Friday, October 24, 2008


kids art drawings gift ideas

No matter what time of the year, we always need a few kids gift ideas. Here's one that parents are going to love simply because first of all, the toys are endearing and cuddly and secondly a really neat way to build a kid's confidence in regards to their first attempts at drawing.

unique kids gift ideas

Annie, at Create Your Own Critters came up with the idea of taking children's artwork and designing a stuffed toy that is as close to the original drawing as possible. And, as you can in the example they do a fine job! The picture at the top left of the page is the child's color drawing. The picture to the right of the page is the finished product. The design is so close that you would have to really look close to ascertain which is the drawing and which is the picture of the actual toy which by the way is known as Pugly. I believe that Pugly may be of the Polka Dot Bat species, but I'm not for sure.

The concept is one that I can appreciate as I have boxes bulging with craft paper, pencil and crayon drawings that my kids made as special gifts for me and their dad. Whether they were made at school or at the table in the dining room, I have a difficult time convincing myself to throw them in the trash. By using Create Your Own Critter's services, I pick my favorites, have them made into keepsakes and show my kids how precious and WONDERFUL their drawings are to us.

For more cool examples of kids art that has been magically transformed into unique, personalized dolls, check out CREATE YOUR OWN CRITTERS you will see why they made my unique kids gifts ideas pick of the day.