Monday, November 24, 2008


baby boy tractor gifts john deere pacifier bottle bib set

When it comes to tractor baby boy gifts, nobody has it down like John Deere. Camo and bright green baby items with the classic deer logo are considered stylish for urban as well as rural babies born into farming families.

There are plenty of
John Deere baby
items to fill large baby gift baskets as well as collectibles to present in a small but elegant package. Even before baby starts to walk, a riding toy with a big, fluffy bow on the handlebars or steering wheel will be a big hit.

If the birth is expected anywhere near the Christmas holidays, a collectible ornament designated as "Baby’s 1st Christmas" will be treasured for many years and more than likely passed on to the next generation. You will be amazed at how thrilled mom and dad are to receive a silver tractor for their Christmas tree personalized with baby's name and birth date.

I would guess that any tractor baby boy gift that you can think of can probably be found in your local seed store or in a farm equipment store that specializes in official John Deere or other brands of farming merchandise.

Here are some excellent ideas for items to include in your unique baby boy gifts basket:

  • John Deere Pacifiers and Clips
  • Tractor onesies
  • Caps and mittens
  • Receiving blanket or quilt
  • Baby feeding set
  • Knife and fork set
  • Crib shoes or booties
  • Tractor sippy cups
  • Rattles
  • Burp cloth and bib sets


Any little farmer worth his salt needs suitable clothing. Denim overalls are a must and will be greatly appreciated especially if the bib is embroidered with daddy’s favorite brand of farming equipment. In fact, a matching pair of caps for both baby and daddy with the logo printed on them would be precious. Follow up with matching crib shoes, infant sock or boots and your collection of tractor baby boy gifts will be complete.


Presentation means a lot and there are some really cute ways to dress up a basket full of tractor baby boy gifts. Buy some wide John Deere ribbon and have your florist attach it to the handle of your gift basket. Make a stencil of the John Deere logo and use it to decorate at least one side of your basket. Here’s a tip; rather than a round basket, use a basket that is rectangle or square in shape and stencil the logo on the narrow side so that mom can use it for storage in the little boy’s bedroom. It will tickle mom to have something new that will compliment the rest of her pink or green John Deere baby bedding set and crib accessories.

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