Friday, November 28, 2008


precious moments angels 1998 enesco

Precious Moments
angels are not just for collectors with wall shelves filled with porcelain figurines dating back a decade or two. Many shoppers recognize the benefit of buying up more than a few of these collectibles to maintain their perfect condition all the while watching their asking prices and waiting for a chance to offer retired pieces for sale in an online auction for big profits. Hobbyists as well as professional investors have been known to make a lot of money by using their instincts to pick just the right piece that they feel will increase in value.

In spite of the possibility of substantial appreciated value, I find it rather sad to think of lonely Precious Moments angels packed away in a dark closet. The goal of well meaning owners is to see that they are guarded from chips and fading by being wrapped in protective tissue paper inside cardboard boxes. But I prefer them to be on display where they can be admired and loved by children of all ages.

My favorite location is a nursery that has been decorated with Precious Moments angels and Precious Moments theme baby crib bedding sets and other pretty pastel decorative items. Or perhaps the Precious Moments figurines could be used to enhance an angel nursery theme with crib bedding to match. Situated far above the reach of an inquisitive toddler, this is where Precious Moments angels belong. No matter what the style, color or design of your child’s bedroom decor there is room for at least one of these cute little angels.


Design a Precious Moments angels gift basket by using a single figurine as the basket’s centerpiece or focal point. Surround it with more items with angelic or Heavenly graphics and designs to complete the presentation. Angels make excellent baby shower gifts for dedications, baptisms or christenings so why not give the new baby in your family the first in his or her collection?

Another time when these pieces really shine their brightest is during the holiday season. A Precious Moments Christmas angel tree topper would be lovely for a baby’s 1st Christmas gift or a bridal shower gift for a friend who will soon be decorating her first Christmas tree.

The large, trusting eyes, white robes and fluffy wings of the angel figurines will enchant your kids and are guaranteed to put a big smile on the faces of adults as well.

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