Tuesday, September 30, 2008


If blue elephants and bareback riders are your cup of tea, our circus theme party decorations and ideas should hit the spot.

If your family loves old fashioned animal crackers in the cute, red box like mine does you can save the fronts of the boxes and write the details of the party's time, date and place on the back in colored print. If you want your guests to come dressed in costumes that reflect your circus theme party ideas; here's where you will put your request.

Menu ideas can be quick and healthy as popcorn and peanuts (be sure that none of your guests have food allergies) served in vintage style, red and white striped bags that you have stamped with each guest's name.

I have one word for cheap, cute circus theme party decorations; BALLOONS! What could be more fun or entertaining than giant, mylar balloons? Fill them with helium and gather them in large arrangements to float over tables as centerpieces or to fill empty corners with color.

Whether you buy balloons printed with clown faces, shaped like circus elephants, zoo animals or plain old round ones; buy BIG ones! Large balloons are not only more festive, but it's a lot less difficult to blow up a bunch of little balloons than it is to fill a small number of gigantic ones.

Decorate the walls with framed, vintage circus posters, prints or pictures of circus animals that you borrowed from home. You can even use the stuffed elephants in your baby's nursery or kid's bedroom as circus theme party decorations.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The calender sends the message that it's time for fall card making ideas even though the temperature gauge says its eighty plus degrees outside my door. I do see a few autumn leaves that are floating downward to light on the grass that's not growing nearly as fast as a month or so ago but beyond that it still feels like summer.

MANY THANKS TO CORNERSTONELAE on FLICKR for sharing this fantastic card. PLEASE show your support by visiting her ETSY STORE!

Fall baby showers and birthday parties send me scrambling for homemade card making ideas. I don't have the luxury of waiting for a refreshing fall nip in the air to inspire me. Cute card making ideas for baby shower invitations for this transitional time of year can be tricky.

We haven't had our first frost of the season and harvest hasn't begun yet, so we should hold off on pumpkins until later. The show of leaf color in our neck of the woods won't happen for another month, so I was tickled pink to find a crafter with handmade card making ideas for a scarecrow theme.

Scarecrows have gotten a raw deal in horror films and graphics in books like the Legend of Sleepy Hollow where the pictures of the headless horseman seemed to always include a background of an abandoned field with a scary scarecrow staked out beneath a full moon. Perhaps it's time that we rescued the reputations of our trusty guardians of the vegetable garden by showcasing them in a more positive frame of reference such as in this exceptional homemade greeting card. Let's send the message that true personality of scarecrows falls somewhere between the brainless scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz and the spooky one that had a habit of hanging out with Ichabod Crane.

Kids adore pop up cards whether their arrival in the mailbox is to announce a friend's birthday party or to give a loving grandparent a creative way to say "I Love You"!

Here's an example of wording (I don't think it would qualify as a poem) for a scarecrow birthday or shower invitation:

You see Mr. Scarecrow has POPPED in to say
Fall is the best time for a special birthday!
(Child's name) is turning (AGE) on (date)
Let's all get together and have a party!
Time: (list time of party)
Place: (list location of party)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Convertible Crib Bed Rail

The transition from baby bed to toddler bed can be made easier with kids’ bed rails. Experienced parents know that changes made over night are rarely smooth ones. Gradual steps from the stages of infancy to toddler have the desired effect of creating a more secure child who knows that mom and dad aren’t pushing them forward too quickly or before they are ready.

Convertible baby crib or toddler bed rails are very helpful in easing the way toward a twin bed in safety. How could we expect a child who is nervous and tense to sleep well through the night? That’s where this inexpensive guard rail comes into play. Your little one will feel like a big boy or girl with a feeling of security that they won’t tumble onto the bedroom floor in their sleep.

Once your little one is comfortable sleeping with no guard rails at all, you can store them under the bed to have on hand to use during the transition from the convertible crib to twin or bunk beds. The advantage of heavy duty wood bed rails over metal is that the wooden rails can be stained and finished for a perfect match to the rest of your kid’s bedroom furniture. They will blend beautifully with the rest of the room and nobody would ever guess that they didn’t come as part of a bedroom set.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


All the funny baby sayings that cleverly use the name "Obama" on political baby clothes could possibly turn a dyed in the wool Republican into a Democrat. There are so many hilarious rhymes from MY MAMA LOVES OBAMA (wonder how that makes the baby's daddy feel?) to cute pictures of baby lambs with the caption "O BAAAA MAAAAA" beneath the sheep's feet are excellent, eye catching, chuckle starters no matter where your political beliefs happen to lie.

The cool thing is that the t-shirts, maternity tops, political onesies with funny sayingsand outfits for kids are colorful as well as plentiful which means that between now and election there will be lots of selections to pick from with pictures of Barack Obama himself on the front or the wording in classic red, white and blue print leading us to believe that the wearer is a firm believer in the candidate featured on their clothing. So much of a believer that he or she is willing to be a free, walking billboard advertisement in their support.

It would be difficult to say right now if Obama or McCain will win the race to the White House, but I would advise that the McCain camp go to work and come up with some poems or words worthy of printing on funny baby sayings on onesies on them or at the very least a baby bib with something catchy and cute on it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


If you are looking for ideas for your kid’s party, buy each kid a KALEIDOSCOPE KIT and challenge your child's guests to make their own before the end of the party. The kits can be very inexpensive at a cost anywhere from five to less than $10. The price may be slightly more expensive if you get a kit with quality parts including mirrors, brass rings or fittings and an instruction book that includes the history, simple instructions and interesting information pertaining to the gadgets.

Don’t let the initial price turn you against the idea. Consider that the kaleidoscope kits will take the place of loud and messy party games (let’s face it; the children have played most of the classic party games until they just are not that much fun anymore) and they can take the finished toys home with them as party favors. This may not seem exciting to our age group, but did you know at my niece’s party some of the children actually asked me, “What is a kaleidoscope?” when I told them that they would be building one.

The opportunity to make your own homemade kaleidoscope can help you as a parent to show the children the basics of how kaleidoscopes work and you get a cheap party favor that will send your guests home with a gift that will entertain, educate and enchant during the party as well as afterward.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Picky Picky

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If there's one thing I've learned from having children is that you have to have a sense of humor. I adore funny pictures of little kids playing dress up or with hilarious expressions. Then there are the images that are a reminder that you can count on those little angels in the pictures to do things in public (much less caught on film!) that you never thought they would do in a million years.

A friend of mine came to my house to show me pictures of her two year old on stage at a baby beauty pageant. I have to admit my favorite picture was the one where she turned her back on the camera and found something on the floor of interest. When she bent down to inspect said item of interest, those pretty, ruffled underpants were all that the judges and the audience saw of her! I have to think that the "cute factor" displayed in this kids pictures had to be what won the title of baby beauty queen for her.

Posed portaits and formal pictures of kids with their Sunday best suits and heirloom dresses have their place in living rooms, dining rooms and even over the fireplace in the den. But kids pictures that are more candid in nature do a lot to lighten the mood and keep us from taking ourselves and our children too seriously.

I'm not sure where you could use a gallery of funny kids pictures like the vintage style black and white pic on this page, but there are some really cute pictures of kids playing that made me laugh and put me in a better frame of mind for the rest of the day. So, enjoy the funny pictures of little kids taken by others and share yours whenever you can.