Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Baby Surfer Clothes in Pink and Blue

It's always grand to find a complete baby gift set to arrange in a baby boy or girl's baby shower gift basket. This set of baby surfer clothes with a surfboard shaped bib, baby hat and prince or princess themed onesie in pink or blue will make a showy, downright impressive display when combined with a colorful pair of tiny baby flip flops or sandals. You may even skip the woven baby gift basket using a bucket that comes with a set of baby beach toys to hold your cute baby surf clothes.

A pink beach bucket for baby girls and a blue one for baby boys would provide a great background for your gifts. The inevitable shovels and rakes that come with the plastic toys just add to your arrangement! Catch the wave and jump on board (surfboard that is) of unique and easy baby shower gift ideas that come in complete sets. They make your job so simple and the mixing and matching is done for you. Add a few baby items that you pick out yourself like a swimsuit or the beach sandals that we mentioned earlier and you will be sure to impress your friends with the collection of baby surf clothing and gifts.