Sunday, November 30, 2008


christmas stockings personalized monograms monogrammed

christmas stockings personalized monograms monogrammed

Baby’s first Christmas stocking is a big deal to many parents. Even though baby could care less if there is a custom stocking filled to the brim with cool stocking stuffers, moms put a lot of thought and care into the selection of their kids’ Christmas stockings.

There are matters of color, theme and design to consider and decisions to be made over style and fabric content. Should it be classic red and green or something funky and modern that will give an indication of what was considered stylish in holiday decorations in the first year baby was around so that everybody can laugh about how funny it looked down the road? Or, should we pick a style that reflects our religious beliefs and traditions that our family observes? Who knew that making sure that our gift of baby’s first Christmas stocking could be so darn complicated?


There are those who are very selective about such issues that prefer that each newborn welcomed into the family receive truly unique Christmas stockings. Store bought simply will not work for such a momentous occasion. If you are a first-time mother who wants to be certain that all items are heirloom quality, a handmade Christmas stocking is the way to go. You have complete control over decorations (no choking hazards, please), embroidery and color scheme. But, how do go about making baby’s first Christmas stocking?

There are several kinds of homemade Christmas stockings that are very popular, baby safe and that should hold up well over time. So long as proper cleaning methods are practiced and your fireplace screen does its job and keeps sparks from setting it on fire, most should last a lifetime if not longer.


Pick up a pattern and start knitting. This is something nice to fill the time when you are still pregnant and big as a barrel. If you don’t know a knitting needle from a gnat, start canvassing your friends for grandmother’s who knit and purl their way to happiness and offer to compensate them generously. If they can work baby’s name across the cuff, reward them even more.


Slightly more decorative than knit and easy as pie! Pick up a kit that comes complete with canvas, wool yarn and all the decorations and felt backing and you are in business. When you are finished, take it to have the name monogrammed. This is a great craft project for a beginner, but don’t wait until December to get started. It does take a little bit of time.


If bold graphics and 3D designs are your taste and you don’t have time to knit or needlepoint, felt stocking kits will whip up your baby’s first Christmas stocking in a flash. They come in all sizes with cute designs that will charm Santa Claus right out of his boots. Don’t forget to put the date on the back of the stocking.

No matter how fashionable and cool you believe your baby’s first Christmas stocking to be, chances are that in the future you will want to mix it up a bit and update. Don’t feel guilty when you don’t want to use it when your child is older. Save the first one in your baby’s keepsake box and enjoy the new one.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008


baby first christmas gifts ideas


Baby's first Christmas gifts are much more important to the new mom and dad. You and I know that newborns could not care less and won't for a very long time! This makes it even more crucial to buy items that look spectacular in the pictures that you treasure in your family picture album. Another thing to consider is that it is preferable to buy items that will last until your baby boy or girl are old enough to want to see what they got from Santa Claus on their very first Christmas morning.

Here’s a secret tip that I will share with you in regards to baby Christmas gifts. There are a few presents that may seem that they are for mom and dad, but they are for the baby, too.

Certainly you may want to tuck a few baby christmas outfits in a baby boy’s Christmas gifts, a baby faux fur coat or boots or one of the beautiful Christmas theme velvet baby dresses that you found in a baby girl’s gift basket, but without a doubt the real gift that counts for baby’s first Christmas will be the pictures and movies.


Here are some practical baby Christmas gifts ideas that will have the whole family shouting “Merry Christmas” and giving you kisses under the mistletoe.
  • A digital camera
  • A video camera with extra film cartridges to capture those precious memories on film
  • Gift certificates for having those digital photographs transferred to mugs and pictures that you can frame and give to the grandparents
  • Collectible baby’s first Christmas ornaments
  • A certificate for a family portrait with a local artist or photographer
  • Large Family Photo Albums
  • Baby Picture frames filled with pictures of your memories
  • A baby keepsake box where items can be safely stored for the future

The goal of our series of baby first Christmas gift ideas is to give family members some suggestions on appropriate items that both parents and their kids will enjoy. Infants don’t have a clue as to what the holidays are about and won’t for many years. The key is to preserve those memories until they are curious about their early years. Think how much fun they will have sharing those memories with your grandkids or even your great-grandchildren. Keepsakes, collectibles and heirloom quality clothing will make little if any impression on babies. But preserving them with dates, labels and pertinent information will be ever so important for the generations that follow.

If you have some
baby first Christmas gifts ideas
that you can share with our visitors, we would love to hear from you. In the meantime, please return to Unique Baby Gifts Baskets, Kids Stuff and Party Ideas to see more recommendations for the best baby Christmas gifts ever.


vera bradley large duffle pink elephant

vera bradley pink elephants mini jewelry box


What a gift idea for that pregnant pal on your list; Vera Bradley pink elephants products! If you thought the Bermuda pink or petal pink fabrics were hot, hang onto your hat, my friend. Put aside the stigma and forget the old adage about our friends who have a habit of imbibing too many cocktails and the critters that nobody else sees but them. This is one pink elephant that EVERYBODY will want to see. Believe me when I tell you that nobody will ignore the fact that this herd is in the house.

I’m not for sure if the reason behind the popularity of this particular item lies in the successful political campaign or that Vera Bradley pink elephants baby diaper bags are just so darn cute! Whatever the reason, I’m inclined to think that this is a spectacular opportunity to add to our collection of cute baby elephants and to accessorize a set of elephant baby crib bedding.

Here’s an idea that will create a spectacular presentation for that special occasion when nothing less than Vera Bradley pink elephants will do.

Pick up a Vera Bradley diaper bag in signature,quilted pink elephant fabric and substitute it for a gift basket. You can load it to the point that the interior view is completely blocked with coordinating goodies. Here is a clever idea for gifts to include inside the baby bag.

The Vera Bradley pink diaper bag is lovely and your friend will feel so stylish carrying it. But it’s always nice to include something just for mom like a small zip and clip wallet, eyeglass case or cosmetics bag. Another idea would be to find out where to purchase some
Vera Bradley
pink elephant fabric in your area and make a homemade nursing pillow or bib and burp cloth set to match the diaper bag. Never forget that homemade gifts are cheap and so appreciated!

This may be a good gift idea to suggest to the new daddy as well. Dads sometimes need a little push in the right direction when it comes to finding an appropriate gift for the lady who just gave birth to their baby boy or girl. A Vera Bradley pink elephants diaper bag filled with pretty stuff will definitely show his appreciation. Help him along by making the recommendation that he buy a pair of earrings, a pendant or a pin to put inside a mini jewelry box to tuck inside a purse for a keepsake to commemorate the day that their baby arrived.

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Friday, November 28, 2008


precious moments angels 1998 enesco

Precious Moments
angels are not just for collectors with wall shelves filled with porcelain figurines dating back a decade or two. Many shoppers recognize the benefit of buying up more than a few of these collectibles to maintain their perfect condition all the while watching their asking prices and waiting for a chance to offer retired pieces for sale in an online auction for big profits. Hobbyists as well as professional investors have been known to make a lot of money by using their instincts to pick just the right piece that they feel will increase in value.

In spite of the possibility of substantial appreciated value, I find it rather sad to think of lonely Precious Moments angels packed away in a dark closet. The goal of well meaning owners is to see that they are guarded from chips and fading by being wrapped in protective tissue paper inside cardboard boxes. But I prefer them to be on display where they can be admired and loved by children of all ages.

My favorite location is a nursery that has been decorated with Precious Moments angels and Precious Moments theme baby crib bedding sets and other pretty pastel decorative items. Or perhaps the Precious Moments figurines could be used to enhance an angel nursery theme with crib bedding to match. Situated far above the reach of an inquisitive toddler, this is where Precious Moments angels belong. No matter what the style, color or design of your child’s bedroom decor there is room for at least one of these cute little angels.


Design a Precious Moments angels gift basket by using a single figurine as the basket’s centerpiece or focal point. Surround it with more items with angelic or Heavenly graphics and designs to complete the presentation. Angels make excellent baby shower gifts for dedications, baptisms or christenings so why not give the new baby in your family the first in his or her collection?

Another time when these pieces really shine their brightest is during the holiday season. A Precious Moments Christmas angel tree topper would be lovely for a baby’s 1st Christmas gift or a bridal shower gift for a friend who will soon be decorating her first Christmas tree.

The large, trusting eyes, white robes and fluffy wings of the angel figurines will enchant your kids and are guaranteed to put a big smile on the faces of adults as well.

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Monday, November 24, 2008


baby boy tractor gifts john deere pacifier bottle bib set

When it comes to tractor baby boy gifts, nobody has it down like John Deere. Camo and bright green baby items with the classic deer logo are considered stylish for urban as well as rural babies born into farming families.

There are plenty of
John Deere baby
items to fill large baby gift baskets as well as collectibles to present in a small but elegant package. Even before baby starts to walk, a riding toy with a big, fluffy bow on the handlebars or steering wheel will be a big hit.

If the birth is expected anywhere near the Christmas holidays, a collectible ornament designated as "Baby’s 1st Christmas" will be treasured for many years and more than likely passed on to the next generation. You will be amazed at how thrilled mom and dad are to receive a silver tractor for their Christmas tree personalized with baby's name and birth date.

I would guess that any tractor baby boy gift that you can think of can probably be found in your local seed store or in a farm equipment store that specializes in official John Deere or other brands of farming merchandise.

Here are some excellent ideas for items to include in your unique baby boy gifts basket:

  • John Deere Pacifiers and Clips
  • Tractor onesies
  • Caps and mittens
  • Receiving blanket or quilt
  • Baby feeding set
  • Knife and fork set
  • Crib shoes or booties
  • Tractor sippy cups
  • Rattles
  • Burp cloth and bib sets


Any little farmer worth his salt needs suitable clothing. Denim overalls are a must and will be greatly appreciated especially if the bib is embroidered with daddy’s favorite brand of farming equipment. In fact, a matching pair of caps for both baby and daddy with the logo printed on them would be precious. Follow up with matching crib shoes, infant sock or boots and your collection of tractor baby boy gifts will be complete.


Presentation means a lot and there are some really cute ways to dress up a basket full of tractor baby boy gifts. Buy some wide John Deere ribbon and have your florist attach it to the handle of your gift basket. Make a stencil of the John Deere logo and use it to decorate at least one side of your basket. Here’s a tip; rather than a round basket, use a basket that is rectangle or square in shape and stencil the logo on the narrow side so that mom can use it for storage in the little boy’s bedroom. It will tickle mom to have something new that will compliment the rest of her pink or green John Deere baby bedding set and crib accessories.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here's something that should brighten your day; PAMPERS COUPONS AND FREE POTTY TRAINING KIT! Pull on pants are one of the best items on the market to ease the way towards potty training baby. These training pants are for use in the tranitional stage between disposable diapers and big girl or big boy underwear.

Potty training a baby is something to look forward to with the anticipation of saving all that money that had been taking a huge bite out of the family grocery and home shopping budget. However, it can also be frustrating and failure, no matter how temporary, can leave parents hanging their heads in despair.

We can all use a little moral support during beginning stages of potty training our babies. Who better to provide this assistance than our favorite disposable diaper company? I don't know about you, but my family has spent a lot of money with them. I'm happy to see them giving a little something back.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


vera bradley bible good book cover


Vera Bradley personalized, monogrammed Bible covers make perfect gifts for mom!. They are perhaps the perfect gift of faith for any new mother is a Christian. She will love to receive one of the Vera Bradley Bible covers to match a designer diaper bag personalized just for her. Imagine how nice it would be for her to have a Good Book cover that matches her favorite quilted diaper bag. The same fabric makes the Sunday best petal pink Vera Bradley baby bag that she loves to carry her baby girl's essentials to the church nursery so dear to her heart will be a complete set once you include this cute, matching accessory!

A monogrammed paisley Bible cover takes this popular designer’s baby diaper bag to a whole new level in upscale newborn necessity storage. The colors and patterns are enough to make your mouth water. There’s

  • Pink for girls
  • Gender neutral Cambridge in mint green, blue and black
  • Kensington chocolate brown and teal blue

As for myself, I plan to stock a complete inventory to have on hand ready to take to my local embroidery shop when the need arises. It would be hard to find a friend that would not consider a Vera Bradley monogrammed Bible cover a wonderful item to receive in her baby gift basket, Christmas or birthday gift.

You might want to consider one of the stylish, personalized, monogrammed Bible covers as a unique Christian baby gift to serve as a centerpiece for a unique and practical baby gift basket. For that matter you could use the large diaper bag instead of a basket and tuck lots of small gifts inside including your Bible cover. Pick up an inexpensive, silver or gold tone page marker to be engraved with your friend’s initials or favorite Bible verse. How’s that for unique gift ideas for a personalized baby gift basket?

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tinkerbell curtain rods drapery theme

No Peter Pan room would be complete without Tinkerbell curtain rods, finials and drapery valances to provide the finishing touches. When it comes to covering all the decorative bases in the bedroom and adjoining bath, why be skimpy when it comes to the drapery hardware?

Disney's Tinkerbell tie backs, finials and shower curtain hooks are the details that will cause your room to shine. Your little girl will feel like she is living in a fantasy where she is a real Princess ruling a magical kingdom filled with stylish decorations that are based on her favorite kid's Disney movie, Peter Pan.

Light the room with a Walt Disney Tinkerbell pixie dust lamp with a pretty lamp shade, a cute, pink Tinkerbell teen or toddler bedding set and some enchanted Tinkerbell wall vinyls to put the frosting on this delectible bedroom design.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008


What makes personalized gift baskets for any baby, mother to be or kid stand out is the one, single gift that serves as the centerpiece. This item should be the eye catcher placed in the center of your collection of gifts. There is no rule stating that it must be the most expensive piece, but chances are that it may be.

Also, no rule is in place regarding what this item may be. That decision, of course, should be based on who the gift basket is for. Gifts with the personal touch require more legwork or research than your generic, run of the mill gift. Knowledge of likes and dislikes as well as hobbies or preferences in color or design is crucial. To maintain the element of surprise, phone calls or emails to mutual friends and family members may be necessary unless you enjoy regular, day to day contact with the guest of honor.


Just because unborn or newborn infants haven’t developed their own style or made their preferences known doesn’t give you a pass on gearing your gift giving to a particular theme, color or design. Nor should you pick up some stuff in pink, blue or the gender colors of green, lavender or yellow and call it a day.


Older kids love to get presents with their names on them. Anything from sweatshirts to a painted wall canvas is so much more special with a monogram or entire name spelled in letters that children recognize. What an easy way to guarantee that your gift will be the star of the birthday party!

This is one of the best ways to take a cheap item and make it seem so much more expensive than it actually is, but you may not have this luxury when designing a personalized gift basket for the baby shower. What are we to do when the baby has no name as of yet?

Knowledge of what the baby’s name is or will be would be helpful as many consider it necessary for a personalized gift to display a name that has been embroidered, stamped or painted on it. This is where the flexibility of homemade gift basket ideas comes in handy. If the baby has not been born or the name has not been chosen, you can buy the best gift with a gift certificate to a local artist or seamstress to have this taken care of after the fact.


Mothers and fathers appreciate monogrammed gifts, but the “name game” won’t carry as much weight on presents for adults as it does for baby’s first gift or a decorative accessory for a kid’s bedroom. Adults appreciate items that support their favorite pastimes, activities and hobbies.

Young parents with budget restrictions tend to appreciate gifts that give them a moment of relaxation or a new gadget they would not be able to afford otherwise. To drill down and get to the heart of their wish list, plan an outing for lunch to the local mall and pay close attention to what your friend looks at with a longing in his or her eye. Imagine their delight and surprise at getting exactly what they wished for without so much as the slightest hint of what you were up to when they received the invitation.

Those are just a few ideas for designing personalized gift baskets. Please return to Unique Baby Gifts Baskets, Kids Stuff and Party Ideas for more ideas for gifts that appropriate in specific themes for your special occasions.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


winnie the pooh robe washcloths bath gift set


Word is that Winnie the Pooh gift basket ideas are in order and needed by those lucky enough to attend soon to be celebrity mom, Ashlee Simpson's, baby shower. Sources have whispered to some of the top gossip mavens that Ashlee, who is expecting her first child, will be honored with a baby shower today in a hotel in L.A.

The gathering is expected to include 30 to 35 guests all of which will probably be scouring the upscale baby boutiques for haute couture baby gifts to coincide with the theme of the party.

The theme has been reported to be Classic Baby Pooh Bear and we have some excellent gift basket ideas to share as we are no stranger to Winnie the Pooh baby shower themes.


  • Winnie the Pooh Pictures or Posters
  • A personalized Pooh Bear baby blanket gift set
  • Baby Pooh Figurines
  • Calming Baby bath Items
  • A Pooh Baby Book
  • Personalized Baby Pooh Onesies
  • A Honey Pot Bank

Some of our
Winnie the Pooh gift
basket ideas may not be appropriate for Ashlee Simpson and hubby Pete Wentz's soon to be born bundle of joy's actual room if gossip columns are to be believed. While the shower is about our favorite bear and his friends in the 100 Acre Wood; we heard in earlier reports that this couple was seen purchasing Nightmare Before Christmas Art that was assumed by the author to be part of the baby's room decorations.

No matter what the baby's room looks like if the decorations and invitations are based on Pooh, our
Winnie the Pooh
gift basket ideas will be a big hit with the hostess as well as the mother to be. So, buy a big basket and load it full of cool, classic Baby Pooh merchandise secure in the knowledge that it will the be hit of the party.

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Our homemade gift basket ideas will make recommendations for unique gifts that will be met with sincere appreciation by soon to be moms and dads, tickle the kids all while helping you to avoid the stress of brainstorming for inspiration.

Few of us have time to spend hours on end deciding what to buy for our loved ones and friend’s children. Nor do we need to devote precious days off from work away from our own families to cruise the malls and discount stores looking for bargains on trendy items that will make a lovely display.

Our suggestions may help to take a slice out of the time that is necessary to put together a thoughtful and attractive collection of inexpensive items. We help to take the guesswork out of that one special gift that is the crowning glory or centerpiece of the basket and then you may find that selection of the smaller items falls easily in place.

Our homemade gift basket ideas take care of many aspects of the decision making process by sharing ideas for items that are commonly seen on baby shower gift registries. We tell you which presents that bring big smiles to the faces of women and children who left the party or shower feeling lucky to have such thoughtful and creative friends.


You may ask that if the objective is to save time why we do not suggest that you visit one of the hip baby boutiques online that offer custom gift baskets in whatever color, style , theme and price range that you need, pay for the basket and the shipping fees and be done with it. This is certainly an option if you find yourself in a bind with no recourse and some stores that specialize in gift baskets do a spectacular job, but if you want your gift to have that personal touch; readymade gift baskets simply will not do the trick.


It is certainly possible that you may be able to give twice as much for half the price by shopping closeout sales and discount stores rather than to be a pre-fabricated basket. Remember that having your shopping list in hand rather than aimlessly wandering the aisles wondering what to buy will leave more time for comparison shopping and searching for free shipping deals.


We won’t argue that professionals know how to tie big, beautiful bows to decorate a basket. Our homemade gift basket ideas will share some tips on how to design a basketful of goodies that is personalized and unique as well as attractive.

unique gift basket ideas
are the best place to start building your reputation as the person who gives cool gifts. We hope that you find it rewarding to see your basket being the first that your pregnant friends reach for at the shower or the one that kids deliberately position at the top of the stack of presents under the Christmas tree or at the birthday party.

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