Thursday, October 02, 2008



Do you need artwork with inspirational quotes for kids? Check out the Designing Fairy shop for some of the most thought inspiring and imaginative drawings with inspirational quotations that I've seen lately.

Beautiful pictures and prints in kids rooms is important as are inspirational sayings for kids. It seems at times that I can't pick up a newspaper or read my news feeds without there being breaking news of some child in dire circumstances. As my husband is so fond of telling me; I can't save the world. But I truly believe that if we all did just a little bit we might make it better for the most innocent among us.

If kids can't count on their parents for positive parenting, the art that we display may in fact be the best inspirational reading kids do in any given day. Can you name the number of times that you trekked off to the library to pick up a stack of books when you were just learning to read? Unless you were exceptional, chances are that just didn't happen. Reading is something we learn to love; we don't come here with a burning desire for inspirational quotes, sayings or the written word.

This is why cute art with inspirational quotations and sayings is so very important. Inspirational kids motivational posters, pictures and art prints might be just the ticket to get children on the right path. It's not just a decorating issue, it's an investment in our future. It's an excellent idea to line the halls of the schools, daycares and after school programs with original drawings with quotes to remind kids just how special and important we know they are. You never know when one short sentence or a single word will make a world of difference. I appreciate that the artist who made the drawing on this entry, Ronni Ann, gets it!


studio lolo said...

I'm a big Ronni fan! Nice choice :)

Patti said...

I love the quote and the idea of inspirational quotes for kids... I so agree that they contribute to a child's outlook on life!
Thanks for visiting my blog - come again soon.

Motivational Quotes said...

Heartwarming Quotes for Kids like these never really fail to liven up someone’s day.