For collectors or moms with a lamb nursery theme, Steiff riding toys --- lamb shaped to be specific are highly sought after.
Second in line, it should come as no surprise that toy riding horses are a big favorite. It seems that kids are naturally born to be cowboys and girls and every little cowpoke needs a wooden pony to practice on until he can get the real thing.
The new favorite is no stranger to the farming community; tractor riding toys. When it comes to tractor gifts John Deere riding toys are at the top of any farming family’s list.
Coming in behind these traditional favorites are riding toys designed as everything from child sized Hummers to jeeps.


It would be impossible to go wrong with a riding toy for a newborn. This clever gift idea will make the parents happy if it contributes to the design of the baby’s room. When the child is nine months old or so the toy will be put to good use. Who knows which modern ride on toys will be the collectibles of tomorrow? We will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, the kids will ride away the hours on their favorite riding toys.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The best gift for both a sleepy princess and her mom is a Disney Princess clock. A pretty digital clock in the shape of a magical castle in royal colors will ease a little lady both in and out of dreamland while decorating the bedside table during the daylight hours.

You might say, "I can understand how a cute bedside clock with pictures of all of the Disney Princesses will wake a sleeping girl, but how can it possibly be helpful in sending her off to the land off sweet dreams?" The answer to that question is that a Disney Princess projection alarm clock has a nightlight feature that projects the shapes of stars onto the ceiling and walls of a girl’s bedroom. She will look forward to bedtime and the light show that only takes place when the lights are dim and the room is quiet. The rest happens naturally.

A gift of a Disney Princess clock will decorate a young girl’s bedroom, entertain her after storytelling hour until she drifts off to sleep and then wake her in time to get dressed and ready for her day. A clock is an item that by itself will rarely be found on a child’s birthday or Christmas wish list. But a unique Disney Princess digital clock with such clever features is a gift that your little princess will enjoy both morning and night for many years.

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Monday, December 15, 2008


Wedgwood Peter Rabbit collectibles make lovely gifts for fans of the fabulous bunny rabbit no matter what their age happens to be. Both young and old will delight in surrounding themselves with the whimsical products of Miss Beatrix Potter’s imagination.

It is so inviting to decorate our baby girls’ nurseries with Beatrix Potter nursery crib bedding sets and for baby boys, Peter Rabbit baby bedding is a dream come true. It’s natural to want to share our favorite characters from the storybooks read to us by our parents when we were children with our own impressionable little ones.

The colorful pictures and scenery taken directly from the pages of the book that are painted on the
Wedgwood Peter Rabbit
porcelain dishes and decorative are so artfully rendered and beautiful that you will keep them on display on shelves and table tops in your home long after your kids are grown. That is the beautiful of classic collectibles; even the pieces that are designed in children’s themes are transferable to other rooms until there is another baby on the way and another nursery to decorate.

It seems a shame to display your Wedgwood Peter Rabbit dishes, banks and plates high on the walls where a child’s hands can’t touch them. But it would be so much more upsetting if Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck and friends were to take a nasty fall off the shelf. It’s a better idea to have plenty of plush Peter Rabbit toys for baby to play with and keep the breakable items where they can be seen and not touched.

If you are searching for a keepsake for a friend’s baby with a set of Peter Rabbit bedding in the crib, Peter Rabbit Wedgwood is the best baby gift idea I can think of that is guaranteed to thrill both mother and child for many years to come.

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Unique gift ideas for new dads are increasing in demand every year that goes by. Modern parenting trends indicate that mom and dad equally share the daily childcare responsibilities that newborns require. Therefore, it seems only fair to include fathers in the fun of showers to celebrate the baby’s birth.

Previously the domain of ladies, showers now are planned to include and entertain the men as well as women. There may be a separate celebration for girls only where the traditions enjoyed in the past might still be observed as well as a co-ed shower that will require unique gift ideas for new dads as well as cute stuff for the expectant mother.

Gifts for this party are basically "his and hers" newborn products. Even if the baby is a girl, the gear that mom will want has a completely different style and design than those items that the father will be comfortable wearing or using.

Baby shower gift ideas for new moms will be addressed in another article. This information is meant to address the issues of nailing down some unique gift ideas for new dads.

  • T shirts for new dads – If you have time go to one of the online shops and have it personalized according to the father’s hobby if he has one or have a FUNNY saying printed on the front. Something wild and crazy is preferable to something touching. As much as females love sentimental words, guys don’t seem to share our appreciation. The last thing that a man wants is to be made to feel like a sissy and to do this will not bode well for babysitting services in the future. So, find t-shirts for new dads that will a man won’t be embarrassed to wear around his buddies.

  • Shop for gifts to help him be prepared for the changes that babies bring into the lives of their parents. A practical handbook for new dads filled with tips for new dads that share advice on safety issues as well as information on what modern moms may be expecting out of her baby’s father.

  • A complete NEW DAD KIT would make a unique, practical baby gift basket idea for new dads. Load up one of the many masculine diaper bags for dads with everything he will need to take baby out on the town for a few hours. Whenever possible, skip the diaper bags in pastel pink and blue in favor of trendy brown or even camouflage print baby bottles and pacifiers.

Finding unique gift ideas for new dads is not as challenging as it was a decade or so ago. But finding appropriate gifts for anyone, male or female, takes both time and careful consideration. In order to present a gift that is appreciated as well as useful at an affordable price can be especially tricky, but nothing that can’t be managed so long as you follow the recommendations offered to you in the pages of Unique Gifts Ideas for New Dads, Babies and Party Decorating Tips.

Friday, December 12, 2008



We have some ideas for items to complete your rubber duck baby basket so that it makes a delightful presentation. Bath and baby skincare products with a signature toy or two are all it will take to put together an impressive homemade arrangement that will look as expensive and pretty as anything that an exclusive boutique could manufacture.


In the past, you got a yellow rubber ducky with an orange beak or you got nothing at all. Product lines have expanded over that limited style dramatically. You can now create a rubber duck baby gift basket based on specific hobbies, themes as well as colors. For instance, a Sesame Street rubber duck gift is a given for kids who learned the song while listening to Ernie’s rubber ducky song in the tub about his love for his toy on the classic kids’ television show but a biker might like his duckie to be wearing a bandana and looking tough and ready to rumble.


Yellow rubber duckies will never go out of style for the diaper set. For the older kids, you may want to explore some of the ducks that are based on children’s hobbies and activities. There are baseball rubber duckies and other sports theme ducks for boys. And for the diva in your home, you may want to build your gift basket around Betty Boop or a glamorous purple duck that comes as a set draped in a matching feather boa.


Once you have chosen the best rubber duckie to use as the centerpiece for your basket, here are some ideas for additional items that will be a huge hit at the
duck baby shower.

  • Rubber Ducky toothbrush holder
  • Towels and washcloths with duck appliques
  • Duck shaped baby bath soaps
  • Baby shampoo and body wash in a duck shape container
  • Duck print hooded bath robe

Those are just a few recommendations for a baby’s gift basket. As
rubber ducks
are popular with boys, girls as well as adult men and women, we will continue our series devoted to making suggestions for cool gifts for the rubber ducky lover in your life on a regular basis. I can think of no better way to keep up with the innovations in this product line, so stay tuned for updates.

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Moses baskets
have not taken the place of traditional bassinets, but they are certainly giving them some competition. They are cheap, they are practical and perhaps one of the most impressive items that are seen among the baby gifts at the shower.


For many shoppers, the bottom line or price is an important consideration. The cheapest Moses basket you will find will be one that has not been pre-dressed or decorated. This inexpensive option would be your bare, woven basket with no ribbons, bedding or linings of any kind layered inside to make it pretty. A basket of this kind is best if you want to personalize it according to a particular baby nursery theme, color scheme or if there is a need to keep the price as low as possible.

Another way to save some money might be to buy your basket and then purchase a liner or Moses basket bedding only from one of the online stores that specialize in handmade baby items. Many will allow you to pick from a number of baby print fabrics when you order your bedding. Some offer to monogram your baby’s initials on the blanket or the liner which gives your gift a nice, personalized touch.

There are times when buying a luxurious basket at a baby boutique makes sense. When your time is limited, having your gift arrive in the mail already gift wrapped, decorated and ready to take to the baby shower is a lifesaver. Sewing crafts are not every lady’s idea of fun. Even if you are crafty by nature, you may find that once you buy the basket, fabric, a bedding pattern and decorations the cost is pretty close to that of a ready made gift. The time to make your own is when a particular color or design is not available unless you make it yourself or contract to buy a homemade basket.


Some mothers prefer hooded Moses baskets that give baby’s sensitive eyes some protection from the sun if she will be carrying her baby out of the nursery. Parents who plan to use their basket in place of a bassinet might prefer the kind that sits on stationery or rocking stand. The benefits are that you can easily relocate your basket to different areas of the home at your discretion.

Bassinets, cradles and portable cribs are all popular options. All of the previously mentioned beds are more portable than standard baby cribs but many prefer pretty Moses baskets over portable baby cribs because they are easy to customize and they are so attractive. Granted, they are only useful for the first few months as babies outgrow them quickly. It is for this reason some mothers consider them a waste of money and floor space. However, there are just as many moms who treasure the memory of their sweet baby sleeping peacefully while tucked into their beautiful Moses basket.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008


If there is one place to look for kids' gifts ideas when all else fails, Pottery Barn Kids, is at the top of my list of recommendations. Everybody knows about Pottery Barn, right? Wrong! There are plenty of first time birthday and Christmas shoppers just making their way into the competitive world of outlet stores and discount malls who need a few tips on where to find the best stuff around.

So, here I am to put a little bug in your ear. If you want to include something other than toys or clothes in your gift basket ideas Pottery Barn Kids is hard to beat for quality, value and downright cute stuff. Granted, they are not always the least expensive place to shop as their prices can be considered at best slightly less than those found in upscale boutiques. However, I have found their products to be worth the higher price.

Even if you can't afford an entire set of Pottery Barn bedding there are ways to give an impressive gift for an affordable price. Perhaps you could pick up the comforter and pillow shams and substitute a solid set of sheets that you picked up at the discount store. A busy mother with kids can always use an extra set of sheets and she won't mind the generic brand until she can catch the coordinating sheets and pillowcases on sale and get the real thing.

If you have no clue at all of what style of decor your friends desire for the nursery or the bedroom, here's a fabulous gift idea that will be greatly appreciated;
Pottery Barn Kids coupons. Tuck a few coupons in the gift basket and watch the friend who has everything have a meltdown of sheer delight!

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


thomas the train table gift

All aboard! We have a few
Thomas the Train
gift ideas that choo choo train lovers of all ages will love. There are plenty of fans that love this popular cartoon character so much that they cover their kids’ bedroom from ceiling to floor with products featuring the friendly, fun loving locomotive.

Most of the time the habit is started with Thomas the Train theme baby bedding and nursery decorations early when the baby is still in the crib. A musical baby crib mobile with the engine followed by boxcars circle around and around entertaining baby until the little boy or girl drifts off to sleep to dream of conductors and engineers clacking down imaginary tracks.

Here are some inexpensive Thomas the Train kids’ gift ideas for the little ones on your list:

  • Thomas the Train Wall Appliqu├ęs and Decals – These reusable appliques are a fun way to get kids in the act when decorating a kid’s bedroom. Be sure to buy enough so that they can take the place of Thomas the Train border!
  • Pajamas – A pair of soft flannel footed pajamas with Thomas and friends will makes an excellent Thomas the Train gift idea for Christmas or a birthday party.
  • Ride on toys
  • DVDs
  • Rolling Backpack or Kids Luggage set
  • A sleeping bag
  • A shelf where the kids can display their collectibles
  • Hat and gloves set
  • Puzzles
  • Pillow Case set
  • Tent

As birthdays and Christmas holidays pass by family members and loved ones who are aware of the little one’s love of trains, the Thomas the Train gifts and bedroom decorations continue to arrive. Mom and dad by this time should have installed wall shelves, cabinets and furniture that will provide a suitable background for the collection of collectibles and artwork that left alone will grow to magnificent proportions.

The love of toy trains is a hobby that lasts a lifetime and in many cases it all starts with Thomas the Train gifts for kids.

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Monday, December 08, 2008



Coach baby bags
pink, blue and any other color you might name make some of the best gifts for a new mom that I can think of. After baby is older and the need for a diaper bag is a distant memory, the large tote bag can be put to good use as a laptop bag, a beach bag or an attractive purse that will hold everything a mom on the go needs.

Coach baby bags pink blue or whatever color you like are designed with such style that nobody will be able to tell that it’s a baby bag unless see the bottles and diapers inside.

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Betsey Johnson Nautical Bracelet

Nautical gifts are perfect gifts for mom if she loves the ocean. Nautical decorations, clothing, bracelets and necklaces will blend beautifully with girl or boy's nautical nursery items and baby shower gifts if you are a hostess searching for new mom gift ideas.

silk sailboat scarf hermes

A pregnant mom has times when her spirits need a special lift. Imagine how her eyes will shine when dad presents her with a pretty box filled with nautical gifts that reflect their shared love of sailboats and the ocean. A bracelet dripping with pearls, seahorses and gold nautical star charms on a beautiful chain with large gold links and a silk scarf to wear around her neck will make her feel attractive and so very special.

If the lady in your life is not a slave to fashion but loves to spend her days at the beach or sailing on the ocean; perhaps a
nautical gift
for the beach house would be better and more appreciated than jewelry and silk scarves. Life preserver mirrors and collectible lighthouse figurines are excellent nautical gifts ideas if the vacation home needs and update and a few new decorations. If mom has the decorating under control, perhaps a nautical gift basket filled with luxurious towels and wash cloths would allow mom more time on the sailboat between trips to the laundry.

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Hockey Blanket personalized

This is a gift that your favorite hockey would never buy for himself. Personalized hockey blankets will let him know that you respect his hobbies and entertainment even if you are not a sports fan yourself.

Have a fleece blanket in hockey print fabric monogrammed with your friend or loved one's initials, team logo or his name in script. If you can't find a custom embroidery shop that can manage the logo, perhaps they can substitute a picture of the team's mascot on a corner or framed to make a medallion in the center of the blanket.

A personalized hockey blanket for a baby will make the best liner ever for a homemade hockey gift basket. Simply fold your blanket so that the embroidered area peeks out from under the other hockey themed gifts that you chose to fill the basket. When the family is not rink side, the hockey baby blanket can serve as an everyday receiving blanket or add to mom and dad's choice in hockey crib bedding for baby.

When you see how appreciate the recipient of your hockey blanket is, you will be so glad that you took the time and put so much thought into selecting such a personal gift.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008


John Deere Pink and Brown Diaper Bags for Girls


Lookout boys,
John Deere girl diaper bags
are giving the traditional green and yellow look some competition. You may wonder when this famous tractor company decided to go pink. I don’t have an answer or a date that I can give you. Perhaps one of our farming friends or members of management will fill us in on the details behind making their tractor company more appealing to girls.

A few years ago we noticed a trend that indicated pink t-shirts with the official logo printed across the front were consider cool for teenage girls. Why should we be surprised to see new mothers carrying pretty
baby John Deere
pink and brown diaper bags? What’s considered stylish for teens has a way of making its way into the closets and wardrobes of older ladies in a relatively short amount of time.


What we observed was an overnight explosion of John Deere baby crib bedding and nursery decorations for boys and girls alike. Various shades of pink and brown fabrics were combined to make John Deere girl diaper bags while the more traditional grass green and yellow John Deere diaper bags continued to fly off the shelves and be shipped through the mail making their way to organize the travel essentials of baby boys.


Who knew there was so much that could be done with a tractor logo? But this is area where that famous deer keeps right on running and reinventing itself. You may find John Deere girl diaper bags edged in rickrack trim and coordinated with pretty pink and white gingham checks that give the baby bag a distinctive cottage or country look. However, there are styles that will appeal to the sophisticated mom as well. There are custom designs that have been personalized with baby’s name, fitted with soft leather shoulder straps and edged with fluffy feathers. Slight impractical, but they are real eye poppers at the baby shower.


You may wonder if it’s too late to jump in and join this tractor fashion trend and the answer to your question would be an unequivocal “NO”! Have no fear that your John Deere girl diaper bag will be anything less than fashionable. It is my opinion that so long as there are babies born into farming families and little city dwellers surrounded by farm theme nurseries that John Deere girl diaper bags in pink and brown as well as classic green and yellow diaper bags are here to stay.

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Friday, December 05, 2008


crochet crocheted baby booties


Knitted and
crochet baby booties
are a classic baby gift. You could fill a basket with matching hats, booties and mittens in complimentary colors and designs for everyday or do something special for the holidays in an Easter or Christmas theme. What mother in her right mind could remove the bow from a package and open it to find a pair of these tiny crib shoes and not be delighted?

For the price of a ball of yarn and some time spent learning to crochet you can build yourself an inventory of baby booties. There is something so calming about the smooth and easy rhythm of the crochet hook working with the thread and the finished product is fabulous.

All you have to do is search online for a free pattern in a style that you like, buy a few skeins of yarn or balls of thread and a crochet hook and you are ready to start to crochet baby booties for all the new babies in your life. Here's a good place to start your search for free crochet baby booties patterns.

Crocheted baby booties in pink for baby girls, blue for baby boys or gender neutral colors are always popular. For special friends, you may want to whip up personalized baby booties that are designed to look like Ugg boots, cowboy boots or fancy mary janes for a baby girl. Cowboy baby booties and cowgirl baby booties make excellent personalized baby gifts. Another idea for custom, crochet baby booties is to make them using yarn in mom or dad’s favorite sports team colors. A crocheted baby hat and booties set that reflects the baby’s nursery theme or a family hobby will be especially appreciated and admired by all that attend the shower.

This brings me to another topic in regard to handmade baby booties. You should not be surprised when the other mothers want to contract your services. Once you perfect your craft and you have enough cute booties on hand to cover your own needs for baby shower gifts. Why don’t you develop your own line of products and start a cottage industry that supplies other mothers and family members with unique crochet baby booties that you offer for sale at affordable prices? If the orders start to come quicker than you can knit or crochet, consider hiring some other stay at home mothers to help with the overflow of work.

Knitted and crochet baby booties never go out of style. A well made pair will not only be admired at the shower and be worn by one infant, but more than likely make its way into the baby’s keepsake box for future generations.

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Best Children’s Christmas Books – Baby Books for Christmas 2008

It’s never too soon to start reading to your baby.
Children’s Christmas books
are lovely to look at as well as entertaining. The stories are often clever combinations of inspiration with a dose of humor with artwork that will leave little ones breathless. Each year there are new possibilities for building your little one’s personal library.

Choosing a book for infants is easy. They are soothed by the sound of your voice and being held in your arms. The words and pictures will not have nearly as much effect as the shared moments rocking and reading until sugarplums are dancing in your little one’s head. So long as the story is one that you enjoy reading aloud, the book itself is not that important at this young age.

Later on, the more challenging it will be to keep your child interested in the story. Interaction may be the key. The best Children’s Christmas books for this age will be board books that have windows that baby can open without risk of tearing the pages. Bright pictures and textures that you can invite your baby to touch will go a long way towards keeping baby still enough to get to the end of the book.

Here are some baby books that will make perfect stocking stuffers that you will enjoy as much as your little one.

  • Merry Christmas, Peter Rabbit! (Potter) by Beatrix Potter
  • Fisher-Price: Baby's First Christmas: Learning About Colors (Fisher-Price)
  • Silent Night: A Light and Sound Book by Smart Kids Publishing, David Mead, and Chris Sharp
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem: A Pageant of Lights by David Mead
  • Merry Christmas, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt
  • Christmas Mice (The Little Golden Treasures Series) by Richard Scarry
  • Dora's Christmas Adventure (Dora the Explorer)
  • Jingle Bells (My First Taggies Book) by Kaori Watanabe
  • Christmas Is Coming! by Claire Masurel and Marie Henry
  • Shaped Board Book (Santa's Workshop) by Jill Ackerman
  • Christmas Peekaboo by DK Publishing

  • Christmas Tree by DK Publishing

  • The Tales of Three Trees Angela Elwell Hunt
  • The Story of Christmas by Patricia A. Pingry and Lorraine Schreiner Wells
  • Mouse's First Christmas by Lauren Thompson and Buket Erdogan

Those are just a few of the excellent children’s Christmas books that will get you and your little one in the holiday spirit in spades and make baby’s first Christmas gifts festive as well as educational.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


infant christmas dresses


Infant Christmas dresses are the perfect thing to buy if you want to give a gift that will get kudos and praise every time. Of course you want the most stylish in the baby boutique. The colors and cut of kids’ Christmas clothes may change, but the delight on a mother and father’s face when they see their newborn or toddler decked out in her finery that is more elaborate than the most luxurious Christmas tree on the town square or in the center of the mall never will.


For the family portrait, something classic is definitely called for. An infant Christmas dress that brings Sugarplum Fairies or snow princess in white fur trim boots and coat right out of the Nutcracker Suite ballet to mind is perfect for such an occasion. The key element to consider when shopping for a baby girl Christmas dress that will be worn in portraits meant to last a lifetime is whether or not the design is every bit as timeless as the photo. Trendy colors and motifs will quickly look at best old fashioned and out of style and at their worst; ridiculous and laughable.


Baby Christmas dresses should be chosen according to how well they will photograph while being worn by a reclining newborn. Will it bunch up and threaten to cover the little one’s pretty face? Is it stiff and scratchy? A baby girl Christmas dress with these characteristics simply will not do. A pretty gown in Christmas colors that will drape nicely and be soft and kind to baby’s sensitive skin is best.

Natural fibers are always best except in the case of wool. That sassy baby hat with the pom pom or the jacket with cute buttons is not worth taking the chance that your infant may have a reaction. Never underestimate the impact that a newborn’s allergy to wool might have on an otherwise stylish and fashionable photo shoot. I would be careful with polyester fabric as well for your infant’s Christmas dress. The shine in some synthetics does not work favorably with the camera flash. And there again, the comfort factor comes into play. They are simply not as breathable as cotton and therefore not as comfortable. When comfortable equals a calm, smiling baby it’s important.

Infant Christmas dresses worn for baby’s first Christmas will probably be one of the earliest and well documented memories any child will have. Think of the rolls and rolls of film or digital memory that will be devoted to preserving this memory for posterity and you will come to see the importance of making your selection wisely.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


personalized football gifts

Whether the sports fan in your house is a SEC nut or a professional fan, ideas for unique football gifts will probably go a long way towards making your life easier. When it comes to finding sports gifts for birthdays, Christmas or just that little something to lift flagging spirits, a present with his or her favorite team’s logo printed on it you have come to the right place for ideas.

New baby
sports gifts
are little more than ego boosters for a new mommy or daddy. But who cares when the baby sports gifts dresses the newborn in cute clothes or keeps the infant warm as toast tucked inside a personalized baby sports blanket complete with name, date and the team mascot embroidered on the corner?


Here are some birthday, Christmas or baby shower gift basket ideas that will have the lucky recipient (or the new mom and dad) cheering and jumping up and down with team spirit. The cool thing about our sports gift basket recommendations are that they are affordable (read: cheap) and if you are a fan of homemade gift items, there are a few of the gifts that can be handmade if you have time. If not, you can purchase the items at affordable prices online or in your local baby boutique for affordable prices.


This is one of those cases where the basket itself can be part of the present. Buy a large basket that can be used later as a decorative item in the home or to be used for storage and organization in the nursery. Stencil your team’s logo or name on the side in team colors. Another idea is to arrange your football gifts in an attractive manner inside a picnic basket that will come in handy for the tailgate party on game day at the pro, college or high school stadium of your choice.

Line the basket with a tablecloth if your football gifts are for an adult. Line it with a personalized baby blanket if your football gifts are for a newborn baby. Silver or stainless steel football theme collectibles, posters and artwork for the walls or warm, stadium blankets will all make a favorable impression as well as serving to be useful in decorating the family home.

Add a couple of adult or baby football jerseys, caps or collectibles and some snacks that will satisfy a hungry man in front of the television and your team will stick by you through both thick and thin. When they lay eyes on your football gifts, the adults as well as the up and coming football hero in your life will know that you are a winner and eliminate any worries that you will ever be traded. Plus, your football gifts at the football shower football baby shower!

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Monday, December 01, 2008



It's not required that you live in a log cabin to appreciate moose ornaments on your Christmas tree. Once seen only in the forests of the great northwest, as I live and breathe, it would seem that the wild moose is becoming an urban fixture. Even the rather formal, stodgy Lenox line of
collectible ornaments
and decorations gets into the holiday spirit in a big way with fun moose gifts aimed toward skiers, ice skaters, bikers and babies.

As with most of their ornaments, Lenox releases a new moose design each year that has a catchy, funny name. The great thing about giving collectibles for Christmas gifts is that it takes a lot of the difficulty out of coming up with Christmas gift ideas for the kids, adults or even the newborns on your Christmas list.

The 2008
Lenox Christmas ornament
is a figurine called Moosey Mishap that is a white moose that has obviously gotten himself into a bit of a jam. There is a red and white Santa Claus hat hanging on for dear life in between his antlers and several strands of electric, multi-colored Christmas lights draped from his head to his tail. If you wonder how he came to be decorated in such a whimsical fashion, perhaps it would be advisable to take notice of the fact that he may have encountered someone’s home Christmas display while trying out his new snow skis.


So, the Lenox moose ornaments caught your eye and you are wondering who might appreciate finding this cute collectible in the toe of their Christmas stocking or wrapped in a pretty box with a bow under the Christmas tree. Here are some suggestions:


The Lenox moose is a precious keepsake that may even increase in value. But those are not the only kind of moose that you can use to decorate your tree. There are plush moose ornaments by Boyd’s that are stuffed moose with angel wings if you can imagine such a thing. Then there are some cute red, green and gold Christmas balls with a small moose figurine hanging onto the top of the ornament for deer life. And we can always count on Hallmark, Radco, Enesco and Department 56 to have some funny and charming ornaments to share every holiday season that rolls around.

Regardless of what your friend’s personality or color preference, they will find a moose ornament a fun gift that will add lots of pizzazz to their holiday decorations.

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