Sunday, September 21, 2008


Convertible Crib Bed Rail

The transition from baby bed to toddler bed can be made easier with kids’ bed rails. Experienced parents know that changes made over night are rarely smooth ones. Gradual steps from the stages of infancy to toddler have the desired effect of creating a more secure child who knows that mom and dad aren’t pushing them forward too quickly or before they are ready.

Convertible baby crib or toddler bed rails are very helpful in easing the way toward a twin bed in safety. How could we expect a child who is nervous and tense to sleep well through the night? That’s where this inexpensive guard rail comes into play. Your little one will feel like a big boy or girl with a feeling of security that they won’t tumble onto the bedroom floor in their sleep.

Once your little one is comfortable sleeping with no guard rails at all, you can store them under the bed to have on hand to use during the transition from the convertible crib to twin or bunk beds. The advantage of heavy duty wood bed rails over metal is that the wooden rails can be stained and finished for a perfect match to the rest of your kid’s bedroom furniture. They will blend beautifully with the rest of the room and nobody would ever guess that they didn’t come as part of a bedroom set.