Saturday, April 19, 2008


The thought of a Dr. Seuss hat was the last thing on my agenda when I went to one of my friend's house to borrow some creamer for my coffee this morning. Even in my pre-caffeinated foggy frame of mind, I could tell that she was pretty agitated even for her (she's a pretty excitable chick). I came to find out that the reason for the excitement was that she was trying to figure out how to make a Dr. Seuss costume including a hat out of some strips of red and white nylon fabric and cardboard.

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She didn't have a pattern to make a homemade Dr. Seuss hat and Cat in the Hat costume. And she was trying to wing it on her own with very little success.

The fabric she was using was thin, slippery and her sewing machine was puckering the stitches. My initial suggestion was that she ditch the idea of using fabric of any kind and try her hand at making a paper Dr. Seuss hat for her child. She looked aghast and informed me that paper would look cheap and silly. My response was, "How could anyone possibly in their wildest dreams ever think that a red and white striped stovepipe hat of any kind could look silly?"


She conceded the point and I convinced her to salvage the day and buy a Cat in the Hat costume at the store as we had no suitable supplies or Dr. Seuss hat pattern to go by even if we did. In my opinion, that was the best twenty bucks that she ever spent.

Her child was happy that his hat was suitably similar to the Cat in the Hat that we see in the pics and that his costume was not homemade and thus didn't make him look goofy. Plus, the Dr. Seuss hat that we found was cheap and the darn thing lit up! The fiber optics on the hat were so cool and it was no more expensive than the Cat in the Hat costume hat that just sat there and did nothing.

Several lessons were learned:
  • Don't try to make homemade Dr. Seuss Costumes without a pattern
  • Don't wait until the day of any party to start sewing a costume
  • Don't wander around the neighborhood looking for creamer early on a Saturday morning; you get suckered into all kinds of projects against your better judgement
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