Saturday, October 11, 2008


When it comes to baby skin care, some moms are sadly uninformed including yours truly. My baby was born with beautiful skin without the mottling and wrinkling that many newborns have. With such a pleasing initial appearance, I have to admit that I was caught unaware when the baby’s skin rash and acne made its appearance.

My pediatrician went into a canned speech about baby hormone levels at birth, the causes of milia and baby acne, how they are common and nothing to be alarmed about. I had already read all that stuff in my newborn care manuals and I wasn’t in the mood to hear him rattle on about how it would probably go away on its own in time.

I simply wanted to know how to I clear up baby acne and which baby skin care products would be best to put a rush on things so I could go back to snapping pictures. Plus, the rash seemed to itch and I had heard that babies not bothered as much as moms with the condition and that no special steps other than normal newborn bathing procedures would be required.

I believe that he saw the frustration on my face because he felt the need to caution me not to put extra oils and creams on milia bumps on her face. He advised me to continue the use of plain old Johnson’s baby soap and basically not to sweat the small stuff because the bumps would go away on its own without treatment.

I headed back to the house determined not to search on the web for remedies and home treatments for milia. I also made a pledge not to become obsessed with switching to expensive organic baby skin care products when the tried and true store brands were cheap and there was more than enough evidence to prove that they work just fine.


To make a long story short, the cut off date came and went with no improvement in the baby’s acne. She still was red, inflamed and obviously itching. Rather than being soothed and relaxed after her bath, she was often fussy and uncomfortable. I raised the issue with my pediatrician and his advice was to give it a little more time. At this stage of the game, I was past arguing and decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided to make the switch to an organic crib mattress and organic nursery bedding and baby skin care products. I completely replaced the mainstream baby bath soap and lotion with baby skin care products that contained nothing but organic oils.

The effects were practically instantaneous and for the first time my baby girl didn’t want to scratch like crazy after her bath. I never advise a mother to go against her pediatrician's advice, but I can honestly say that if I had not started to use organic baby skin care products and bedding that my baby would probably still be covered in a nasty rash. I give organic baby products all the credit for getting her skin in tip top shape, comfortable and ready for photographs.


S said...

What a great testimony about how conventional baby products can really effect the child even so early on and how switching to organic really helped to heal :) Glad you found something that worked! I bet you both feel a lot better :)